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If you are vegan, you may find that you need a dairy-free heavy cream substitute for some recipes. Heavy cream can be a difficult ingredient to substitute since it is often whipped up to create a light and airy whipped cream. Usually, only store-bought vegan heavy creams are capable of replicating that (which is why I included one store-bought option!) However, there are still many alternatives to get the creaminess and richness of heavy whipping cream.

They may not be perfect replacements, but these vegan alternatives are still delicious and easy to make! Most of these alternatives will only yield the creaminess, thickness, or richness of heavy cream, which is great for all kinds of dishes, such as creamy soups and rich curries.

1. Coconut Milk

coconut whipped cream

Coconut Whipped Cream/One Green Planet

Coconut milk is by far the most common vegan heavy cream substitute. This is because it is also rich, creamy, and full of fat. Just make sure you use the full-fat canned coconut milk, not cartons of coconut milk. You will need to thoroughly shake up the cans to get the coconut water and fat to combine.

If you use coconut milk instead of heavy cream, just keep in mind that it might give the dish a coconut flavor. Coconut milk also doesn’t whip up like heavy cream when it’s at room temperature. However, if you chill coconut cream or milk in the fridge, you can whip it up for a similar texture whipped topping

You can use coconut milk for all kinds of dishes, check out this article on 10 unexpected ways to use coconut milk for more ideas. Check out a few recipes below that use coconut milk and cream:

2. Dairy-Free Whipping Cream

Vegan Strawberry Whipped Cream

Strawberry Whipped Cream/One Green Planet

Silk Dairy-Free whipping cream is one of the only brands out there readily available to most. It is a vegan heavy whipping cream that whips up like the real thing! Another plus is that it does not have any distinct flavors as coconut milk does. If you are looking for a substitute that is as realistic as possible, this is the best option. You can also look out for a plant-based whipped topping or dairy-free canned whipped cream

Check out these delicious plant-based recipes with whipped cream:

3. Silken Tofu

Recipe: Easiest Ever Silken Tofu Mousse

Easiest Ever Silken Tofu Mousse/One Green Planet

Silken tofu blended with a bit of plant milk is another tasty heavy cream substitute. It does not whip up like real heavy cream, but it can have similar effects in other ways. It is also relatively flavorless, which is great if you do not want to change the flavors of the dish.

Silken tofu is a great option if you need the richness of heavy cream for your dish. It’s best for sauces, soups, and certain baked goods. Check out these silken tofu recipes:

4. Cashew Cream

Red Velvet Beet Brownies With Aquafaba Vanilla Cashew Cream Frosting

Red Velvet Beet Brownies With Aquafaba Vanilla Cashew Cream Frosting/One Green Planet

Cashew cream is an excellent heavy cream alternative when it comes to richness. It is made by soaking raw cashews and then blending them up into a smooth, creamy sauce.

This creates a very rich and creamy ingredient that can often take the place of heavy cream. It also doesn’t whip up, but it has a very light flavor that won’t affect your dish.

This is a great option for any recipe that does not require that the heavy cream be whipped. For more ideas on how to make creamy cashew dishes, read this article on 10 creamy and dairy-free cashew dips! Check out these recipes that use cashew cream too:

5. Plant Milk and Cornstarch

A combination of plant milk and a few tablespoons of cornstarch can also take the place of heavy cream. It is not the most realistic replacement, but it is a good option if you don’t have anything else on hand. This combination will recreate the thickness that the heavy cream gives. It won’t add richness or whip up, but it works in certain recipes.

6. Vegan Yogurt

vegan yogurt bundt cake

Yogurt Bundt Cake/One Green Planet

This substitute is similar to the one using silken tofu. You can use vegan yogurt as a substitute for heavy whipping cream by adding it to plant milk. Use a no-sweetened and plain vegan yogurt and thin it out with some plant milk. This will recreate the thickness of heavy cream, giving your dish a creamy and luscious texture.

Some of the tanginess from the yogurt might be detectable, so make sure not to add too much. 

Check out these creamy vegan recipes that use dairy-free yogurt:

7. Rice and Plant Milk

Blending a combination of cooked white rice and plant milk can also substitute for heavy cream.

This substitute is good if you don’t have much on hand but need an easy replacement. All you need to do is boil 1/3 cup of rice until it is very mushy, then blend with 1/2 a cup of plant milk. This mixture is thick and creamy and can be used in dishes such as soups, sauces, and some baked goods.

It doesn’t have much of a flavor and adds a small amount of richness to recipes. It doesn’t whip up or add as much fat as heavy cream does, however. 

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