First things first: This is no knock on almond butter, especially the homemade crunchy variety, maybe spread across a crusty hunk of freshly baked bread with a nice cup of hot tea to wash it down. Without exception, that is a fine way to spend a snack break.

Some other curious, perhaps unrelated, info to mention about almonds before we begin are that they are in the cherry-peach-apricot family, there is a large and ongoing controversy over the sale of actually raw almonds in the US, and they provide protection from both diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

However, the point of today’s exercise is to discover all of the other culinary possibilities that almonds provide. Of course, it starts off with the simple handful of ready roasted or raw, a snack that warrants repeat, but options abound, from the saucy and savory to sweet, sweet delights.

So, where to begin?

1. Milk Them

Making your own almond milk is fairly simple, and even better, it will mean the milk you are drinking isn’t overly processed.  You can even do fancier, naturally sweetened varieties.

2. Use Them in Place of Cheese


Raw Almond Parmesan

As long as we are on the dairy alternatives adventure, why not go for some almond cheese? Try a Raw Almond Parmesan for sprinkling or this spreadable one made from leftover pulp from making almond milk.

3. Shake Them


Neapolitan “Milk” Shake

And, if the milk is already made, why not live it up? There are classic throwbacks to taste, say the Neapolitan “Milk” Shake, with the classic tri-color scheme. But, there are new age superfood spins for a healthy boost to use almond milk in as well. Almonds are a great dairy replacement for milk, so why not use them in such a classic recipe?

4. Bar Them

almondjoy (1)

Almond Joy Bars

Remember almond joys? Well, find that joy again, only this time with a healthier twist. Or go for gooey almond and chia jam oat bars.  Or, for lack of a better expression and for the love of chocolate: Choco-Mint Almond Bars.

5. Wake Up with Them


Jujube, Raspberry, and Hemp Seed Oatmeal

For every hot bowl of porridge, there is the opportunity to add a little almond milk or almond butter. Just the same, for every batch of home-baked granola, there are chopped almonds waiting to be mixed in.

6. Don’t Cook Them


Raw Hot Cross Buns

From gingerbread bites to hot cross buns to something entitled “Mini ‘Nutella’ Donuts with Salted Coffee Caramel”, raw almonds are great at mingling with others, no cooking necessary.

7. Mill Them

How handy is it to know, that in a world constantly on the cusp of gluten-free, making your own flour is a cinch. Again, this can be done with the almond pulp leftover from making milk, or just by blending up almonds.

8. Toast Them

Truthfully, almondine (or amandine) is just a fancy way of saying you’ve topped something with toasted almond slivers.

9. Sauce Them


Wild Garlic Gnocchi in Almond Cream Sauce

For pasta or veggies or whatever you choose, almonds can contribute to some fantastic sauces, such as raw curry almond sauce and almond cream sauce. Where there is milk and nut butter, there are sauces to be made.

10. Scrub Them

Why not? If you’ve made it this far down the list, it seems we are fully in the swing of things, and almonds pulp (yet again) makes for a nice clean countenance. Try out this almond or almond-coconut scrub.

11. Cookie Them


Almond Biscotti with Chocolate Drizzle

And of course, there are cookies. Almond cookies galore! From fancy biscotti to downhome joy to something in between, there are so many fantastic cookies for almonds to be a part of.

12. Cream Them


Effortless Nutter Butter Ice Cream

There is no need for dairy in order to have a fine ice cream, something the likes of raw almond chunky monkey (see, there is a cool name and everything). How about Effortless Nutter Butter Ice Cream?

13. Tart Them Up


Pear and Almond Tart

Okay, so we are really establishing the almond’s prowess when it comes to sweets. Tarts are yet another angle to take. Try this gluten-free pear almond tart or something completely different and tangy.

14. Mix Them

Who doesn’t love a good trail mix, that quick handful to provide a burst of energy and collection of quality calories. Almonds are naturally nice for snacking and hiking.

15. Share Them


Linguine With Greens and Chickpeas

Get some almonds and get on the phone. Invite people over for a delightful dinner, linguine perhaps? Or, serve up a Sunday brunch stack of pancakes. The possibilities abound.

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