During busy weeks, prioritizing eating well and getting full nutritious, satisfying and tasty meals can feel like a burden. Never fear, your weekly meal plan is here! We’re bringing you weekly ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert every day of the week, so that you can be sure you’re eating right and making your body happy and fueled. Balanced, delicious meals are a lot easier when you have a guide to follow, and that’s what your Weekly Meal Plan is here for! Are you ready to have a week full of awesome vitamin A-rich food that leaves you nourished and content? Let’s get started!

This week, we’re bringing you vitamin A-rich breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts!


1. Monday

Vegan spinach blender pancakes full of vitamin A

Image Source: Spinach Blender Pancakes

On Monday, energizing meals are the name of the game! You want to start your week strong with a nutritious boost, which is where all of these awesome, healthy and satisfying recipes come in. Let’s get started on a week that’s sure to be awesome with a breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert that will beat the Monday blues, complete with amazing pancakes to get you pumped for the week. Let’s show you how!

2. Tuesday

Vegan pumpkin bread high in vitamin A

Image Source: Pumpkin Bread

Keep all of your Monday motivation rolling with some knockout recipes on Tuesday! With the fuel from these recipes, there is nothing that you won’t be able to accomplish this Tuesday. From a delicious breakfast of french toast to amazing pumpkin bread, Tuesday is all about tastiness. What could be better?


3. Wednesday

Vegan carrot cake breakfast scones

Image Source: Carrot Cake Scones

Wednesday can seem like the longest day of the week since you’re halfway done, but get the boost you need through the middle of the week with recipes that will not only provide you with lots of nutrition, but will also be delicious enough to make you smile and bring a good mood to your Wednesday. You can also look forward to delicious brownies that you’ll get to enjoy at the end of the day while looking back on all your accomplishments that you’ve had so far this week!

4. Thursday

Vegan sweet potato tempura sushi roll

Image Source: Sweet Potato Tempura Roll

Happy Thursday, a day when you might be feeling a bit burnt out from your awesome and busy week so far. Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution for you! These recipes are nutritious, but taste like treats, so you’ll get the feeling of comfort food with the benefits of healthy meals! Get ready for a top-notch Thursday with recipes high in vitamin A like awesome scones for breakfast and apricot cookie bars for dessert!


5. Friday

Vegan Vitamin A-rich Broccoli Frittata

Image Source: Broccoli Frittata with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Onions and Garlic

TGIF! Friday is a day that most people love, and look forward to all week – even when we make the best of every day, there’s something special about Fridays! Treat yourself this Friday by having a delicious vitamin A-rich frittata breakfast, and keep the yumminess going throughout the whole day, ending with a dessert that is totally awesome!


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