Everyone loves a good burger! Either you want a high-protein patty, a juicy bleeding plant-based patty, or a grain-free one, we got all the recipes for you from our Food Monster App! or a Set your teeth in all of these delicious burgers, and learn how to perfect your burger in this ultimate guide to vegan burgers!

1. Blogger Tips For Perfecting The Art of Building A Great Vegan BurgerBlack Bean Burger With Pickled Red Onion

Burgers are great because they include every food group. You have the grain in the bun, the protein of the patty, greens in whatever toppings you choose, and even fruit (the tomato). We’re here to teach you how to master the art of the veggie burger. Between making sure they don’t fall apart, adding texture, and making your own buns we have you covered! We looked at the tips given by our bloggers on the Food Monster App! The best part of it is that veggie burgers can be served at any occasion, whether it’s for a casual cookout or a gourmet slider appetizer, we have the tips for you! Check out our Blogger Tips For Perfecting The Art of Building A Great Vegan Burger, they have all the tips you need to make the perfect vegan burger.


2. 15 Fantastically Fresh Veggie Burger Recipes For Spring!Vegan Sunflower Corn Burger

Spring is here, and the weather is starting to get warm, which means you can finally start enjoying your meals outside! Get your meal inspiration going with these 15 Fantastically Fresh Veggie Burger Recipes For Spring! Either you want to throw them on the grill or make them inside, it’s totally up to you.

3. 15 Veggie Burgers You Can Make With Winter’s Harvest for #NationalHamburgerDayBeet, Almond, and Black Bean Burgers

Hamburgers are a classic American staple. Lately, companies such as Impossible Burger and McDonalds have been getting a lot of press for their plant-based burgers! To Celebrate National Hamburger Day, we decided to put together a list of burger recipes using the Food Monster App made with seasonal produce from beets to mushrooms, to sweet potatoes. Here’s 15 Veggie Burgers You Can Make With Winter’s Harvest for #NationalHamburgerDay.

4. How to Make Easy, Healthy Veggie Burgers From Leftovers

5. This Breakfast Grain Makes an Awesome Plant-Based Burger Binder!

Whether you’re someone who constantly finds themselves craving huge dinners, or prefer something light and veggie-centric, with the amount of different plant-based burger varieties out there, chances are you’ll be able to find a recipe you like. This Breakfast Grain Makes an Awesome Plant-Based Burger Binder!

6. 10 Epic Veggie Burgers to Throw on the Grill NowShould U.S. Dietary Guidelines Include Reduced Meat and Dairy Consumption to Meet Sustainability Goals?

Veggie burgers are a fun dish to cook and serve in vegan cuisine because there is so much creativity one can put into constructing the perfect burger. Making veggie burger mixes is an easy, try-as-you-go way to add a bunch of good-for-you ingredients, like beans, whole grains, and vegetables, in a patty and make it taste like whatever you want. Grilling the patties marries all the flavors and makes an amazing summer lunch. Here’s 10 Epic Veggie Burgers to Throw on the Grill Now!


7.  5 Non-Traditional Vegan Burgers That Really, Really Work

While we are always down to tuck into a veggie burger with all the standard fixings — we’re talking lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, with a drizzle of mustard, ketchup, and occasionally vegan mayo on a sesame seed bun — the truth is, sometimes we just want to jazz our burger up a bit, like with these 5 Non-Traditional Vegan Burgers That Really, Really Work.

8. How to Make Flavorful Veggie BurgersMushroom, Beet, and Black Bean Burger

Burgers are one of the people’s favorite foods. Who doesn’t love a juicy burger with all the toppings? Cutting back on meat doesn’t mean that burgers are off the menu. On the contrary, vegan burgers are delicious. When it comes to veggie patties, the choices are endless, but sometimes they can be a challenge. No one wants a burger that’s dry, bland, or tastes like it’s just made from nuts and seeds. Taking the meat out of the burger doesn’t have to mean taking the flavor out. Check out How to Make Flavorful Veggie Burgers.

9. Tricks for Making Veggie Burgers That Won’t Fall ApartIs It Ever Okay for an Animal Welfare Organization to Serve Meat at a Fundraiser?

Going veg doesn’t mean you have to give up burgers. There are lots of plant-based ingredients you can make delicious burgers with. But if you’ve ever had a veggie burger that falls apart while you’re cooking it or when you take the first bite, you know it’s a less than great experience. Burgers made with meat and/or eggs have lots of sticky saturated fats which help them hold together but vegan burgers don’t have this fat so they often fall apart. Is it possible to keep the saturated fats out of our burgers and still have them hold together? You bet! After a lot of experimentation and a lot of burgers that just didn’t hold up, I finally got a hand on how to keep my veggie burgers from turning into mush. Here are some Tricks for Making Veggie Burgers That Won’t Fall Apart.

10. 20 Juicy Vegan Burgers to Make Your Summer AwesomeMeaty Beet Burger With Cashew Cheese [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

It’s National Burger Day — whoohoo! The first hamburger is said to have been invented in 1885 by Frank and Charles Menches of Hamburg, New York who ran out of pork and served a ground-beef sandwich instead at the county fair. However, a young man from Seymour, Wisconsin is also credited for the creation in the very same year.The invention of the hamburger may be a controversial topic but there’s no debate that the famous sandwich is a definite American favorite. In fact, we as a nation consume approximately 50 billion burgers each year. Check out these 20 Juicy Vegan Burgers to Make Your Summer Awesome!


11. 15 Protein-Packed, Meat-Free Burgers and Sandwiches That Will Keep You Full and Satisfied All Day

If you are here, we’re guessing that it’s because you love burgers, sandwiches, and anything that can be served between two slices of bread — us, too. You’re probably also curious about how you can have a burger or sandwich that is rich in protein without the meat. So, how do you make your dreams a reality? Lentils. If lentils are not already a pantry staple in your household, we highly recommend giving these legumes a-go. Rich in protein, fiber, and other nutrients, lentils are among the easier legume for our bodies to digest and they are incredibly filling. You need these 15 Protein-Packed, Meat-Free Burgers and Sandwiches That Will Keep You Full and Satisfied All Day!

12. 25 Saucy and Delicious Plant-Based Burgers and Hot Dogs For Your 4th of July BBQHawaiian Burger

It’s time to fire up your grill and invite your family and friends over for an amazing 4th of July all plant-based BBQ! We have the best burger and hot dog recipes for you to try this year, with these 25 Saucy and Delicious Plant-Based Burgers and Hot Dogs For Your 4th of July BBQ. If you’re new to the plant-based world, you can check out How to Survive a Summer Cookout Without Eating Meat or read some tips and tricks on How to Make Flavorful Veggie Burgers and How to Make Vegan Sausages That Will Hold Up on the Grill.


13. The Ultimate Guide to Making a Veggie Burger Without a Recipe

Veggie burgers have a reputation for being difficult and messy to make. A lot of recipes require a lot of chopping and then once we’ve finally got them together, we worry our patties are going to fall apart on the first bite. But don’t worry — in spite of the challenges, making your own veggie burger doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be fun! Here’s The Ultimate Guide to Making a Veggie Burger Without a Recipe!

14. 10 Vegetables You Can Make Burgers With

Where’s the beef? Who cares? You don’t need meat to make a big, juicy burger that’s bursting with flavor. Vegan burgers are incredible! Of course, you can make fantastic vegan burgers with tofu, tempeh, TVP, or seitan, but you can also make awesome burgers with vegetables. When you know the tips for making flavorful burgers that won’t fall apart, you can create burger masterpieces with almost any vegetable. Choose any vegetable you love, choose a grain or flour for binding, maybe nuts for texture, and season liberally. That’s all it takes to make any burger out-of-this-world. The only limits are those of your imagination … and your pantry. Here are 10 Vegetables You Can Make Burgers With.

15. 15 Ways to Make Umami Veggie Burgers Using Mushrooms

There are so many different ways you can make a veggie burger and mushrooms are only one of them. So, why make veggie burgers from mushrooms? Mushrooms are especially good in cooking when you are looking to create something with a meaty texture and umami (a flavor that has been described as having a “pleasant savory taste”). You can blend them up with other ingredients to make veggie burger patties, like in these Savory Mushroom and Rice Burgers, grill or bake a whole portobello mushroom cap, like these Kimchi Mushroom Burgers, or use the caps as buns, like in these Portobello Mushroom Burgers, where the caps are marinated, baked, and used as the “bread” for your favorite burger fillings. Need help with keeping your “blended” burgers together? We have tips and tricks to help you out and we can also help you with how to make the most flavorful patties you’ve ever tasted. Check out these 15 Ways to Make Umami Veggie Burgers Using Mushrooms.

Lead image source: How to Make Flavorful Veggie Burgers