You know what they say: breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Cereal and granola are both classic breakfasts that many enjoy daily, but store-bought options can be full of ingredients that you may not love. Don’t worry though, we searched our Food Monster App for 15 homemade cereal and granola recipes that will be full of only the ingredients that you want, but still plenty of flavors!

1. Orange Ginger and Fig Granola

Orange Ginger and Fig Granola

Image Source: Orange Ginger and Fig Granola

Looking for a change from your oats or smoothie for breakfast? Have a bowl of this Orange Ginger and Fig Granola from Tiana Haines with some fruit and homemade almond milk or on top of a smoothie bowl for extra goodness!

2. Toasted Quinoa Cereal With Pistachios and Figs

Toasted Quinoa Cereal With Pistachios and Figs

Image Source: Toasted Quinoa Cereal With Pistachios and Figs

Crunchy, toasty, and oh-so-packed with protein, this perfectly spiced bowl of Toasted Quinoa Cereal With Pistachios and Figs from Amy Height makes a great topper for coconut yogurt, fruit smoothies, or pair it with non-dairy milk and eat it as a cereal!

3. Cinnamon Crunch Granola

Cinnamon Crunch Granola [Vegan, Sugar-Free, Oil-Free]

Image Source: Cinnamon Crunch Granola

You are searching for a sugar- and oil-free granola recipe that does not have an overwhelming list of ingredients? Then stop right there! This easy and tasty Cinnamon Crunch Granola from Melanie Jacobs is much better (and healthier) than all those boxed varieties from the store.

4. Gingerbread Hazelnut Granola

Gingerbread Hazelnut Granola

Image Source: Gingerbread Hazelnut Granola

This Gingerbread Hazelnut Granola from Kristina Jug & Mitja Bezenšek is simply amazing! Packed full of festive flavors, vegan & gluten-free! Aromatic and delicious, you’ll love this for breakfast or a snack.

5. 3-Ingredient Berry Cereal

Image Source: 3-Ingredient Berry Cereal

All ages love cereal simply for the fact that it brings back that nostalgia of childhood and waking up on a Saturday morning with the whole day in front of you and immediately downing a bowl of pure sugar. This 3-Ingredient Berry Cereal from Sara Grandominico is here to rectify that sugar crash! This breakfast brings back all those warm, fuzzy childhood cereal memories and it’s healthy and plant-based. It’s made with just three simple ingredients and it’ll fill you up.

6. Turmeric Granola With Goldenberry

Vegan Gluten-Free Vegan Turmeric Granola with Goldenberry

Image Source: Turmeric Granola With Goldenberry

This vibrant Turmeric Granola With Goldenberry from Elsa Brobbey comes together effortlessly: a combination of rolled oats, nuts, and pumpkin seeds with ribbons of coconut and a sprinkling of turmeric, ginger, and nutmeg, it’s baked with coconut oil, maple syrup. It smells amazing when it’s baking; the turmeric imparts a subtle earthy flavor, it’s delicate, and works in perfect harmony with the ginger, nutmeg, and vanilla.

7. Hot Chocolate Granola

Image Source: Hot Chocolate Granola

This easy gluten-free and vegan healthy Hot Chocolate Granola from Kat Condon is full of rich chocolate flavor, chocolate chips, and of course, marshmallows! And of course, this isn’t just any granola – this is a rich, chocolatey Hot Chocolate Granola!

8. 3-Ingredient Chocolate Cereal

Image Source: 3-Ingredient Chocolate Cereal

This 3-Ingredient Chocolate Cereal from Sara Grandominico is crunchy, naturally sweet, and will take you back to childhood. The opposite of typical, sugary cereals, this is made with just three ingredients and is completely gluten-free and healthy! Of course, it can be eaten on its own with some almond milk, but it’s also great as a mix-in for granola and it would make a delicious topping for a frozen sweet treat.

9. Lemon Coconut Granola With Cashews

Image Source: Lemon Coconut Granola With Cashews

This Lemon Coconut Granola With Cashews from Patricia Idus is amazing by itself as a snack or for breakfast with almond milk or coconut yogurt. It also makes for a great smoothie bowl topping! Since lemon is even better when coconut is involved, crunchy coconut chips are added to the recipe.

10. Popped Amaranth Cereal

Image Source: Popped Amaranth Cereal

This Popped Amaranth Cereal from Selva Wohlgemuth is perfect for breakfast! Just like corn kernels, amaranth when heated over high heat, pops and creates small, puffed crunchy bites. When mixed with other delicious things like roasted nuts and seeds, some dried fruit, and spices, the combination is super tasty and crunchy.

11. Matcha Granola

Image Source: Matcha Granola

Tossed with matcha powder and a bit of vanilla extract, this Matcha Granola from Alex Edmondson has tons of good-for-you ingredients like almonds, cashews, pecans, as well as hemp, chia, and pumpkin seeds. Your morning bowl of oatmeal just got a little more exciting!

12. Chocolate Protein Cereal

Image Source: Chocolate Protein Cereal

There’s something incredibly satisfying about making things you otherwise would have bought. This Chocolate Protein Cereal from Laura Peill falls under that category. It’s crunchy, just the right amount of sweet, energizing, and all-natural with no hidden preservatives! Enjoy this cereal during breakfast or as a healthy, late-night snack.

13. Matzo Granola With Fruit and Nuts

Matzo Granola For Passover

Image Source: Matzo Granola With Fruit and Nuts

Granola never tasted so good! This Matzo Granola With Fruit and Nuts from Karen Sheer is sweet, crunchy, and chewy! Instead of oats, it’s made from gluten-free matzo mixed with natural sweeteners, cinnamon, nuts, and lots of dried fruit. It’s perfect for breakfast, snacking, or dessert.

14. Paleo Granola

Vegan Paleo Granola topped with berries 1

Image Source: Paleo Granola

This crunchy golden Paleo Granola from Taryn Fitz-Gerald is the perfect way to start your morning and a great snack to keep you energized throughout the day. Plus, it’s paleo and grain-free, so almost anyone can enjoy it.

15. Chocolate Puffed Cereal

Chocolate Puffed Cereal [Vegan, Gluten-Free, No Refined Sugar]

Image Source: Chocolate Puffed Cereal

This Chocolate Puffed Cereal from Tiana Haines is very easy to make, contains minimal ingredients, and is the perfect alternative to supermarket cereals! Serve this with plant-based milk of your choice and top with your favorite fruits. Alternately, you can serve with dairy-free yogurt or on top of a chocolate smoothie bowl!

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