Father’s Day is a joyous day but shopping for a gift can be tough. Before you settle for another tie, bathrobe or more grilling equipment, think about this: the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Nothing is more special than making a home-cooked meal for someone we love.

Let’s show Dad – and all the fathers-in-law, uncles, grandfathers, brothers, nephews, and sons – how much we care with a hearty, homemade meal that’s delicious and indulgent. Show Dad and all the special men in your life how much you love them with these 25 hearty recipes for Father’s Day.


1. Fooled Pork Sandwich With Fries

Fooled Pork

This Fooled Pork Sandwich With Fries is fit for a king! Young jackfruit is simmered until tender and then broiled in sticky barbecue sauce, allowing it to absorb the flavor. This sandwich is topped with creamy, crunchy coleslaw that’s a nice contract to the tender barbecue sauce-covered jackfruit. It all comes with a side of crispy oven-baked fries — why not try piling those on the sandwich, too?

2. Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich

Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich

With tender, yet crunchy, cauliflower smothered in a spicy sauce, this Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich is an example of how to make good things even better by putting them between two slices of bread. Layered on fresh, crispy bread with spinach, it’s the perfect sandwich for summer parties, hang outs, and picnics. Serve as is or add some coleslaw to balance out the spicy cauliflower with something cool and crunchy.

3. Grilled King Oyster Mushrooms With Lemon Pesto Polenta

King Oyster Mushrooms With Lemon Pesto Polenta 3

Make Dad a steak for Father’s Day – mushroom steak, that is. These Grilled King Oyster Mushrooms sit atop a bed of lemony pesto polenta in this creative dish. The “steaks” are plump and juicy and the roasted tomatoes and dash of balsamic vinegar bring the whole dish together. Delicious!

4. Raw Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard

Raw Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard

This refreshing Raw Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard is the perfect treat to give Dad. It’s really easy to make and even easier to eat. Frozen bananas are blended into soft serve ice cream with a rich, salty date caramel. The recipe may serve two, but Dad will not want to share this, so you had better make one for yourself.


5. Layered Fiesta Taco Bowl

Layered Fiesta Taco Bowls 2

Celebrate Dad with this incredible Layered Fiesta Taco Bowl. Smoky coconut bacon, warm black beans and corn, and lime roasted bell peppers are all layered on top of each other in possibly the most epic Mexican-style veggie bowl ever. This dish is warm, zesty, citrusy, and above all, delicious! You’re not getting this at any restaurant.

6. Tofu Kebabs With Grilled Mango Sorrel Salad

Tofu Kebabs With Grilled Mango Sorrel Salad

Give Dad a break from grilling and make him these Tofu Kebabs With Grilled Mango Sorrel Salad. With a variety of sweet and savory vegetables, along with marinated tofu, this recipe is sure to be a summer crowd-pleaser! It comes with a side salad packed with healthy greens and grilled mango, along with a bed of rice.

7. Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

Bacon Wrapped Scallops 3

These Bacon-Wrapped Scallops are a favorite dish made kinder and healthier. In this recipe, succulent Oyster mushrooms are cooked until they reach the texture similar to scallops and then are wrapped in smoky veggie bacon. While they look fancy and intricate, they are actually super easy-to-make! Serve with fettuccini pasta for a deliciously unique dish.

8. Crispy ‘Chicken’ Sweet Potato Sandwich

Crispy Chicken Sandwich

“World’s greatest sandwich” isn’t a term anybody should throw around lightly and these Crispy ‘Chicken’ Sweet Potato Sandwiches are worthy of the title. They look like fast food patties on the outside, but on the inside, they’re soft and tender. Made from rice and sweet potato and coated in herbed breadcrumbs, then fried until crispy, they’ll satisfy all your crunchy sandwich cravings.


9. Creamy Artichoke Pasta Shells

Creamy Artichoke Pasta Shells 1

Pasta is always a favorite and these Creamy Artichoke Pasta Shells will be at the top of the list. Roasted artichoke hearts are sprinkled with sea salt, stirred through cashew cream, and then spooned into al dente pasta shells in this delicious and unique pasta entrée. They’re creamy, flavorful, but they are still relatively light. Drizzle with as much tomato and basil pasta sauce as you like!

10. Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich

Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich

Even if you’re planning a special dinner, don’t forget lunch. Dad would love this Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich. Vegan chicken strips are pan-seared and then combined with vegan mayonnaise, toasted cashews, golden raisins, and curry powder. Add some chopped celery to give it some crunch and serve with a big pile of diner-style fries.


11. Fried Tuna Po’ Boy

Fried 'Tuna' Po'Boy

What can you do with vegan tuna? You can make a classic tuna salad sandwich or you can take a walk on the wild side and make this monstrous vegan Fried Tuna Po’ Boy. Sandwiched between two slices of baguette with a spicy remoulade sauce, creamy avocado, jalapeños, and crisp lettuce, these fried tuna balls are crunchy, spicy, and they taste amazing.

12. Peppers and Peaches Pizza

Peppers and Peaches Pizza 2

Who doesn’t love a delicious savory and sweet combo? On this Peppers and Peaches Pizza, the sweet tangy peppers are complemented by the creamy avocado and mild green onion, while the peach purée brings an exotic flavor to an otherwise pretty classic pizza. Yum!

13. No-Bake Peanut Butter Mocha Cake

no bake peanut butter mocha cake

This decadent No-Bake Peanut Butter Mocha Cake is 100 percent raw, gluten-free, and dairy-free! A creamy mocha filling sweetened naturally with Medjool dates sits on a sweet and chocolatey mocha base of almonds and dates. It’s topped with smooth peanut butter and homemade peanut butter cups, so you can have a little bit of each flavor in every bite!

14. Grilled Tofu Steaks With Orange Ginger Glaze

Grilled Tofu Steaks With Orange Ginger Glaze

Serve Dad a big, juicy steak for Father’s Day. These Grilled Tofu Steaks With Orange Ginger Glaze are grilled to perfection. Then they’re brushed with a sticky, citrusy, and spicy orange-ginger glaze — the perfect combination of flavors to welcome outdoor weather. Serve on a bed of grains with grilled vegetables and your favorite barbecue sides.


15. Sticky Miso Grilled Veggie Skewers

Sticky Miso Grilled Veggie Skewers

Celebrate the day with these Sticky Miso Grilled Veggie Skewers. Zucchini, mushrooms, and tempeh each bring their own texture in these delicious umami vegetable skewers. The zucchini is soft, the mushrooms are meaty, and the tempeh is firm but meaty. As you grill them, the sticky miso sauce begins to caramelize a little, enhancing its flavor even further. Serve with grains as a main dish or make a bunch for your barbecue.

16. Spanakopita

Spanakopita 4

Spanakopita is a Greek savory filo dough pie filled with spinach and cheese. Here, vegan mozzarella cheese and lemony spinach come together to form this delicious, flaky, and buttery pie. This is super delicious, healthy and makes a satisfying meal.

17. Chocolate Cream Pie

Chocolate Cream Pie 2

Skip the trip to the bakery and make Dad this Chocolate Cream Pie. What could be better than a hazelnut-almond shortbread crust layered with decadent chocolate filling and topped with airy whipped coconut cream? We can’t think of anything! This pie is silky, sweet, crunchy, and deliciously addicting!

18. Tempeh Steak Patties

Tempeh Steak Patties

Tempeh gets a hearty makeover in these Tempeh Steak Patties. The naturally meaty texture of tempeh makes it perfect for steaks that are cooked with a flavorful blend of spices. The Indonesian spicy tomato sauce is rich and perfect for serving with the tempeh steak and a bed of rice.

19. Quinoa and Portobello Mushroom Stacks With a Red Pepper Coulis

Quinoa and Portobello Mushroom Stacks With a Red Pepper Coulis

This Quinoa and Portobello Mushroom Stacks With a Red Pepper Coulis was made to impress. The zesty, marinated Portobello mushrooms and fresh-tasting spinach have such flavor and substance that it’s likely there’ll be no leftovers once your meal has ended. The most important element is the roasted red pepper coulis. Stir the olive oil in at the end for a sweet, creamy sauce that ties together all the flavors of the dish.

20. Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes

Slow-Cooker Sloppy Joes

These Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes are perfect for Father’s Day. The mixture, which is composed primarily of tomato paste, garlic, Medjool dates, and onion, simply needs to be blended and then left in the slow-cooker. That means you can spend quality time with Dad and look forward to the scrumptious sloppy joes you’ll enjoy later!

21. Creamy Chocolate Bars

Cranberry Chocolate Bars 2

Even the sweetest dads need a sweet treat and these Creamy Chocolate Bars are really something special. The creaminess of the avocado, the pinch of spice, and of course, the chocolate, make a deliciously addicting combo. And the sticky-sweet dried cranberry topping just puts this dessert over the top!

22. Pasta Bolognese

Pasta Bolognese 2

Dad will love this Pasta Bolognese! This traditionally meaty Italian dish is given a vegan makeover with beefy soy protein crumbles. The delicious homemade sauce gives this entrée that authentic Italian flavor. Serve up a big bowl of this dish with a salad for a perfect, hearty dinner.

23. Loaded Baked Potato With Carrot Bacon


Giving Dad something indulgent in a healthier way is the best gift you can give – like this Loaded Baked Potato With Carrot Bacon. Usually loaded baked potatoes have an obscene amount of butter, sour cream, and bacon. However, sub in vegan butter, a cashew-based sour cream, and carrot bacon, and boom! Healthy potato recipe!

24. Lentil Burger With Mustard Sauce

Lentil Burger With Mustard Sauce 1

Who doesn’t love a big, juicy burger?! These Lentil Burgers With Mustard Sauce are super tasty and only require four ingredients! The combination of earthy flavor from the lentils, the touch of sweetness from the raisins, and the nutty walnuts, make this a unique veggie burger you will fall in love with instantly. The zesty mustard sauce makes this burger even better!

25. Spicy Potato Wedges With Nacho Cheese

Spicy Potato Wedges With Nacho Cheese

Simple, creamy, cheesy, these Spicy Potato Wedges With Nacho Cheese are everything you want plus cheese. The potatoes are crisp outside, spiced with cumin, coriander, and cayenne pepper, and fluffy on the inside. They’re served with a drizzle of spicy vegan nacho cheese and a dollop of cool vegan sour cream to balance out the heat.

Dads are special so it’s only right to serve dishes that are just as special for Father’s Day. These hearty meals will make all the men (and women) in your life happy and satisfied.

Lead image source: Fooled Pork Sandwich with Fries