Gone are the days when vegan eateries and vendors were a rare, surprising occasion. Now, they’re easier to find, as well as much-appreciated by those looking for plant-based options. However, the 15 restaurants are especially amazing because they completely converted their meat-based menus to entirely plant-based!

1. El Palote Panaderíael palote panaderia

El Palote Panaderia/Facebook


Opened in 2015, Dallas-based El Palote Panaderia began to feature Vegan Thursdays. By 2016, the owners completely cut meat from the entire menu. The restaurant is family owned, and the father went vegan for his heart condition. Seeing how rapidly his health improved the rest of the family quickly followed. Besides vegan baked goods, their menu features vegan tacos, burritos, tortas, flautas, enchiladas and barbecue sandwiches, as well as tamale plates and menudo on the weekends. They even process the soy themselves.

If you can’t make it to Dallas, try some of our favorite Mexican recipes. These Black Bean and Corn Enchiladas are beyond authentic and delicious. This Smothered Burrito recipe is filled with vegan chicken, cumin rice, vegan cheese, cilantro, and scallions and these Potato Tacos With Massaged Kale are delicious and easy to make.

2. Secret Creek Cafe & Restaurantsecret creek cafe facebook

Secret Creek Cafe and Restaurant

At Secret Creek Cafe and Restaurant, their mission is, “Our goal is environmental conservation and saving endangered species. One of the most effective things we can do for the health of our planet is to eat sustainably. This means that we choose to serve plant-based food.” They’re located in Australia and opened in 2004. In 2016, switched to an all-vegan menu. Since then, they’ve grown massively in sales and reputation. Their dishes are vibrant, inventive plant-based versions of comfort food. They offer seared mushroom scallops, popcorn gardein chicken, chocolate and amaretto mousse, vegan scones, confit Japanese turnips and buckwheat pancakes.


Try this Raw Chocolate Mousse, drizzled with a chocolate sauce. If you’re wanting to try a scone, try these Pineapple Scones or these Almond Butter Oat Scones, both which are perfect for breakfast. Want a buckwheat pancake? Try these Chocolate Buckwheat Pancakes or these Activated Buckwheat and Hempseed Blender Pancakes.

3. Bar Velo BAR VELO

Bar Velo/Website

John McCormick and his wife Vanessa Shanks opened Cafe Moto in 2002. In 2016, when it came time to renew their lease, they decided to change the name to Bar Velo and make it all plant-based. The Brooklyn-based cafe is a chic, cycling-themed bar with an extensive menu and wooden, aesthetically pleasing surroundings. On their menu, they have tasty cocktails, Lentil walnut pate with cornichon and truffle toast, BBQ eggplant sandwich with aioli and pickles, a BLT with tempeh bacon, Fettuccine with slowly roasted tomato sauce, and a truffle mushroom, bacon, “sour cream” flatbread.

Doesn’t that sound delicious? Make some of these recipes in your own kitchen with our Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo, this Eggplant Pesto Sandwich, this Lentil, Mushroom, and Walnut Pâté, or this Portobello Mushroom BLT Sandwich.


4. Délice & Sarrasindelice-and-sarrasin-french

Delice & Sarrasin/Facebook

French cuisine isn’t usually vegan, but at this restaurant, it can be! Christopher Caron and his mother Yvette opened Délice & Sarrasin in New York, switching from half-vegan to 100% vegan after a year. Since eliminating cheese from their menu entirely, they’ve gotten more sales and more eager fans awaiting entrance daily. It’s easy to see why this restaurant is so popular; they have dishes like “steak” tartare, vegan brie cheese, vegetable ratatouille, gourmet vegan crepes and coq au vin. They have truly mastered French vegan cuisine.

French food is absolutely delicious. If you can’t make it to this pretty little restaurant, try a vegan Ratatouille, this Roasted Ratatouille Spaghetti, this Steak Tartare, this Seitan Coq au Vin, and these Classic French Crepes With Vanilla Cashew Cream for absolutely delectable dishes.

5. Mother of Pearlmother of pearl

Mother Of Pearl/Website

In 2015, owner Ravi DeRossi started Mother of Pearl, gained a large audience and late night crowds lining up to get in almost instantly. Whether they were there for late night drinks or appetizers, the dinner rush was intense. Mother of Pearl is a ‘happening’ spot that serves post-Polynesian-inspired small plates and beautifully crafted cocktails. Their menu features mushroom potstickers, spring rolls, pea and edamame dumplings, a mushroom tiki burger, avocado and ricotta toast, and chocolate mousse, all which are vegan and delicious.

We have a few recipes that are similar if you’re in the mood to cook at home. Try these ‘Not Pork’ Mushroom Potstickers or these Pumpkin Dumplings With Leek Sauce, and this Fig and Ricotta Challah French Toast. If you’re looking for a good chocolate mousse, try this Irish Cream Mousse and this filling Raw Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse.


6. Beelman’s Pubbeelmans vegan pub


Beelman’s Pub is an LA-based gastropub that was once famous for its dishes filled with oysters, burgers and hot wings. It’s been a staple food and drink spot since its original opening in 2014 and has since gone completely plant-based. Their website says the restaurant was “created to give Downtown LA a community where meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike can enjoy everything a proper pub has to offer.” We dig that! Their menu has vegan chili, avocado toast, breakfast burritos, buddha bowls, and the Impossible Burger!

If you want to try gastropub food, but aren’t in California, opt for these recipes. Try a Mushroom and Avocado Breakfast Burrito10-Minute Buddha Bowl With Creamy Cashew Sauce, this Chili Sin Carne With Sour Cashew Cream and this Serrano Pepper Avocado Toast for all your gastro-treat needs.

7. Nick’s Kitchennicks kitchen vegan food

Nick’s Kitchen/Facebook

Located in Daly City, Calfornia, Nick’s Kitchen used to offer very meat-heavy menu options but now has gone completely vegan. Nick’s Kitchen is boasting home-cooked meals that are all plant-based, and all delicious. Their website states, “NO matter what obstacles lie between you and the vegan lifestyle you desire, we are here to show you how easy it can be without compromising taste or sacrificing the food you love.” Their menu has: vegetable stuffed eggrolls, deep fried marinated ‘crabcakes’, chick’n bbq skewers, tofu scrambles and jackfruit ribs.

Looking for some similar options? Try this BBQ Tofu and Squash Skewers, these ‘Egg’ Rolls With Homemade Duck Sauce, this Tofu Scramble With Roasted Beet Fries, and this Balsamic BBQ Seitan and Tempeh Ribs recipe.

8. Gigi Pizzeriagigi pizzeria

Gigi Pizzeria/Website

What’s better than tasty, filling, traditionally-made vegan pizza? Not much. Gigi’s Pizzeria, based in Sydney, made the announcement last year that they would be going vegan with a revamped menu. Their menu has plenty of fresh salads, marinara pizza, fried asparagus pizza and even a roasted potato, garlic pizza. The options don’t end there. They also have desserts like cannolis and tiramisu made from coffee-soaked biscuits. Yum.

Craving pizza now that you’ve read all of that? We have a Fig and Caramelized Onion Flatbread, a Wholesome Pizza With Broccoli and Artichoke and a Roasted Butternut Squash Pizza With Garlic Cashew Cheese. If you’re craving something sweeter, try this Gingerbread Tiramisu!

9. The Peacockthe peacock vegan food

The Peacock/Facebook

The Peacock is located in Nottingham and is a quintessential Victorian public house that has gone 100% vegan! They made the decision to switch their menu last November and has since reaped the rewards and the good karma, of course. Their menu includes seitan burgers, an all-day traditional breakfast plate, fish & chips, and a ‘not-dog’ with fried onions as well as vegan wines and beers. What more could we want?

Nottingham may be far from you, but these vegan recipes aren’t. Try our Tofu Fish and Chips, or this Black and White Bean Chia Seed Veggie Burgers recipe. You should definitely try this Hot Dog With Apple Mustard Compote and Vanilla Pickled Onion for a healthy hot dog alternative.

10. Bad Hombresbad hombres mexican

Bad Hombres/Facebook

Good food, bad hombres is the motto for fusion restaurant Bad Hombres. This Sydney-based Asian-Mexican fusion restaurant went vegan last year and vows to fill an important plant-based gap in Sydney dining. Once they realized their top-selling dish was cauliflower, they decided to “give it a go.” At Hombres, you can dine on dishes like a Japanese mushroom tostada with soy, stewed black beans, and a zucchini quesadilla.

Won’t be heading to Sydney anytime soon? Try our Spicy Bean, Mushroom, and Avocado Quesadilla, this Grilled Mexican Quesadilla With Lentils and these Spiced Black Bean and Roasted Jalapeño Guac Tostadas.

11. The Fields Beneaththe fields beneath vegan

The Field’s Beneath/Website

The Field’s Beneath cafe is now fully vegan, so no meat, fish, eggs or dairy will be served at the cafe. This top London-based coffee shop is a favorite for many and since going vegan, it has remained that way. Their menu includes juices, baked goods, salads, sandwiches, soups, and mushroom/lentil burgers. Their website states, “The Fields Beneath is now dedicated to two things. The first and original one – make coffee, make food, make it tasty. And a second – make veganism normal.”

If you can’t make it to London, opt for a Black Bean and Mushroom Burger With Rice Patties, or this Pumpkin Ginger Chickpea Soup. We also, of course, have coffee. Try this Oatmeal Latté!

12.The Happy Bakerythe happy bakery

The Happy Bakery/Facebook

Located in O’Fallon Illinois, The Happy Bakery made it so everyone, even those with food allergies and dietary restrictions can enjoy a sweet treat. From chocolate caramel turtle and pistachio raspberry cupcakes to oatmeal cream sandwiches and marshmallow pops, the grab-and-go menu at the bake shop includes a variety of sweet treats, all vegan, all the time. Happy indeed.

If you want to make some sweets at home, try these: Creamy Turtle Chocolate SquaresChocolate Raspberry Cupcakes, and this Raw Ice Cream Sandwich!

13. Veggieat XpressveggiEat Xpress

VeggiEat Xpress/Facebook

VeggiEat Xpress is located in Nevada and is a rare occurrence in its state. They offer quick, fast and nutritious food that’s all fresh and plant-based. Since ditching animal products in December, they’ve grown even more! They offer tasty quick dishes like pot stickers, vegan chicken salad, vegan chicken nuggets, a BBQ ‘pork’ sandwich and a tofu curry.

Don’t these sound tasty? If you want to make this at home try these delicious Crispy Tofu Nuggets, this Fooled Pork Sandwich With Fries, and these ‘Not Pork’ Mushroom Potstickers!

14. Epifepif cafe


Portland-based restaurant, Epif, opened in 2015, and offers traditionally meat-centric South American dishes and turns them into full-blown vegan meals. They serve bright, healthy, and balanced dishes while also utilizing local, organic ingredients. Their menu includes mushroom ceviche, overflowing empanadas, roasted beet bisque and fried squash bread. They also have a fantastic happy hour!

Try our Hearts of Palm CevicheEcuadorian-Style Hearts of Palm Ceviche, our Black Bean Empanadas With Fresh Pico de Gallo and our Argentinian Empanadas, Two Ways.

15. Picky Wopspicky wops pizza vegan

Picky Wops/Facebook

Located in London, Picky Wops pizzeria manages to impress customers who aren’t even plant-based eaters. The big thing about Picky Wops is that you can choose your base. The restaurant even hand mixes their own specialty flour combinations before kneading and baking! They currently offer loads of delicious vegan options, like a vegan victory pizza, protein punch pizza, and the meatfeast pizza which is topped with coconut oil mozzarella.

We all love pizza. If you can’t make it to Picky, try this Margherita Pizza, this Parsnip and Chickpea Four Crust and this Broccoli and Caramelized Onion Hummus Pizza.

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