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A lot of us are looking to get the most “bang for our buck” when it comes to nutrition and cooking our food. Afterall, we’re not spending our money on healthy foods to waste the nutrients in them, right? This is one reason the raw food movement has become so popular. The idea is to get more nutrients without “destroying” them through cooking them, or that’s at least the theory.

Many people also opt for boiling veggies hoping to avoid the bad effects of the dreaded frying method, and a large percentage also fear the microwave nowadays when we hear this “electrocutes” our veggies, or exposes us to toxins we so often hear about through radiation. However, you might be surprised that when it comes to veggies, not one method suits them all. In fact, some even increase in antioxidant content when cooked, while many antioxidants remain untouched, and oh, that microwave? Well, it might not be something to fear so badly after all.

What Research and Experts Says About Cooking Our Veggies

Dr. Michael Greger is a go-to for learning about vegan nutrition and to obtain medical advice from. He recently provided a video on how to get the most “bang for your buck” in terms of nutrition when it comes to getting the most nutrients from how we cook vegetables. Showcasing a study conducted by health professional that compared six different cooking methods with 20 different vegetables, we learn that veggies all differ in their nutrition content depending on how they’re prepared. What they found was pretty surprising, especially to those individuals that fear the microwave and think all raw is always the best way to go.

Check out the video below and explore some of our recipes below that showcase some super star vegetables cooked in a variety of ways.

Different Ways to Cook Veggies With Recipes:









We, of course, have many other recipes cooked (or not cooked) in a variety of ways, so try them all out and experiment with different method. Because, when it comes to eating veggies, the best way to cook them is whatever way you’ll enjoy them the most, leading you to eat more of them. If you are looking to eat higher raw recipes, then be sure to add more smoothies and raw soups to your day. Sneaking a little kale, carrots, spinach and other veggies in here and there, is one of the best ways to work more into your day.

Remember that eating veggies doesn’t have to be boring or stressful when it comes to obtaining nutrients. Experiment with different methods and just enjoy the ones that suit you best. Remember that the main point is that you’re eating them – period!

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