Of all the things we truly love around here, hummus is right there at the top of the list. On May 13th, the entire world gets together to celebrate the love of this dip we all have in common, on International Hummus Day.

While hummus is extremely popular in the Middle East and North Africa, this dip is beloved all over the world. It’s not a new food, either, as hummus was recorded in ancient Egyptian and Levantine cookbooks. Hummus is also a healthy food, filled with protein from the chickpeas and tahini, as long as it’s made from all-natural ingredients.

Of course, it’s simple to make your own hummus at home. You can flavor it however you want and then use your hummus in all kinds of ways. Make this Low-Fat Pizza Hummus, spread it on pizza crust like this Eggplant Hummus Pizza on a Mixed Grain Crust, turn it into a Hummus Sauce for dipping, or even make Creamy Hummus Soup.

Another way to get creative with hummus is to make it out of unexpected ingredients. Traditionally, hummus is made from chickpeas, but you can add other ingredients for color and flavor or leave out the chickpeas altogether. Look at these 8 Unique Ways to Make Hummus and then get ready to celebrate with these 20 creative and delicious takes on hummus.

1. Spring Sweet Pea Hummus

Sweet Pea Hummus 4

While at first glance this dip looks like guacamole, don’t be fooled. It’s actually a deliciously, creamy Spring Sweet Pea Hummus. Made with sweet peas, tahini, lime, chickpeas, and plenty of garlic, it’s brimming with flavor and nutrition. Whether you dip in some veggies, spread it on toast, or use it as a spread for a veggie-loaded sandwich, this hummus is a great staple.

2. Roasted Kumquat With White Bean Hummus

Roasted Kumquat Hummus 3

Tired of eating the same ol’ hummus you always buy? Sounds like you need to try this Roasted Kumquat With White Bean Hummus! It’s creamy, nutritious, and super versatile. In this particular recipe, the delicious dip is topped with roasted fruit for a colorful and tasty variation.

3. Detox Parsley Hummus

Detox Green Hummus

You really can never have enough hummus recipes and this Detox Parsley Hummus will become a favorite in your rotation. As you can tell by the name, parsley is the main ingredient and gives this zesty hummus a bright green color. Enjoy this hummus when you’re in need of a refreshing and detoxifying snack!

4. Roasted Balsamic Carrot Hummus

Roasted Balsamic Carrot Hummus

As soon as you dipped your first pita chip into this unique Roasted Balsamic Carrot Hummus, you’ll be in love. It’s the perfect balance of those savory, rustic hummus flavors mixed with the slightly sweet, caramelized balsamic carrots. Serve with homemade pita chips, tortilla chips, or fresh vegetables.

5. Maple-Glazed Roasted Parsnip Hummus

Maple-Glazed Roasted Parsnip Hummus

This Maple-Glazed Roasted Parsnip Hummus is a rich, sweet, and savory take on our favorite dip. Maple-glazed parsnips are roasted in the oven until they just begin to caramelize and then added to the chickpeas. This one is sure to be a hit at parties, served alongside a big bowl of tortilla chips.

6. Pitas With Lentil Hummus

Pitas with Lentil Hummus

If you want a satisfying snack that will keep you fueled until dinner time, try these Pitas With Lentil Hummus. These whole-grain pitas are great for snacking on, and the creamy lentil hummus will keep your appetite at bay. Switch up the usual chickpea-based hummus recipe for this creamy lentil one; we promise you won’t regret it!

7. Black Bean Jalapeño Hummus

Black Bean Jalapeno Hummus

When you want a show-stopping presentation, serve this Black Bean Jalapeño Hummus. This spicy spread is great for dipping fresh veggies for an afternoon snack, as a sandwich spread as part of your lunch, or you can serve it with chips at your next party. Show everyone that hummus is the new black!

8. Game Day Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

The Perfect Game Day Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

It doesn’t matter which sport you like this Roasted Red Pepper Hummus needs to be part of your game day appetizer spread. Roasted red peppers add the perfect touch of sweetness to give this hummus a major impact on flavor. If you’re not really into sports, you could probably start a competitive hummus-eating tournament.

9. Spinach and Garlic Hummus

Spinach and Garlic Hummus

This Spinach and Garlic Hummus is a winner for taste, health, and color presentation. You get all the nutrition of spinach with a punch of flavor from tahini and freshly chopped garlic. It’s super-easy and a great topping for meals of roasted veggies. Or, if you’re more traditional, serve it as an appetizer with a generous pile of chips and chopped veggies for dipping!

10. Sweet Potato Hummus With Roasted Chickpeas

Sweet Potato Hummus With Roasted Chickpeas

This Sweet Potato Hummus With Roasted Chickpeas is perfect for the true chickpea lover. First, you have a bright and delicious hummus made with a combination of sweet potato and chickpeas. Then it’s topped with roasted chickpeas for a tasty crunch. When these two versions of chickpeas are combined, it’s garbanzo bean heaven.

11. Edamame Pistachio Hummus

Edamame Pistachio Hummus [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Plain hummus is pretty great, but what would happen if pistachios and edamame were added into the mix? Pure yumminess, that’s what. Eat this Edamame Pistachio Hummus with crackers, chips, or veggies, or use as a spread on sandwiches and veggie burgers. It’s so easy being green!

12. Veggie Rolls With Avocado Hummus

Veggie Rolls with Avocado Hummus

These Veggie Rolls With Avocado Hummus are one-of-a-kind. These rolls are crunchy, colorful, and delicious, thanks to a variety of fresh produce. The hummus is a delicious combination of avocado and cannellini beans. These are the perfect addition to any party platter!

13. Smoky Chipotle Pumpkin Hummus

Smoky-Chipotle-Pumpkin-Hummus--1198x800 (1)

This Smoky Chipotle Pumpkin Hummus uses creamy pumpkin purée along with chickpeas to make a colorful and delicious hummus. Smoked paprika and chipotle add a bit of smoky warmth and spice. This is a quick and healthy snack with clean ingredients that everyone will love.

14. Quick, Easy, and Healthy Black Hummus

Quick, Easy and Healthy Black Hummus

Did you know there are black chickpeas? That’s what is used in this Quick, Easy, and Healthy Black Hummus. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also a great source of protein that goes well with heaps of things from raw to grilled veggies, salads, or sweet potato chips. This makes a striking presentation on any table.

15. Homemade Hummus With Red Peppers


When your stomach is demanding a quick snack, this Homemade Hummus With Red Peppers will quiet it down. Packed with protein, chickpeas are mixed with roasted red peppers and a bit of cayenne for a savory, spicy snack that will keep you full and satisfied.

16. Babagahummus


If you’re a fan of both hummus and babaganoush, have them both in one incredible dish with this Babagahummus! You get all the creaminess you love about hummus combined with the rich, savory taste of roasted eggplant. This is as much fun to eat as it is to say the name.

17. Sweet Pea Hummus

How To Make Delicious Hummus Without Chickpeas

If you want to make hummus with a unique spin, try this Sweet Pea Hummus. The fresh taste of the peas really shines through. Flavored with basil, mint, and garlic, this is a great dip for crudité or as a spread on toast.

18. Oil-Free Kale Edamame Hummus


Go green with this Oil-Free Kale Edamame Hummus. Chickpeas are combined with soybeans and fresh kale to make a dip that’s super-healthy and super-delicious. There’s so much flavor from the spices, tahini and liquid aminos; you’ll never miss the oil.

19. Smoky White Bean and Roasted Yellow Pepper Hummus


If you love smoky flavors, you’ll go crazy for this Smoky White Bean and Roasted Yellow Pepper Hummus. The white beans and roasted peppers are flavored with a triple dose of spicy chipotle, in the form of peppers, chile powders, and hot sauce. This hummus is definitely a treat for your taste buds.

20. Low-Fat Sweet Potato Hummus


If you want a change from the usual garlicky/lemony hummus, this Low-Fat Sweet Potato Hummus is the one you need to try. It has smoky, savory spices to kick up the mild yam flavor and apple cider vinegar. Best of all, it’s low in fat, so there’s no guilt if you eat a bowl of it with a plate of veggies for a meal or snack.

Hummus seems to be one thing everyone around the world can agree on, and these recipes are not only delicious but unique. Who knows? Maybe hummus is the answer to world peace.

Lead image source: Roasted Balsamic Carrot Hummus