Soul food is a variety of cuisine originating in the Southeastern United States. It’s one of the most popular and recognizable types of cooking coming out of the United States, especially in the South. For centuries, Black Americans have passed on filling, sumptuous recipes that have marked special occasions and gatherings.

These days, soul food has become a norm around the world as restaurants feature it on their menus, update it and alter it based on current food trends and dietary restrictions. Vegan soul food has been sweeping the nation—think collard greens, fried green tomatoes, grits, macaroni and cheese, and ‘fried chicken.’  Want to try some? Check out these 10 delicious vegan soul food restaurants across the country.


1. Detroit Vegan Soul, Detroit, MIDetroit Vegan Soul

Detroit Vegan Soul

Detroit Vegan Soul was born out of our desire to make good, healthy food accessible to everyone! They began in 2012 as a meal delivery and catering company, and because the response was so positive, they opened a restaurant in 2 locations. Vegan Soul aims to provide people with high-quality vegan food while doing their part to support a sustainable earth. And, they partner with local food providers and have seasonal organic produce! Their menu includes fantastic dishes like hush puppies, fried broccoli, southern fried tofu bites, okra stew, seitan pepper steak and ‘catfish’ tofu! Yum.

If you can’t make it to Detroit, try this Oil-Free Portobello Pepper Steak, or these Southern Air-Fried Hush Puppies.

Detroit Vegan Soul is located at 8029 Agnes St., Detroit, MI 48214.


2. Souley Vegan, Oakland, CAvegan soul food

Souley Vegan

Souley Vegan is a plant-based restaurant that features drool-worthy southern recipes you’ll want to take home with you. Tamearra Dyson, the owner, has been cooking her signature vegan dishes since the age of 18. She wanted to create “a place that welcomes everyone to come and enjoy the experience we provide that takes them away from the day to day stresses that life can sometimes present.” And that she did! The extensive menu features sweet potato pancakes with melted butter, chick’in (seitan) nachos, creole style spaghetti, and pesto spinach tofu.

If you can’t make it to Oakland, try some of our BBQ Bean or Seitan Nachos, or our Raw Zucchini Marinara Pasta!

They’re located at 301 Broadway Ave., Oakland, CA 94607.


3. NuVegan Cafe, College Park, MD

NuVegan Cafe’s motto is, where nutrition meets compassion. They’re a family owned business with two locations in DC and College Park Maryland. They provide catering for events and a food truck service! Their menu has many options, like a vegan barbeque roast, veggie lasagna, ‘chicken’ dumplings and a battered tofu sandwich. They also have a brunch menu, which features dishes like oatmeal, home fries, grits, breakfast burritos, and omelets!

Can’t make it to these locations? Try these tasty Breakfast Burritos, these Ketchup Baked Home Fries and this Southern-Fried Tofu With Maple Dill Sauce.

NuVegan Cafe is located at 2928 Georgia Ave., Washington, DC 20001 and 8150 Baltimore Ave., College Park, MD 20740.

4. Urban Soul Grille, Cleveland, Ohurban soul grille vegan macaroni and cheese

Urban Soul Grille

Ebony Thomas, the owner of Urban Soul Grille, found success after holding her first Vegan Soul Food Sunday. After streams of customers flowed in consistently, she decided to open up shop. This soul food spot serves fried ‘chicken’ mac and cheese, country fried chicken tacos, Philly steaks, ‘meat’ loaf, and smothered ‘chicken’ over rice, all vegan of course. Sounds delicious right? We agree. If you aren’t in the area, try this authentic Country ‘Meatloaf’ With Gravy or these Avocado Cilantro Lime Vegan ‘Chicken’ Tacos with Spicy Aioli.

They’re located at 7515 St Clair Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44103.


5. B’Gabs Goodies, Chicago, ILb gabs goodies vegan soul food

B’Gabs Goodies/Facebook

B’Gabs Goodies is located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood and aims to provide the highest quality soy-free, gluten-free raw and cooked vegan foods! They believe in good food, and good food they do have! Their menu features things like Jamaican jerk cabbage, pepper steak, stir fry’s, nachos, raw burritos and more, providing everyone with authentic-tasting soul food. Try these Burritos With Raw Taco Meat and this Oil-Free Portobello Pepper Steak.

They’re located at 1450 East 57th St, Chicago, IL 60637

6. Original Soul Vegetarian, Chicago, ILsoul vegetarian

Original Soul Vegetarian/Facebook

Original Soul Vegetarian is a Chicago-based gem that has been open for 33 years and counting! They seek to offer a delicious experience for vegans and health aficionados throughout the Chicago area. So, what’s on their flavorful menu? You can find down-home greens, marinated mushroom baskets, bbq protein tidbits, battered onion rings, and cheesy nachos. If you can’t make it to Chicago, check out these Crispy Breaded Mushrooms and these Miso Kimchi Nachos With Cashew Cheese.

This cute little spot is located at 203 E. 75th street, Chicago, IL 60619.

7. Seasoned Vegan, Harlem NYseasoned vegan

Seasoned Vegan/Facebook

At first, Brenda Beener, the owner of Seasoned Vegan, wasn’t sure if her vegan soul food restaurant would be a hit, but it has proved her and everyone wrong. Most of her customers are meat eaters who told her they would become vegan if they could eat food like at SV every single day. Her menu includes ‘tuna’ rolls, raw cashew cheeseburgers, ‘chicken’ parm, mixed vegetable wraps, po’ boys, and homemade hummus. Can’t make it to Harlem? Try this Grilled Buffalo Tofu Po’ Boy with Apple Slaw and this Seitan Parmesan!

They’re located at 55 St. Nicholas Avenue, Harlem, NY 10026.

8. Sweet Soulfood, New Orleans, LAsweet soulfood

Sweet Soulfood/Facebook

Enjoy totally guilt-free food at Sweet Soulfood, located in New Orleans! They offer a wide variety of delicious vegan soul food that’s also incredibly budget friendly. Their soul food menu includes loaded potatoes, shrimp fried mushrooms, barbeque cauliflower, eggplant lasagna and chicken fried cauliflower. If you want to make some soul food at home, try this Mushroom and Eggplant Lasagna With Cashew Mozzarella and this Crispy Cauliflower Wings.

They’re located at 1016 N. Broad St. New Orleans, LA 70119.

9. The Southern V, Nashville TNthe southern v

The Southern V/Facebook

This Nashville hot spot, The Southern V, will satisfy you easily with their doughnuts, sweet potato pies, chick’n mac and cheese, chicken biscuit, a brownie sundae, biscuits with gravy or their chicken and waffles. This is the best of cruelty-free comfort food, and you won’t be disappointed. If you want to make some of their dishes tonight, try a Chicken and Waffles recipe or these tasty Biscuits and Mushroom Gravy!

Find them at 1200 Buchanan Street, Nashville, TN 37208.

10. Belmont Vegetarian, Worcester, MAbelmont vegetarian

Belmont Vegetarian/Facebook

Belmont Vegetarian isn’t completely vegan, but they have tasty vegan options like a vegan BBQ chicken, pepper steak, and curry chicken. Their casual dining vibes and delicious plates will have you laughing, while totally full, with your friends and family. If you can’t make it there, try our Buffalo BBQ Chicken, this Oil-Free Portobello Pepper Steak.

They’re located at 157 Belmont St Worcester, MA 01608.

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