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One of the things people often use as an excuse for not going vegan is that they like cheese too much. Vegan cheese to the rescue! While they were once rubbery and tasteless, it’s 2021! Not only can you buy delicious vegan cheeses in many supermarkets, but you can even make your own! These vegan cheese recipes will not only satisfy your craving for cheese, but might also fool guests at your next get-together. They are easy to make and best of all, cruelty-free!

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No need to buy store-bought vegan cheeses. Learn how to make fantastic, savory cheese logs and raw vegan cheese that will blow your mind.

1. Roasted Garlic and Fresh Herb Cream Cheez

Roasted Garlic and Fresh Herb Cream Cheez (a.k.a. Vegan Boursin) [Gluten-Free]

Source: Roasted Garlic and Fresh Herb Cream Cheez

Creamy, garlicky, and irresistible smeared on crackers or toasted bagels, this Roasted Garlic and Fresh Herb Cream Cheez by Annie Oliverio might just remind you of herbed Boursin.

2. Tofu Gouda

Tofu Gouda

Source: Tofu Gouda

You would never guess that this dairy-free gouda is made from tofu and potatoes. Like the real thing, this Tofu Gouda by Alejandra Olmedo has the same buttery, nutty taste and can even be served in your favorite dishes. We highly recommend melting it over pizza, adding to paninis and hot sandwiches, or lasagna.

3. Cashew Brie

Cashew Brie

Source: Cashew Brie

This Cashew Brie by Hailee Repko is perfect for parties! Nutty, fruity, and sweet, this soft, spreadable cheese is delightful served with crackers, fresh baguette, and chocolate. Serve it with blackberries, pear, and fresh thyme or have fun coming up with your own delicious toppings.

4. Raw Cashew Almond Cheese 

Raw Cashew Almond Cheese b

Source: Raw Cashew Almond Cheese

This soft, spreadable Raw Cashew Almond Cheese by Sophia Yotova is a must-have for your next gathering. Preparing this dairy-free cheese is a no-brainer – you pretty much just blend the ingredients together, coat it with your favorite spices, and let it set! Serve alongside crackers, sliced apples, and grapes.

5. Chipotle Aquafaba Cheese 

Chipotle Aquafaba Cheese

Source: Chipotle Aquafaba Cheese

Did you ever think you could make vegan cheese without nuts or seeds? Well, this Chipotle Aquafaba Cheese by Zsu Dever is a real game-changer. Made from aquafaba, the fancy name for the liquid from a can of chickpeas, agar agar, and non-dairy yogurt, the flavor is dark, deep, spicy, and cheesy. It even melts, if you give it enough time and moist heat, so it’s the perfect topping for veggie burgers!

6. Baked Cashew Mozzarella 

breaded mozz

Source: Baked Cashew Mozzarella 

Remember mozzarella sticks – well now you can eat them as a vegan. This is a recipe for some Baked Cashew Mozzarella by Deniz Kilic because sometimes, we all need some breaded cheese in our lives. These cashew mozzarella sticks are crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside just like you dreamed they would be.

7. Raw Spiced Cashew Cheese 

Raw Spiced Cashew Cheese 3

Source: Raw Spiced Cashew Cheese

Besides the cashew soaking process, this Raw Spiced Cashew Cheese by Sophie Yotova is a breeze to make! Simply blend the ingredients, shape it, and wait a few hours until your cheese is dense and ready to be spread. Add some extra flavor (and color) by coating your cheese in your favorite spices, red pepper, rosemary, and turmeric all add a gorgeous color and taste.

8. Aquafaba Mozzarella 

Aquafaba Mozzarella 1

Source: Aquafaba Mozzarella 

Who knew that mixing cashews with aquafaba (chickpea brine) could make a delicious vegan Aquafaba Mozzarella cheese by Lisa Dobler?! What it really comes down to is the flavoring. A bit of lemon juice, some nutritional yeast, and sea salt go a long way. And once it’s done, you’ll be layering this cheese on pizza, making Caprese salads, and serving it with wine, all the time, trust us.

9. Potato and Carrot Cheese

Potato and Carrot Cheese

Source: Potato and Carrot Cheese

The sky is the limit when it comes to the ingredients you can make dairy-free cheese with. Cashews, almonds, seeds, and even potatoes — yes, potatoes. This creamy Potato and Carrot Cheese by Yana Chistyakova is made from a base of potatoes and carrots with nutritional yeast, oregano, garlic powder, and onion powder for flavor. It’s completely nut-free and easy to make, so if you’re allergic to nuts, this is the cheese of your dreams! Use it as a spread for sandwiches and wraps or serve it with crackers.

10. Garlic and Herb Cream Cheese

Garlic and Herb Cream Cheese 1

Source: Garlic and Herb Cream Cheese

This cashew-based Garlic and Herb Cream Cheese by Sirke Reivo can be whipped up in a cinch! Simply blend the soaked nuts with basil, thyme, sea salt, garlic, and a few other ingredients to create a flavorful herbed cream cheese. You can crumble this cheese and use it as a salad topper, spread some on bread, crackers, or veggie patties, or layer it onto pizza – the list of options is endless!

11. Pink Peppercorn Nut Cheese

pink peppercorn cheese

Source: Pink Peppercorn Nut Cheese

Homemade cheese has never been this easy! This creamy Pink Peppercorn Nut Cheese by Edelweiss and Lorelei is can be made from any kind of nuts, like cashews, almonds, or even hazelnuts. Pink peppercorns are the star ingredient, though you could also add herbs of any kind to give it more flavor. This versatile cheese is amazing on crackers, sandwiches, or even on bagels.

12. Paprika Cheese

smoked paprika cheese

Source: Paprika Cheese

Nut-free, soy-free, and dairy-free cheese that slices and grates — amazing! This Paprika Cheese by Anja Cass is so easy to make and is great for a cheese platter, on crackers in a toasted sandwich or anywhere where you would normally use sliced or grated cheese. Best of all, it has no nuts or soy-based ingredients so it is a great option for anybody with food allergies ingredients commonly found in dairy-free cheese.

13. Cashew Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese

Source: Cashew Blue Cheese 

Yes, this is real! This vegan version of Cashew Blue Cheese by Carla Rendon and Jessica Ruiz is made with cashews. It’s soft, spreadable, and tangy perfect for serving on crackers with grapes on the side. The “moldy cheese” look is achieved by mixing some of the cashew cheese with dry herbs and spirulina, for a true blue color. This appetizer is guaranteed to blow your guests away.

14. Smoked Coconut Gouda 

Tofu Gouda

Source: Smoked Coconut Gouda

This Smoked Coconut Gouda by Somer McCowan will satisfy your need for a nut-free vegan cheese that melts, stretches, slices, and grates. You can use it to top pizzas, eat it with crackers, or pair it with one of the sandwiches on this list for some extra-smoky goodness. This stuff might make you swoon over how satisfyingly melty it is.

15. Cashew Dill Mozzarella 

Cashew Dill Mozzarella 1

Source: Cashew Dill Mozzarella

While you can certainly make a tasty lasagna or panini without the use of cheese, once you’ve tried this Cashew Dill Mozzarella by Kirsten Kaminski, you will be adding it to everything! This dairy-free cheese is made from protein-rich cashews, given a subtly sweet undertone from dill, and is incredibly stretchy thanks to tapioca. Melt this cheese on pizza, in a grilled cheese, or simply enjoy it with some crackers!

16. Herbed Soft Cashew Cheese 


Source: Herbed Soft Cashew Cheese

Making vegan cheese has never been so easy. This Herbed Soft Cashew Cheese by Jean-Philippe Cyr is delicious, dairy-free, and has no added oil. Serve on bagels, bagel chips, crackers, or celery.

17. Macadamia Nut Queso Fresco

Macadamia Nut Queso Fresco

Source: Macadamia Nut Queso Fresco

This recipe for Macadamia Nut Queso Fresco by Dora Stone is a must-try. This cheese is perfect for a fruit and jam cheese plate, topped with a chipotle pineapple salsa and served with some chips, it’s perfect. The texture is light and easily spreadable and it has a touch of sweetness but is savory in all the right ways.

18. Baked Herb-Crusted Cashew-Almond Cheese

Decadent Baked Herb-Crusted Cashew-Almond Cheese

Source: Baked Herb-Crusted Cashew-Almond Cheese 

This recipe for Baked Herb-Crusted Cashew-Almond Cheese by Meredith Youngson is unbelievable. Lemon juice combined with nutritional yeast give it a tangy, “authentic” flavor that’s just begging to be served with sweet, fruity flavors. You can even alternate what flavors you serve this cashew-almond cheese with, so experiment to your heart’s delight! The base of this cheese would also pair beautifully with dried cranberries, figs, and sun-dried tomatoes.

19. Sliceable Zucchini Cheese 

A Duo of Veggie Cheeses: Sliceable Zucchini Cheese and Spreadable Tomato Nacho Cheese [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Source: Sliceable Zucchini Cheese

This is a two-in-one recipe! First up we have a delicious Sliceable Zucchini Cheese by Lena Ksanti. Yep, you heard right! It’s a beautiful pale green, and it tastes absolutely delicious on crackers. Then, we have a creamy, dreamy orange nacho cheese that you can dip chips and veggies in, or use as a sauce for mac and cheese! The possibilities are endless!

20. Loaded Queso Dip

Loaded Queso Dip 1

Source: Loaded Queso Dip

Who doesn’t need an awesome cheese dip at one point or another in their lives? In this particular Loaded Queso Dip by Kirsten Kaminski, potato, onions, vegetable broth, and spices join together to create the perfect creamy base which you can then top with anything you want! Stick to these traditional queso toppings or go for a fusion dip, up to you!

21. Raw Almond Parmesan 

raw almond parm

Source: Raw Almond Parmesan

This Raw Almond Parmesan by Julie West is so easy to make — all you need is a high-powered blender. Add in some nutritional yeast, garlic powder, a little sea salt and you have yourself a nice healthy topping. And it’s so easy to make too. It will add tons of flavor to your salads, soups, pastas, and so much more. Sprinkle away!

22. Raw Nut-Free Sesame Cheese

Nut-Free Sesame Cheese [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

Source: Raw Nut-Free Sesame Cheese

This simple, Raw Nut-Free Sesame Cheese by Amanda Nicole Smith makes the impossible possible with a blend sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, apple cider vinegar, and agar agar. Un-hulled sesame seeds have a very nutty, almost smoky flavor that makes this cheese unique. If you like sesame seeds then you’ll really like this cheese, and if you can’t eat nuts you’ll like it even more! This is an absolute mus-try on crackers.

23. Tangy Cashew Tofu Ricotta 

Tangy Tofu Ricotta

Source: Tangy Tofu and Cashew Ricotta

It’s tough to break up with cheese. Thankfully, you don’t have to, even if you’re cutting back on cheese. This Tangy Tofu and Cashew Ricotta by Molly Patrick is perfect for all your ricotta needs — and it’s so easy to make! Try it in manicotti, baked ziti, and lasagna. It’s so tasty, you might even just want to eat it on toast!

24. Pepper Jack Cashew Cheese


Source: Pepper Jack Cashew Cheese

This is an incredibly simple recipe, but when making this Pepper Jack Cashew Cheese by Somer McCowan, work quickly and without interruptions if possible. The cheese sets fast and needs your complete attention!

25. Moxarella Cheese 


Source: Moxarella Cheese

This is homemade Moxarella Cheese by Somer McCowan is almost instant and without any artificial anything. It browns and stretches. This cheese stays in a “melted” type form until baked, and then it forms a nice crust, like dairy cheese does. It’s not intended to be eaten plain (like real dairy fresh mozzarella can).

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