Every year, while we still feel stuffed from all the holiday feasting, many of us make New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier in the coming year. We start out with good intentions but some resolutions seem too hard, and it’s easy to become distracted, forget or give up.

If eating healthier is one of your resolutions, that’s great! There’s no reason it has to be hard. Eating healthier doesn’t mean you have to give up every food you love and eat carrot sticks. Just small changes each day can add up to big results in the long run. Try eating more home-cooked food than take-out. Make it a point to try a new vegetable each week. Skip frying and roast veggies in the oven.


We can help with your goal to eat healthier. If you’re interested in eating more plant-based foods this year, check out Easy Tips to Eat Meat-Free and Stay Healthy. Is money tight after all the holiday gift giving? Check out How to Eat a Healthy Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet on $50 Per Week. If it’s time to cut out all the junk food, get some Tips for Cleaning Up Your Processed Food Diet. For overall advice, see 10 Easy New Year’s Resolutions to Transform Your Health and Well-Being.

One of the biggest obstacles to eating healthier may be figuring out what to eat. We can help with that too. Check out how to #EatForThePlanet Every Day This Month With These 30 Easy Vegan Recipes, 25 Vegan Recipes for People Who Think There’s No Life Without Meat and Cheese and 15 of Our Easiest Recipes to Help You Cook Meat-Free. Then get ready to start the New Year right with these 31 healthy and delicious vegan recipes – one for every day of the month.

1. Roasted Carrot and Beet Salad with a Lemon Confit Dressing

Roasted Carrot and Beet Salad With a Lemon Confit Dressing

Start the New Year with this colorful and delicious Roasted Carrot and Beet Salad with a Lemon Confit Dressing. It’s zippy, salty and unbelievably complex! The preserved citrus combined with the deep, earthy flavor of the roasted beets, carrots, and garlic is the perfect pairing; each balancing and elevating the other to a new level.

2. Falafel Bowl

Falafel Bowl

Change up your usual falafel pita with this healthier Falafel Bowl. The falafel is made with hearty brown lentils, savory sun-dried tomatoes, and dried figs. Their flavor makes them ideal for serving alongside winter squash, pan-fried spinach with tomatoes, and tahini sauce.


3. Toasted Quinoa Cereal with Pistachios and Figs

Toasted Quinoa Cereal With Pistachios and Figs

You won’t hit the snooze button when you know this Toasted Quinoa Cereal with Pistachios and Figs is waiting for you. Crunchy, toasty, and oh-so-packed with protein, this perfectly spiced bowl of quinoa makes a great topper for coconut yogurt, fruit smoothies, or pair it with non-dairy milk and eat it as a cereal!

4. Simple Barley Salad

Simple Barley Salad

Not every salad is a big bowl of lettuce. This Simple Barley Salad has pearl barley, cashews, pumpkin seeds, and corn. It’s lightly seasoned and will leave you feeling satisfied. This simple, tasty, and hearty salad makes a delicious side, warm or cold!

5. Black Bean and Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Black Bean and Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Looking for something quick, easy, and filling? Look no further than this Black Bean and Spaghetti Squash Casserole. It has black beans, spinach, spaghetti squash, vegan feta, and lots of spices, but no noodles to add unnecessary carbs. Just lots of veggie goodness.

6. Roasted Root Veggie Sandwich with Carrot Fries

Roasted Root Veggie Sandwich

Eating healthier doesn’t mean sandwiches and fries are out of the question; it just means changing them up a bit. This Roasted Root Veggie Sandwich has carrots, parsnips, beets, and potatoes, all topped with fresh guacamole and cashew cheese. On the side, a bunch of crispy carrot fries. Yum!


7. Squash Ravioli with Kale Pesto and Pine Nuts

Squash Ravioli With Kale Pesto and Pine Nuts

Healthy ravioli? You bet. These Squash Ravioli with Kale Pesto and Pine Nuts have some strategic swaps that make this dish a healthy choice. High-protein, gluten-free flour, squash filling, and a sauce made with kale all combine to make one incredible dish.

8. Cauliflower Veggie Burger

Cauliflower Veggie Burger

There’s no need to buy processed burgers with dozens of ingredients when you can make this Cauliflower Veggie Burger with just five ingredients. Roasted cauliflower and lentils make it hearty and healthy and the maple-tahini sauce is the perfect condiment.


9. Cranberry Coconut Energy Bars

Cranberry Coconut Energy Bars

Snacking is not only allowed on a healthy diet, it’s encourages. These Cranberry Coconut Energy Bars are a healthy snack with just the right amount of sweetness. Made using only five ingredients, these energy bars are just enough to give you a pick-me-up when you’re in need of a snack.

10. Kale and Cranberry Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing

Holiday Kale and Cranberry Salad With Lemon Tahini Dressing

Jazz up the usual kale salad with a few added touches like this Kale and Cranberry Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing. The kale in this salad is massaged with lemon and maple syrup, making it tender and flavorful. Add roasted Brussels sprouts and dried cranberries to the mix and you’ve got yourself an easy salad for lunch or dinner!

11. Un-Chicken Salad

Un-Chicken Salad

Take the chicken out of your chicken salad with this colorful and yummy Un-Chicken Salad. This recipes uses texturized vegetable protein along with red onions, grapes, celery, and pecans for a variety of tastes and textures. Put it on a sandwich, eat it straight out of a bowl, in a wrap, in a salad, on crackers, or find your own use for it! This un-chicken salad will become a staple your home.

12. Citrus Walnut Beet Breakfast Bowl

Citrus Walnut Beet Breakfast Bowl

Just look at the bright and beautiful colors in this Citrus Walnut Beet Breakfast Bowl. This is a delicious breakfast bowl of raw beets, bright, citrus-y orange, and rich walnuts topped with a burst of flavor from sweet pomegranate seeds and sweet dried cranberries. You’ll want this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


13. Autumn Vegetables with Balsamic Glaze

Autumn Vegetables With Balsamic Glaze

Nothing tastes as good as roasted veggies and these Autumn Vegetables with Balsamic Glaze will show you just how good. There is cauliflower, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and beans in a slightly sweet balsamic glaze. These roasted veggies make a great side dish, but they also can be served on a bed of brown rice as an easy meal!

14. Spelt Berry Salad with Cinnamon Balsamic Vinaigrette

Spelt Berry Salad With Balsamic Vinaigrette

Salads don’t have to be cold. This Spelt Berry Salad with Cinnamon Balsamic Vinaigrette is a warm salad that combines cooked spelt berries with sauteed kale, apple, and walnuts. Tossed with a cinnamon-spiced balsamic vinaigrette, this salad is the perfect addition to your new healthy lifestyle.

15. Sweet Potato and Root Veggie Shepherd’s Pie

Sweet Potato and Root Veggie Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd’s Pie isn’t usually considered health food but this Sweet Potato and Root Veggie Shepherd’s Pie is rewriting the rules with healthier ingredient choices. Coriander lends a unique flavor to this fall favorite dish, loaded with sweet potatoes, and colorful root vegetables.

16. Fresh Veggie Spring Rolls with Peanut Satay Sauce

Fresh Veggie Spring Rolls

These Fresh Veggie Spring Rolls are a fun and easy way to get your daily dose of colorful veggies. You can roll whatever veggies you like most in the rice paper wrappers. Combined with avocado and peanut sauce, they’re the perfect medley of creamy and crunchy textures.

17. Warm Lentil Walnut Apple Salad

Warm Lentil Walnut Apple Salad

If you think a salad can’t be hearty and satisfying, this Warm Lentil Walnut Apple Salad will change your mind. Crunchy vegetables, sweet apples, and earthy walnuts bring this salad together in a medley of delicious flavors that will leave you warm and satisfied.

18. Cauliflower Chickpea Cashew Curry

Cauliflower Chickpea Cashew Curry

Curry can be made lighter and healthier like this Cauliflower Chickpea Cashew Curry. This curry is jam-packed with protein from tofu, peas, and cashews. It’s filled with flavor from the yellow curry powder and so easy to make.

19. Tofu Fried Rice

Tofu Fried Rice

Veggie fried rice isn’t the healthiest choice, but this Tofu Fried Rice is perfect. It’s a stir-fry loaded with tofu and fresh veggies like broccoli, carrots, and zucchini. Topped with Sriracha hot sauce and cilantro, this is a flavor-packed dish you won’t get from take-out.

20. Buffalo Tempeh Quinoa Salad

Buffalo Tempeh Quinoa Salad [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Here’s a healthier way to enjoy Buffalo wings without any of the bad stuff. This Buffalo Tempeh Quinoa Salad contains all the goodness of Buffalo wings – the tangy spiciness of the hot sauce, the coolness of a creamy dip – plus the crunchy, fresh cabbage, nutty tempeh, and hearty quinoa! It’s a veritable explosion of flavor!

21. Pistachio Pesto Pasta

Pistachio Pesto Pasta

This Pistachio Pesto Pasta is not only delicious, but it’s gluten-free and a healthier spin on noodles. Pistachios, spinach, and fresh basil pesto tops this amazing pasta dish. It’s so easy to make, so it’ll save time on busy weekdays!

22. Healthier Cinnamon French Toast

Healthier Cinnamon French Toast

Eating healthier doesn’t mean you can only eat fruit and smoothies for breakfast (though they’re good too). This Healthier Cinnamon French Toast uses a banana batter to create a crispy coating without flour. So you can feel good about adding a little extra maple syrup.

23. Mashed Cauliflower

Mashed Cauliflower [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Swap out the potatoes with this healthy Mashed Cauliflower instead. It has garlic, leeks, and chives for tons of flavor. This is a nutritional alternative to mashed potatoes, and you can feel good about having seconds!

24. Rainbow Veggie Hummus Pizza with Everything Bagel Crust

Rainbow Veggie and Hummus Pizza with Everything Bagel Crust

Bagels and pizza are now health foods. What?? This Rainbow Veggie Hummus Pizza with Everything Bagel Crust combines two favorite foods – bagels and pizza. The colorful veggies and hummus spread toppings make this pizza a healthier meal that’s also fun to eat.

25. Wheat Berries and Mushroom Filled Savoy Cabbage Boats with Mustard Miso Sauce

Wheat Berries and Mushroom-Filled Savoy Cabbage Boats With Mustard Miso Sauce [Vegan]

These Wheat Berries and Mushroom Filled Savoy Cabbage Boats are a simple recipe – simple in the nicest sense of the word. Wheat berries add a nutty, earthy taste and texture along with broccoli, Savoy cabbage, chanterelles, and a spicy miso mustard sauce. Clean, pure flavors all wrapped up in cabbage leaf boat that you can eat with your hands!

26. Mushroom and Butternut Squash Millet Pilaf

Mushroom and Butternut Squash Millet Pilaf

Swap out the white rice for an ancient grain and suddenly, you’ve turned an ordinary pilaf into a delicious, healthy meal like this Mushroom and Butternut Squash Millet Pilaf. The flavors of roasted butternut squash, woody shiitake mushrooms, and fresh rosemary sprigs come together to create this comforting dish that you have ready for dinner in less than half an hour.

27. Jicama Chips

Jicama Chips

Swap out your usual potato chips with these Jicama Chips. Jicama, also known as a Mexican yam bean, is a root vegetable — and we all know how great root vegetables are, especially in chip form. These jicama chips are a super healthy snack, low in calories and with a lot of fiber.

28. Lentil, Sweet Potato, and Carrot Mash

Lentil Stew With Sweet Potato and Carrot Mash [Vegan]

This Lentil, Sweet Potato, and Carrot Mash is packed with color, protein and flavor. This stew is super easy to make, really hearty, and beautiful on top of the bright orange mash. Top the whole thing off with some coconut yogurt and avocado and enjoy this stew while curled up on the couch on a cold, rainy day!

29. Tofu Chorizo and Lemon Cauliflower Rice

Tofu Chorizo and Lemon Cauliflower Rice [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Sausage and rice can definitely be on a healthy menu. This Tofu Chorizo and Lemon Cauliflower Rice is a smoky, lemony delight with a delicious mix of textures – from the chewy tofu and crunchy vegetables to light fluffy cauliflower rice. It’s an ideal lunch or dinner, for any season, and both the tofu and chickpeas make this dish a great source of healthy protein.

30. Super Healthy, Ultra-Cheesy Mac and Cheese

Super-Healthy, Ultra-Cheesy Mac and Cheese [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Yes, mac and cheese belongs on a healthy menu! This Super-Healthy, Ultra-Cheesy Mac and Cheese is the last mac and cheese recipe you will ever need. It’s nut-free, soy-free, and gluten-free so everyone can enjoy it. It’s also ridiculously easy to make, and the cheese sauce is addictive. Seriously, it’s creamy, cheesy, and rich, and comforting – you’ll want to drink this stuff with a straw.

31. Black Bean Peanut Butter Brownies

Black Bean Peanut Butter Brownies [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

You did it – a whole month of eating healthier! Now treat yourself to something decadent like these Black Bean Peanut Butter Brownies. The fact that there are black beans in these brownies will completely dissolve when you sink your pearly whites into them. They taste incredible and even though they’re filled with chocolate and peanut butter; they are still healthy and nutritious. Win-win!

See? Eating healthier wasn’t so hard, was it? These recipes are all so amazing; you forget they’re healthier until you see how good you look and feel. What a great way to start the New Year!

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Lead image source: Lentil, Sweet Potato, and Carrot Mash