Impossible Foods received the 2019 United Nations Global Climate Award in Madrid on December 10. The California food start-up was recognized by the UN for their action on working toward goals like the Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals.

CEO and founder Dr. Patrick O. Brown accepted the award at COP25 in Madrid. “Impossible Foods is honored to receive the UNFCCC’s Planetary Health award to showcase plant-based meat as a true pathway to cut emissions and decarbonize the atmosphere. With solutions like the Impossible Burger, consumers can drive the movement to create a food system consistent with the urgent goals of the Paris Agreement,” said the company’s vice president of communications Jessica Appelgren.

Impossible Foods creates meat and dairy products from plants. The company has experienced explosive growth in recent years, with the introduction of its’ Impossible Burger.

15 organizations were awarded in the categories of Planetary Health, Climate Neutral Now, Women for Results and Financing for Climate Friendly Investment. Impossible Foods won in the Planetary Health category, which focuses on climate and human health.

The company is using the COP25 conference to announce its #MeatisHeat social campaign, where it draws attention to a plant-based diet’s environmental benefits. According to Impossible Foods, a diet free from meat will, “reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and restore biodiverse ecosystems.”

Agriculture is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, beef companies are causing deforestation in the Amazon and Australia. The Impossible Burger creates 87% less emissions than a traditional burger. Agriculture also uses approximately 70% of our freshwater resources.

Uber Eats’ recent survey of forecasted 2020 food trends included the Impossible Burger. It debuted at Red Robin, Applebee’s, Burger King, White Castle, Disney, Fatburger and across various grocery stores, universities and countries in 2019. This bleeding meat is taking over the beef market, and will soon debut a meatless pork product!

While it’s great to see so many amazing plant-based burgers in the market, and they sure are delicious, here are some great recipes of non-processed meatless burgers you can make at home:

Learn How to Cook Plant-Based Meals at Home

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