Fats keep our brain healthy. It helps our bodies produce hormones. The problem is, many fried and animal-based fats come with a hefty heath price tag. The key is to pick the right kinds of fats to consume.

Omega fats can help fend off inflammationFood that contain these kinds of fats have been shown to reduce pain, improve heart health, increase brain health, and neurological longevity, and can even help prevent disease!


So what’s the difference between the omegas? Omega-3s is an essential fatty acid, meaning that you need to obtain it in your food. On the other hand, omega-6s and omega-9 fatty acids are monounsaturated and can be made in the body, making them nonessential fatty acids.

The word “nonessential” means you can live without them, but it doesn’t mean it’s not healthful to consume. Foods highest in omega-9 fatty acids are some of the healthiest you can imagine (for a lot of reasons). 

You need to watch out for what supplements you buy, though. Omega supplements harvested from the ocean can have a devastating ecological impact. For that reason, we’ve put together a complete list of the best plant-based omega 3, 6, and 9.



Purity Products Omega 3-6-9



Source: Purity Products Omega 3-6-9


Purity Products Omega 3-6-9 are 100% vegan and non-GMO sourced and is made with the finest ingredients sourced in an environmentally-friendly, sustainable manner.  $14.20.

William said: “As a vegan, I seek a good, natural, non-animal source Omega fatty acids. I also like ordering from Amazon, and the brand I usually purchase was out of stock, so I stumbled upon this one. I like it. It contains all the essential nutrients I desire, and it is easy to swallow. I am very pleased with the product and the vendor selling it, and I would gladly consider ordering it or other products in the future.”


2. Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin


Source: Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin

Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin is soy, gluten, and GMO-Free. 18.95.

Hung says: “Overall great product, the sources appear to be natural and doesn’t have all the fillers a typical vitamin has. However do not let the bottle get even remotely damp. I had put mine in a baggie that got a little water in it and even though I had this container hand tight it got it and ruined a number of the vitamins causing a little mess. Luckily most were okay, probably will buy again.”

3. Sports Research Flaxseed Oil 


Source: Sports Research Flaxseed Oil


Sports Research Flaxseed Oil is non-GMO and gluten free. $19.95

One user says: “I have been using this a couple of weeks and have seen a big change in my eyes. Pun intended. I had a severe case of dry eye and my doc wanted me to use fish oil. I cannot tolerate fish oils so I tried this instead and I have noticed a huge difference. I take one capsule only. I was taking it 2-3 times a day and it was causing stomach upset and bleeding so I went down to one pill and everything is right as rain.”

4. Deva Vegan Hemp Oil 

Source: Deva Vegan Hemp Oil 

Deva Vegan Hemp Oil  made from hemp oil. $12.85

Chad says: “Taste actually very good. I just eat them from the pill.”

5. Sundown Naturals Omega 3-6-9

Source: Sundown Naturals Omega 3-6-9

Sundown Naturals Omega 3-6-9 is gluten free. $11.08.

Brian says: “My cholesterol is a little higher than I’d like… not high, mind you – still within the normal range, but higher than I’d like for it to be. I talked with my PCP and she suggested that I begin supplementing with fish oil; I refused, since I am a vegetarian and, so, she set me off to find a veg-friendly EFA supplement. I stumbled upon this one and, although the gel caps are sort of large, the dose is only one, so it is not such a hassle to choke it down each day.”

6. Nature Made Triple Omega 3-6-9

Source: Nature Made Triple Omega 3-6-9

Nature Made Triple Omega 3-6-9 comes in a pack of 2 for $49.99.

7. Ovega-3 Plant-Based Omega-3

Ovega-3 plant based omega-3

Source: Ovega-3 Plant-Based Omega-3

Ovega-3 Plant-Based Omega-3 is derived from sustainable plant-based sources. $21.84.

Myra says: “Fish oil was way gross. I hated the way it tasted and smelled, and it kept revisiting through the day. I tried these instead, and they are way better. The capsule is kind of big, but it is soft and easy to swallow.”

8. Testa Omega 3

testa omega 3

Source: Testa Omega 3

Testa Omega 3  comes from a non-genetically modified algal source, which is ideal for vegans and vegetarians alike. $23.74.

Nathan Kelly Rice say: “Love this option as an Omega-3 supplement. I was seeking an alternative for fish oils as they hurt my stomach. What I learned in the research is there are not a lot of options out there with the same impact as fish oil for heart, brain and eye health.”

9. Nested Naturals Vegan Omega-3

nested naturals omega-3

Source: Nested Naturals Vegan Omega-3

Nested Naturals Vegan Omega-3 is made from vegan algal oil. Their marine algae are grown sustainably on a farm, instead of being harvested from the ocean. $24.90.

F. Damian said: “I am on my first bottle of this product and I couldn’t be happier. I’m not exclusively vegan but I wanted to find an Omega 3 product that was more sustainably sourced-and this is totally it! It also contains no carrageenan which tells me that the company pays attention to the details and quality of their product.”

10. Garden of Life Algae Omega 3

garden of life omega

Source:Garden of Life Algae Omega 3

Garden of Life Algae Omega 3 is a 64% Concentrated omega-3 supplement. $27.49.

Andy says: “I was worried about the reviews about a fish smell and I have to say there really isn’t one at all. The tablets are tiny compared to the fish oils I used to take. They are easy to take and I like them better than the liquid for ease of use. So far I am very happy with this product and will purchase again. Will update if any gastro or other issues arise. 5 stars!”

Omega-Rich Recipes

Lucky for us, plant-based foods are packed with omega-3 fats, so eat up as many of them as you can so you can get the benefits. Here are 10 recipes from the Food Monster App to get you started, all fish-free and 100 percent delicious!

1. Blueberry Acai Super Smoothie

Blueberry-Acai-Smoothie-926x800 (1)

Source: Blueberry Acai Super Smoothie

Quite possibly one of the most overlooked sources of healthy omega-3 fats out there is acai berry. The whole fruit frozen packs provide the most omega-3’s (compared to the powder) but even freeze-dried powders may provide some benefits. Acai smoothie bowls are all the rage these days and are a great way to increase the antioxidants and omega-3’s in your diet. Try Jennifer Strohmeyer‘s Blueberry Acai Super Smoothie as a great way to start off your day!

2. One-Bowl Oil-Free Flax Pizza Crust


pizza crust

Source: One-Bowl Oil-Free Flax Pizza Crust.

Flax is one of the best alternatives to flour because it’s a natural binding ingredient, has a hearty flavor, and makes almost any baked good or cooked dish more hearty and flavorful (not to mention give you a nice dose of fiber!). Skip those pizza crusts at the store by making Christa Clark‘s  One-Bowl Oil-Free Flax Pizza Crust. This gluten-free crust is rich, chewy, and can be mixed up all in one bowl before baking. No kneading, rolling, and you’re getting a huge dose of omega-3’s from the flax with each bite. Pizza perfection at its best!

3. Spring Greens With Walnut Pesto and Sprouts Over Pasta

pesto-1197x800 (1)

Source: Spring Greens With Walnut Pesto and Sprouts Over Pasta

Pesto is a fun sauce to make all year round, but especially in the spring when greener foods are enjoyed a bit more often. Pesto, like the one in this recipe for Alena Grahn‘s Spring Greens With Walnut Pesto and Sprouts Over Pasta, is also easy to make healthier by using only the best fats, such as walnuts, in place of inflammatory options you might find in those at the store. Try blending up walnuts in this creamy pesto sauce for a nice dose of omega-3 fats and especially satisfying flavor!

We highly recommend downloading the Food Monster App, it’s available for both Android and iPhone and has free and paid versions. The app is loaded with thousands of allergy-friendly & vegan recipes/cooking tips, has hundreds of search filters and features like bookmarking, meal plans and more!

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