We publish over 200 vegan recipes a month by bloggers from all over the world! We went through our recipes from the month of May on the Food Monster App and found 15 of our favorite simple recipes with 10-ingredients or less!

1. Cauliflower Zucchini Noodle Alfredo

This Cauliflower Zucchini Noodle Alfredo is so creamy! Just remember to eat a huge bowl of this stuff to be totally happy and full.


2. Crispy Chocolate Wontons S'mores Wontons

These Crispy Chocolate Wontons are so gooey and flavorful! If you love s’mores anything, chocolatey and marshmallow-y, you have to try these s’mores wontons.

3. Mini Hazelnut Vanilla Sandwich Cookies

How cute are these Mini Hazelnut Vanilla Sandwich Cookies?! These tiny treats have a creamy hazelnut and chocolate spread sandwiched in between two soft, vanilla cookies.

4. Cashew Cream-Stuffed Strawberries Cashew Date Cream-Stuffed Strawberries

These Cashew Cream-Stuffed Strawberries have us in the summer-tailgate mood! They look adorable and only require you to scoop out a bit of the inside of a strawberry, stuff it with creamy cashew date cream, and top it with a blueberry! Simple!

5. Spicy Lentil Mushroom Sauce Over Zucchini NoodlesZoodles With Spicy Lentil and Mushroom Sauce

This Spicy Lentil Mushroom Sauce Over Zucchini Noodles is super fresh! Who said it should be complicated or expensive to eat delicious, healthy, and tummy-friendly food?


6. 3-Ingredient Chocolate Hazelnut Ice CreamChocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream

You just have to try this 3-Ingredient Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream! It’s made from bananas with no sugar added, making it the perfect pre-workout snack … but you can eat it anytime, even for breakfast.

7. Turmeric Blackberry Crumble Bars Superfood Blackberry Crumble Bars

We’ve honestly in love with these Turmeric Blackberry Crumble Bars! Warm up your oven for this blackberry goodness! These crumble bars feature a soft crust infused with superfoods spirulina and turmeric, which gives it a bright green color that beautifully contrasts the deep purple color of the blackberries.

8. Marinated Zucchini and Seaweed Salad 

This Marinated Zucchini and Seaweed Salad is super unique and healthy! This dish is great as an appetizer, starter or accompaniment, also the seaweed gives a very refreshing marine flavor.

9. Low-Carb AllSpice Sweet Potato Toasts Gluten-Free Vegan Low-Carb Winter Spice Sweet Potato Toasts topped with dairy-free yogurt, pears, allspice, and walnuts

These Low-Carb AllSpice Sweet Potato Toasts are perfection! This unique recipe is slathered in dairy-free yogurt, allspice, pear, and walnuts. It’s an unlikely combination that is so satisfying and flavorful!


10. Dreamy Chocolate MousseDreamy Chocolate Mousse [vegan] [gluten free] by The Flexitarian

We just love this Dreamy Chocolate Mousse! Light and delicious, this chocolate mousse is the dreamiest of dessert. Quick and easy, you can make it a day ahead.

11. Caramel SauceVegan Caramel Sauce 

This Caramel Sauce is simple and so versatile! This caramel sauce is perfect for freshly baked cinnamon buns! It also has a secret ingredient to get the caramel taste.


12. 10-Minute Raw Curry Zoodles 10-Minute Raw Curry Zoodles 3

How does a brimming bowl full of fresh zucchini noodles doused in a creamy cashew curry sauce sound? These 10-Minute Raw Curry Zoodles are so vibrant and yummy!

13. Easy Rosemary Garlic Knots Easy Rosemary Garlic Knots 1

These Easy Rosemary Garlic Knots belong on the side of a big bowl of pasta! These are just like regular knots – fluffy, savory, delicious – except they also have a touch of rosemary.

14. 10-Ingredient Baked Turmeric Sweet Potato Falafel10-Ingredient Baked Sweet Potato Falafel

How beautiful are these 10-Ingredient Baked Turmeric Sweet Potato Falafel?! They are easy, quick to make, and will add a little something extra to any dish you serve them with. Or, you can just eat them on their own – it’s up to you.

15. Cantaloupe Cashew Cream Mini Smoothies Cantaloupe Cream Shooters [Vegan]

These Cantaloupe Cashew Cream Mini Smoothies are a must-try! They come together in just a couple of minutes, keeping you out of the kitchen and out enjoying your summer.


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