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A word of advice for vegans heading to Portland, Oregon on vacation: no matter how much time you’ve dedicated to eating in the city, you will need more. There are dozens of incredible vegan, gluten-free friendly restaurants to try on your trip to the Pacific Northwest. It really is a plant-based paradise!

There are options for everyone in Portland. Love Thai food? How about burgers? Craving something sweet? You can find all of that and more in the city. The list below is in no particular order, so be sure to give any and all of these spots a try!

1. Homegrown Smoker

Tony Webster/Flickr

Homegrown Smoker is a staple of vegan Portland. With a new brick and mortar location in St. John’s, Homegrown Smoker has been serving up plant-based BBQ delicacies like ‘ribs’ (pictured), mac and cheese burritos, and their famous Slosmomofo (smoked soy curls smothered in tangy BBQ sauce and packed into a fresh bun with zesty coleslaw). Many of the dishes at Homegrown Smoker can be made gluten-free, so be sure to be vocal about your dietary needs.

Bottom Line: If you can visit, you absolutely must order the Carolina Chikn Sandwich, which can be made gluten-free easily if you ask. If you can’t visit, try making this Jackfruit Fried Chicken (gluten-free with a non-wheat flour) and make your own sandwiches.

Homegrown Smoker is located at 8638 N Lombard, Portland OR 97203. 

2. Blossoming Lotus

Menu/Blossoming Lotus

Blossoming Lotus has something delicious for everyone. Most dishes, including their Spicy Sausage and Tomato Pasta, Black Bean and Quinoa Tacos, and Bibimbap can be made gluten-free. From Asian-inspired dishes to fresh juices, Blossoming Lotus offers vegan and raw dishes that will satisfy even the pickiest vegan eater.

Bottom Line: If you can visit, get an order of the Live Nachos and lose yourself in vegan nacho cheese and pecan chorizo. If you can’t visit, try your hand at making these Loaded Nachos with Walnut ‘Meat’ and Cheesy Sauce – just be sure to use a GF flour.

Blossoming Lotus is located at 1713 NE 15th Ave, Portland, OR 97212.

3. Petunia’s Pies and Pastries

Gallery/Petunia’s Pies and Pastries

Cinnamon rolls? Check. Cakes of all shapes and sizes? Check. Fresh doughnuts? Check! Petunia’s Pies and Pastries is a dedicated gluten-free and vegan facility in the heart of downtown Portland. While it’s pretty obvious that Petunia’s serves up some delicious sweet treats, they also provide sandwiches and even cocktails. It’s impossible to pick just one of the goodies in the case, and they are all well worth the money.

Bottom Line: If you can visit, the coconut passionfruit babycakes are like explosions of joy in your mouth. Do yourself a favor and order two. If you can’t visit, try making these adorable Rose Water Cupcakes at home and indulge in a sweet treat any day of the week.

Petunia’s is located at 610 SW 12th Ave, PortlandOR 97205. 

4. Ichiza Kitchen

Restaurant/Ichiza Kitchen

On gloomy days in Portland, ramen is just a necessity and Ichiza Kitchen has you covered. As a teahouse as well as a restaurant, Ichiza has much more than just ramen to offer. Kimchi Mungbean Cakes, Lan Zhou, Sesame Broccoli – the array of dishes have your mouth watering by the time you sit down. Ichiza serves the whole meal at once, allowing patrons to enjoy both the food and the tea together at this gluten-free friendly restaurant.

Bottom Line: If you can visit, order the turnip cakes and be prepared to order more once you’ve finished. If you can’t visit, find some gluten-free soba noodles and whip up a pot of Soba Noodle Soup with Mushrooms.

Ichiza Kitchen is located at 1628 SW Jefferson St, Portland, OR 97201.

5. La Vida Veggie

Home/La Vida Veggie

As the only restaurant on this list outside of the Portland metro area, it should be clear that La Vida Veggie is unique. The menu features fresh juices, sandwiches, tacos, tapas, and salads, and every nutritious dish leaves diners feeling light and satisfied. Gluten-free options are available – sandwiches can be made GF for an extra $1.50 – and the revolving artwork on the walls allows local artists a community space to feature their work. La Vida Veggie is a cozy spot for a meal outside of the bustle of the city.

Bottom Line: You can’t walk out of La Vida Veggie without trying the Portabello Pesto on gluten-free bread – this sandwich is otherworldly. If you can’t visit, grab a loaf of your favorite gluten-free bread and try out this Eggplant Pesto Sandwich.

La Vida Veggie is located at 4925 SW Angel Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005.

6. Aviv


Aviv’s hearty Israeli fare is the perfect fix for hungry tourists. Hummus, baklava, falafel, tofu feta – who needs to hear more? Aviv’s Yelp page is crowded with reviews from vegans and non-vegans alike, and everyone seems to be able to agree that this spot is a must-visit for everyone. Aviv is diet-friendly for gluten-free eaters (they even have a gluten-free pita bread!), so be sure to let your server know about any concerns you have prior to ordering.

Bottom Line: If you can visit, you need to order the tofu feta. Try everything else, too – but just be sure you don’t leave without sinking your teeth into that goodness. If you can’t visit, try making your own Vegan Feta and be sure to have some crackers on hand!

Aviv is located at 1125 SE Division St., Portland, OR 97202.

7. Sweet Hereafter

Sweet Hereafter/Happy Cow

Sweet Hereafter is a must for any tourists looking for a night out at a trendy Portland bar. Complete with refreshing cocktails and casual outdoor dining for sunny days, Sweet Hereafter is a favorite of vegans and non-vegans alike. They offer filling pub foods like the Jamaican Bowl and the Tofu Bahn Mi bowl, so pick a drink, settle in at a corner table, and enjoy the bustling vibe of Sweet Hereafter.

Bottom Line: If you can go, the Jamaican Bowl is one of the most gluten-free friendly dishes at the restaurant, and it’s also one of the tastiest! If you can’t visit, give these Jerk Cauliflower Tacos a whirl.

Sweet Hereafter is located at 3326 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214.

8. Virtuous Pie

Home/Virtuous Pie

No one can turn down pizza, but Virtuous Pie brings pizza to a whole new level. With homemade vegan cheeses and crispy gluten-free crusts, every pizza on the menu is mind-boggling. From the Grandma Pie, complete with cashew mozzarella, to the truffle almond ricotta-topped Superfunghi pizza, Virtuous Pie is a must for dining in or out in Portland.

Bottom Line: If you can visit…well, there isn’t really any bad choice at Virtuous Pie, but sometimes the simplest dishes pack the most excitement. Try out the Margherita Pizza to get a feel for just how delicious the cheeses are on their own. If you can’t visit, don’t hesitate to make any of these incredible pies.

Virtuous Pie is located at 1126 SE Division Street, Portland OR, 97202.

9. KaTi


Eating good Thai food is one of the great joys of life, and KaTi provides that joy to its customers on a daily basis. As a vegetarian and vegan spot nestled in a small location on the East Side, the food at KaTi is well worth the wait. From curries and Pad Thai to Pineapple Fried Rice and Pad Pak, even the smells coming from the kitchen will be enough to entice you.

Bottom Line: If you can visit, the KaTi Pad Thai is a must – just be sure to communicate any dietary restrictions. If you can’t visit, stock up on tamari to make a gluten-free version of this Vegetable Noodle Pad Thai.

KaTi is located at 2932 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202.

10. Los Gorditos


Los Gorditos has mastered the art of catering to everyone. With separate meat menus, vegetarian menus, and vegan menus, Los Gorditos is a favorite of Portlanders regardless of dietary preference. Every vegan should be sure to try the soy curls for a salty crunch, whether in burritos, tacos, or bowls. Be prepared, though – your eyes will be bigger than your stomach, and you’ll most likely end up with leftovers for your next meal!

Bottom Line: If you can visit, the Chilaquiles are definitely worth your time. Be sure to mention you’re gluten-free – the staff is knowledgeable and friendly! If you can’t visit, stay in and make your own Cheesy Chilaquiles in your PJs.

Los Gorditos is located at 4937 SE Division St, Portland OR.

11. Back to Eden Bakery and Restaurant

Wholesale/Back to Eden

Back to Eden started as a tiny, hole-in-the wall bakery on the East Side and gained such popularity that it expanded to the space next door. Now, as a restaurant and bakery, Back to Eden offers an all-vegan, all-gluten-free menu. The biscuits and gravy are definitely worth getting up early for on the weekends, and the vegan soft serve is the perfect way to end any late night on the town.

Bottom Line: If you can visit, order the Breakfast Sandwich and enjoy the delicious flavors without any concern about cross-contamination. If you can’t visit, give this Breakfast Sandwich with Tofu Egg and Tempeh Sausage a try – just be sure to use tamari and gluten-free flour.

Back to Eden is located at 2215 NE Alberta St., Portland, OR 97211 – and the bakery is right next door!

12. Farm Spirit

Reservations/Farm Spirit

No list of must-visit vegan spots in Portland would be complete without Farm Spirit. With dishes made from the freshest locally-grown ingredients, it’s perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, or just a memorable night on the town. The communal Chef’s Counter encourages vegans from all around to get to know one another and to ask questions as food is prepared, helping visitors to be part of the whole experience.

Bottom Line: If you can visit, soak up the experience and enjoy watching expert chefs transform local ingredients into beautiful final products. If you can’t visit, take a trip to the farmer’s market and collect any ingredients you might need for this Raw Sun-Dried Tomato Burger bowl.

Farm Spirit is located at 1414 SE Morrison Street, Portland OR 97202

13. Black Water Bar

Black Water/Happy Cow

As a bar, a music venue, and a heavy-metal hotspot, Black Water is certainly a unique place to grab a bite. The food is simple and tasty, with vegan burgers and mozzarella sticks galore. It’s a great place to catch a show while in the city, and the comfort food is hard to beat.

Bottom Line: If you can visit, be sure to order a burger with all the fixings. Be vocal about your dietary restrictions, as the staff is always happy to accommodate. If you can’t visit, do yourself a favor and try out these Veggie Sliders with Cashew Mustard Cheese Sauce.

Black Water is located at 835 NE Broadway St, Portland, OR 97232.

14. The Sudra

The Oregon Gallery/Blogspot

An Indian-inspired vegan spot, the Sudra has something for every diner: chicken-less tikka masala, jackfruit vindaloo, kale saag ‘paneer.’ With indoor and outdoor seating, this fresh new restaurant is the prefect place to sit down to a hearty lunch or dinner.

Bottom Line: If you can visit, try out the fresh and delicious Peacock Salad, complete with a tahini dressing and root veggies. If you can’t visit, gather up your gluten-free spices and try making this Paneer Tikka Masala. Be sure to make extra, because you’ll want leftovers!

The Sudra is located at 2333 NE Glisan St., Portland, OR 97232.

15. Harlow’s


Harlow’s mostly-vegan, all-gluten-free menu is the perfect fit for plant-based diners. The fresh ingredients used in every dish create vibrant flavors and beautiful plates. As if the food wasn’t exciting enough, Harlow’s also offers fresh smoothies with shots of everything you can imagine – including CBD oil. The perfect end to a vegan Portland experience.

Bottom Line: If you can visit, splurge and try the Mushroom Stroganoff. How often can you indulge in an entirely gluten-free pasta dish prepared for you? If you can’t visit, prepare your pasta yourself and give this Mushroom Stroganoff a shot.

Harlow’s is located at 3632 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214.

If you can’t make it to Portland to experience these vegan, gluten-free wonders for yourself, be sure to check out the the Food Monster App. You can find vegan and gluten-free recipes like Rainbow Pad Thai, Gluten-Free Donuts, and just about every other craving you might have. The App is available for both Android and iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. The app has more than 10,000 plant-based, allergy-friendly recipes, and subscribers gain access to new recipes every day. Check it out!

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