The times are a changing! McDonald’s recently announced “The McVegan,” a soy-based patty topped with vegan fixings. The all-vegan burger is currently being tested at a McDonald’s location in Tampere, Finland, from October 4th through November 21st, so you might want to grab your plane ticket soon!

Of course, if you’re avoiding all animal products, then you’ll want to skip the fries. Unfortunately, McDonald’s fries contain “natural beef flavors,” an ingredient that is made from wheat and milk derivatives. Don’t worry, though — you can pick up an order of vegan fries to-go at Wendy’s.


We’re glad to see McDonald’s get on board with the plant-based trend, also just recently released an all-vegetarian burger in France. For all of us who are stateside, don’t worry, you can still get your meat-free burger fix at fast food establishments. The plant-based Beyond Burger is being tested in T.G.I. Friday’s locations and White Castle offers two different vegan burgers.

According to the 2017 Protein Alternatives Report by global market research firm Mintel, Millennials are especially open to meat alternatives; 64 percent have tried meatless burgers. Meanwhile, only one in five Millennials has tried a Big Mac. Whether one is gravitating towards meatless options due to diet, environmental concernshealth, or animal welfare concerns, veggie burgers are no longer a fringe trend!

We’ll see how the McVegan does in Finland and will anxiously await its move to the U.S.!

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Image source: mcdonaldssuomi/Instagram