Over the course of the last 8 weeks, White Castle has been testing the vegan, Impossible Burger slider at locations in New York, Chicago, and New Jersey. Of the 385 restaurants the White Castle company owns, this market accounts for approximately 140 locations. So how is this trial run going? While VP Jamie Richardson cannot relay exact numbers, he says the sale of impossible burgers is going exceedingly well.

Richardson then went on the say that customers are beyond excited over the debut of the impossible slider on their menu. In fact, sales of these vegan sliders have exceeded their previous estimates as they are selling upwards of 300 impossible sliders at each test location every day. How that compares to the sale of their meat sliders, he would not say, but Richardson seemed very pleased, calling the launch a “home run.”

What seems to be the biggest indicator of how well these vegan patties are doing is that customers are choosing them over the less expensive cheese slider. It also seems that the enthusiasm over the impossible slider has remained consistent, meaning customers are satisfied and coming back for more.

The decision to offer a vegan patty at this popular fast-food joint was made to please the younger generations, as they have a desire for variety and sustainability, explains Richardson. In fact, the plant-based food category has grown by approximately 8.1% last year, bringing in over 3.1 billion dollars in revenue. It’s no wonder companies are trying to test out new, plant-based options!

Hopefully, more and more restaurants like White Castle will be offering plant-based options to their customers in the future!

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Lead Image Source: Tripp/Flickr