Mmmm … that smell can only be one thing — homemade cookies. Nothing fills a house with such enticing aromas as fresh, home-baked cookies. Over the summer, most of us have probably taken a break from using the oven but now that fall is here to stay, it’s time to get baking again. Luckily, cookies are just about the easiest thing you can make.

Everyone loves cookies. They’re sweet, fun, and delicious. Cookies come in all different shapes, sizes, and flavors. In fact, there’s a holiday to celebrate many of the favorite types of cookies. Just check out 5 Vegan Recipes for Oatmeal Cookie Day13 Killer Vegan Chocolate Chip Recipes for National Chocolate Chip Day!, and 8 Awesomely Sweet Recipes for National Sugar Cookie Day.


When it comes to cookies, there are so many different types. Cookies can be raw, baked, chocolatey, filled with nuts, chewy with coconut, and sandwiched around delicious fillings. We have easy recipes for cookies of all kinds. Take a look at these 5 Scrumptious Vegan Recipes for National Cookie Day, 30 Awesome Cookie Recipes to Fill Your Cookie Jar, and Yummy Vegan Cookies by Mayim Bialik and Other Superstars. So pour yourself a tall glass of non-dairy milk for dunking and fill your home with the amazing aromas of these 20 homemade cookies.

1. Flourless Chocolate-Dipped Cookies

Flourless Chocolate-Dipped Cookies

These Flourless Chocolate-Dipped Cookies gain their richness from a generous helping of nut butter. They’re then dipped in melted chocolate for extra goodness! Try this recipe with a variety of nut or seed butters to find your favorite.

2. Apple Snickerdoodle Cookies


If you love the deliciously fragrant combination of apples and cinnamon, this recipe for Apple Snickerdoodle Cookies is for you! These moist biscuit-like cookies are perfect for breakfast or a snack. These grain-free cookies are filled with fiber rich ingredients like apples, coconut flour, coconut oil, cinnamon, and sunflower seeds. Serve these nice and warm and know that you’re eating your way to wellness!

3. S’mores Skillet Cookie

S'mores Skillet Cookie

S’mores is a favorite campfire treat, but what do you do when you love s’mores, but don’t have access to the fire? Turn it into a cookie! These delicious S’mores Skillet Cookies take only half an hour to make from start to finish and comes together in one bowl. After baking, the top of the cookie is broiled to give you those toasty, gooey marshmallows and melty chocolate chips that make s’mores so good.


4. Bounty Bar Doughnut Cookies

Bounty Bar Doughnut Cookies 1

These Bounty Bar Doughnut Cookies can be as fancy or simple as you’d like. The coconut filling can be sweetened with coconut flower nectar or agave and the chocolate can be homemade or bought (70 percent dark, at least). Either way, the result is the same — a delicious cookie that leaves us with that nostalgic feeling of eating a Bounty Bar.

5. Beju: Nigerian Coconut Cookie

Beju: Nigerian Coconut Cookie

Bejus, a type of of coconut cookie widely known in Nigeria, are also common in Northeast Brazil under the name bijus or tapioquinhas. Over there, these cookies include various fillings such as dulce de leche, jam, compote, or butter. In Nigeria, these cookies are made with only three ingredients: cassava root, coconut, and sugar. This is a dessert that will even appeal to gluten and grain intolerant people, as it contains no wheat flour.

6. Pistachio Whoopie Pies

chocolate pistachio whoopie pies

These Pistachio Whoopie Pies highlight the buttery flavor pistachios offer in the classic form of a whoopie pie. Brown sugar and cardamom make the cookies smell and taste delicious. The filling is colored green which you don’ t have to do but it is a tribute to the pistachios.

7. Carrot Cake Macaroons

Carrot Cake Macaroons

A bite-sized alternative to carrot cake, these Carrot Cake Macaroons are just delicious for when you crave something sweet. They can be made two ways; the first is with a sweet cashew frosting and the other is with a dark chocolate drizzle. Or, get adventurous and try it both ways at the same time. They’re so easy to make, and ready in no time!


8. Oat and Walnut Fig Newtons

Fresh Fig Newton Cookies 2

There’s nothing like taking a store-bought food and making the at-home version even better. These Oat and Walnut Fig Newton cookies have fresh fig jam, crumbly cookie dough made from gluten-free rolled oats, and no preservatives! Fresh, fruity, delicious, and wholesome!

9. Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies

ladies-kisses-1200x750 (1)

These Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies are the perfect tiny treats. They have a creamy hazelnut and chocolate spread sandwiched in between two soft, vanilla cookies. The macaron-esque shape make these an adorable dessert to have at any gathering. In Italy, these are referred to as “Ladies’ Kisses.”

10. Dark Chocolate Cherry Skillet Cookie

Dark Chocolate and Cherry Skillet Cookie

What’s not to love about this giant Dark Chocolate Cherry Skillet Cookie? It’s rich, chocolatey, soft like butter, and the chocolate and cherry flavors blend seamlessly together, especially when topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. The skillet speeds up the cook time, making the wait time between cooking and devouring even shorter

11. Paleo Biscotti

Paleo biscotti

The great thing about biscotti is that you can find a good reason to enjoy it any time of day — for breakfast with a cup of coffee, as a snack, dessert, or a late night snack. These Paleo Biscotti are super crunchy and delicious and completely grain-free and gluten-free! The first variety is a winning combination of chocolate, coconut, and walnut while the second variety is a mind-blowingly good combination of salty, crunchy peanuts, and melty chocolate morsels. It takes just five minutes to prepare the batter and these cookies will disappear even faster.

12. Almond Joy Cookies

almond joy cookies

Dark chocolate chips, coconut, and chopped almonds are the key ingredients to these delicious Almond Joy Cookies. They’re a perfect dairy-free substitute for anyone’s favorite store-bought candy bar … in cookie form. Where the candy bar has milk chocolate, these cookies have a deep, rich, dark chocolate flavor that can’t be beat. They give you that Almond Joy fix with the right amount of tastiness involved!

13. Homemade Apricot Cookie Bars

Homemade Apricot Cookie Bars

This fruity, crunchy, gluten-free Apricot Cookie Bar has no added sugar — only natural sweeteners. This sweet treat is made with sunny yellow apricot jam and a crunchy crumble topping layer. This dessert is both a delight to look at and to eat. You can even feel good about having two.


14. Meringue Mushrooms

Meringue Mushrooms

These Meringue Mushrooms are crispy, sweet, and irresistible cookies! They’re made with just six ingredients, one of which is the magical aquafaba. They are so adorable, shaped like little mushrooms. Bring these to your next party and watch everyone snap pictures before gobbling them down.

15. Giant Fluffernutter Skillet Cookie

Fluffernutter Skillet Cookie

Cast iron skillets are great to use for a variety of dishes, but not all of them are savory. A skillet is more than ideal for a cookie as it cooks faster, softer, and is less mess altogether! If you love cookies, marshmallows, or simply the fluffernutter concept all around, then you need to make this Giant Fluffernutter Skillet Cookie. In this recipe, vegan marshmallows are baked into a big, soft peanut butter cookie, which is topped with vegan ice cream and even more peanut butter.

16. Almond Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sandwiches

Almond Chocolate Chunk Sandwich Cookies 3

Who doesn’t love a yummy chocolate chip cookie sandwich? For these Almond Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sandwiches, coconut whipped cream is sandwiched in between two almond-flour based sugar cookies with cacao nibs thrown in. Besides being delicious, these treats are super fun to make! Make a big batch and have effortless after-dinner dessert for months.

17. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Stuffed Cookies

chocolate chip peanut butter stuffed cookies

Imagine pulling some cookies out of the oven, you smell a little bit of vanilla and then a strong scent of peanut butter and chocolate! Yes, friends, that’s these Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Stuffed Cookies! Biting into a plain chocolate chip cookie is pretty great, but a center full of warm, gooey peanut butter makes it an extra decadent treat. You could also totally eat the dough raw if you like … that’s a pretty awesome dessert by itself!

18. Butterbeer Cookies

butterbeer cookies

Butterbeer is a warm, cozy drink served at the Three Broomsticks in the Harry Potter universe, and these Butterbeer Cookies are an interpretation of what that ubiquitous beverage might taste like. But even if you’re not into Harry Potter, you’ll still love these cookies! They are delightful sandwich cookies — sweet, buttery, warmly spiced, and topped with decadent, simple, homemade butterscotch.

19. Rosquillas de Anis: Spanish Anise Cookies

Rosquillas de Anis — Spanish Anise Cookies

The preparation for these Spanish Anise Cookies is probably not what you would expect from a regular cookie recipe. To begin with, the dough does not contain sugar because all its sweetness is added with the syrup and the coating sugar. The resulting cookies are sweet with a unique anise flavor, crisp, buttery, and irresistible!

20. Glazed Cinnamon Bun Cookies

Cinnamon Bun Cookies

These Glazed Cinnamon Bun Cookies will have your entire kitchen smelling like cinnamon while they bake. Without the glaze, they’re crunchy, and with the glaze, they’re delightfully chewy. Either way, they’re delicious!

When you make any of these awesome cookie recipes, it’s guaranteed everyone will come into your kitchen asking what that enticing aroma is from. Make sure you make double batches of these cookie recipes because they are going to disappear before your eyes.

Lead image source: Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Stuffed Cookies