The weather is getting warmer and sunshine makes us think about bright citrus fruits. Grapefruit, lemons, limes, pomelos, tangerines, and oranges are at their peak in early spring. All these citrus fruits are amazing but for some reason, March 31st is National Oranges and Lemons Day. We don’t know what the other citrus fruits did to get themselves excluded, but we don’t believe in making any of the fruits feel left out so we are going to celebrate all of them.

Each citrus fruit has its own unique flavor and they’re all delicious, refreshing, and bright. Citrus fruits are also very healthy, with high amounts of vitamin C. Cooking with citrus brightens up any dish. These fruits can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. See Sunny Citrus Recipe Ideas to Brighten Your Day (and Meals!), 24 Fresh Vegan Recipes for Lemon Lovers, and When Life Hands You Lemons, Make These 30 Sweet and Savory Recipes for tons of recipes, tips, and advice on using citrus fruits.

Healthy and delicious is the best combination. Oranges and lemons are great, but let’s celebrate all citrus fruits with these 15 bright and beautiful recipes.

1. Raw Lemon Cherry Cheesecake

Raw Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake

Celebrate spring with this gorgeous Lemon Cherry Cheesecake! It starts with a no-bake crust made from dates and almonds. It’s then topped with a creamy lemon cheesecake filling, followed by a layer of sweet raspberry cheesecake. As a bonus, both layers of this cheesecake are made vibrant through the use of natural food coloring!

2. Satsuma Orange Chickpea Salad

Satsuma Orange Chickpea Salad

If you’re looking for a salad that is loaded with nutrients but has a light, citrus taste, you’re going to want to try this Satsuma Orange Chickpea Salad. Spinach, avocado, and chickpeas make up the bulk of this dish, while the oranges, lemon, and chili powder add freshness and zest. Since the chickpeas are heated in a pan first, this is perfect for people who like salads that have a bit of warmth to them.

3. Citrus Upside Down Muffins

Citrus Upside-Down Muffins [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Pineapple upside-down cake will become old news once you try these amazing Citrus Upside Down Muffins! Slices of sweet Mandarin orange become juicy, caramelized, and irresistible as the muffins roast in the oven. The secret ingredient in this recipe is the addition of citrus-flavored sparkling water to the batter. The carbonated bubbles create a light, fluffy texture that is unparalleled!

4. Delicate Orange Spice Cake

Delicate Orange Spice Cake

This unbelievable Delicate Orange Spice Cake is full of warm spices complemented by a bright and citrusy flavor. The cake itself is delicate and moist and the fragrance of the spices will fill your home while it bakes. It pairs perfectly with a fresh cup of coffee or tea.

5. Orange Mint Jalapeno Salad

Orange Mint Jalapeno Salad

This salad is so bright, you might need to wear shades. This Orange Mint Jalapeno Salad has a lot of different flavors going on, but they all work together to create something delicious. The oranges and mint give this dish a bold, citrusy flavor, and the jalapeño and sea salt round out the tartness. The ingredients not only taste great together but look beautiful!

6. Mexican Elotes Bisque With Lime Crema

Mexican Elote Bisque With Lime Crema

This creamy Mexican Elotes Bisque With Lime Crema was inspired by the flavors of elotes, a popular Mexican street food of grilled corn on the cob with spices. The medley of flavors makes this dish perfect for any time of year. You’ll love all the fabulous flavors you can get from simple spices and sweet corn paired with a zesty lime crema.

7. Breakfast Bowl With Oats, Pistachios, and Grapefruit

Breakfast Bowl With Oats, Pistachios, Grapefruit, and a Sweet Tahini Drizzle

Treat yourself to this delightful Breakfast Bowl With Oats, Pistachios, and Grapefruit. You get a boost of protein from the crunchy, salty pistachios, tartness from the citrus, and sweetness from the drizzle. This breakfast bowl will provide you with the long-lasting energy that you need to start your day.

8. Carrot Orange Soup

Carrot-Orange Soup

This Carrot Orange Soup is like eating a bowl of sunshine! Carrots are blended with bright and citrus-y orange juice while creamy coconut milk is added to make the soup smooth and silky. The addition of fresh ginger adds a bit of subtle spiciness without overpowering the other flavors. Serve this soup as a side at dinner, or enjoy it as a light lunch.

9. Creamy Hummus Soup

Creamy Hummus Soup

If you’re one of those people who can’t get enough hummus, you will love this Creamy Hummus Soup. Chickpeas, carrots, and bold seasonings are blended into a creamy pureed soup. Lemon brightens it all up in this whole new way to get your hummus fix.

10. Iced Lemon Doughnuts

Iced Lemon Doughnuts

These Iced Lemon Doughnuts are moist, citrus-y, and topped with a sweet lemon icing. As these doughnuts bake, the scent of warm, lemony baked goods will fill your home. These are best served fresh, but they also make a great breakfast. If you’re serving these to guests, garnish with lemon zest for some extra zing and for presentation.

11. Pineapple Mango Crisp

Pineapple Mango Crisp

This Pineapple Mango Crisp is a delightfully crunchy and sweet snack that can be eaten on its own, sprinkled on top of vegan ice cream, or eaten with some almond milk and a spoon. Just simmer the sweet and tart fruits in the warm spices, crush the almonds and coconut, and get your feast on.

12. Raw Lime Tart With a Cacao Crust

Raw Lime Tart With a Cacao Crust

This Raw Lime Tart With a Cacao Crust is light, fresh, and full of flavor — and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy it. Cacao is used to make the crust, giving it a hint of chocolatey flavor that pairs perfectly with the zesty lime filling. Avocados are used for the tart’s filling, making this dessert irresistibly creamy.

13. Frozen Blueberry Lemon Bars

Frozen Blueberry Lemon Bars

Lemon and blueberry were meant to be together and these little Frozen Blueberry Lemon Bars are the way to experience it. The filling is a cross between ice cream, tangy gelato, and cashew cheesecake. The crumbly and sweet oat base perfectly complements the frozen layer. This dessert looks extravagant, but it’s easy to make so it’s an easy fix for your sweet tooth whenever you’re craving something different.

14. Spicy Mexican Hearts of Palm Ceviche

Spicy Mexican Hearts of Palm Ceviche

Although the origin of the ceviche is Peruvian, Mexico has its own version of this dish that’s a little spicier with added avocado and lime. The citrus juice tenderizes the main ingredient. This Spicy Mexican Hearts of Palm Ceviche is great as an appetizer served with crispy tostadas, baked corn chips, or it can be eaten as a side with the main course.

15. Lemon Broccoli Rice Bowl

Lemon Broccoli Rice Bowl

This Lemon Broccoli Rice Bowl is perfect for those nights that you want something healthy, filling, and delicious but don’t want to think about it too hard. The brown rice gives this bowl a nice, nutty flavor, the avocados add a bit of creaminess, and the broccoli topped with lemon juice gives this bowl a burst of fresh flavor. Try this bowl out when you’re feeling lazy and want to sneak some greens into your diet in a simple way.

Whether your dish is sweet or savory, a burst of citrus is just what it needs to brighten it up. When you add citrus to your dishes, it feels like you’re eating sunshine.

Lead image source: Orange Mint Jalapeno Salad