Exciting news: White Castle is now offering more plant-based options! The American hamburger chain released an all plant-based veggie burger option in 2015, partnering with Dr. Praegers’ for the yummy patty, and the burger was such a hit that they have rolled out a new black bean slider. White Castle’s Vice President, Jamie Richardson even said, “Don’t miss out on these bold new sliders, especially a [vegan] option that’s Craver-tarian approved.”

The delish new black bean burger is made with black beans, red peppers, and corn – served on a dairy-free bun. Be right back, we can’t stop drooling…


White Castle is in good company in their strides to add more plant-based options. Starbucks recently added it’s first vegan breakfast item to their menu (don’t worry, we got you covered on how to make a vegan version of the unicorn frappuccino!) and Taco Bell launched a vegan guide to eating at their restaurants, sending a clear message: the future of food is plant-based.

Whether the choice top opt for a vegan burger is driven by the health concerns associated with eating meat or an interest in cutting the carbon footprint of their diet, people simply want more plant-based protein options. And it looks like the fast food industry is finally recognizing this and responding with some pretty great meat and dairy-free choices.

Having a reasonably priced, healthy plant-based option at a major fast food restaurant is a hallmark victory for many reasons. Not only does this offering create more options for people who eat mostly plant-based, but it also makes wholesome, healthy options available to people who might not otherwise be able to access them.

The black bean slider can be enjoyed with White Castle’s sweet Thai sauce (it’s vegan!) for a limited time at most of their locations until June 1st. So you better hop in your car quick and head over to your nearest White Castle before it’s too late!


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All image source: White Castle/Twitter