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Oats are often associated with oatmeal which is usually sweet and a breakfast item. However, oats are a protein packed ingredient that should not and cannot be limited to solely breakfast and sweet dishes. These 15 savory meals utilize oats in ways you would never have considered before. You can check out these recipes on the Food Monster App as well!

1. Savory Mushroom Oats 

Source: Mushroom Oats

A hearty recipe perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This meaty, Mushroom Oats recipe by Meredith Youngson is easy to make, uniquely delicious, and low in fat. The perfect combination for a healthy, warm meal on a cold day.

2. Vegetable Rose Tart With Cheesy Sun-Dried Tomato Filling 

Source: Vegetable Rose Tart

This Vegetable Rose Tart by Kirsten Kaminski is so pretty and tasty! The oat and sunflower seed crust is deliciously crunchy, the cheesy sun-dried tomato filling is savory and creamy, and together with the fresh vegetable ribbons on top, it makes the perfect dish! It’s great if you want to impress with your cooking skills at a brunch or family reunion. You can also easily adjust the spices, garlic, and vegetables according to you taste.

3. Easy Tempeh Oat Meatballs

Source: Tempeh Oat Meatballs

If you’re looking for a great, simple, plant-based protein-packed staple to incorporate in your meals – this is the PERFECT recipe. These Tempeh Oat Meatballs by Hailee Repko are easy to make, loaded with flavor, can be easily added to a variety of recipes, and are great for the meal prep crowd. They also pair perfectly with any sauce, so you can throw together classic spaghetti and meatballs, make a sandwich, or pair them with a sticky-sweet Asian glaze.

4. 5-Ingredient Spicy Black Bean Jalapeño Burgers 

Source: 5-Ingredient Spicy Black Bean Jalapeño Burgers

These 5-Ingredient Spicy Black Bean Jalapeño Burgers by Michele Elizabeth are paired with a tahini lime sauce, healthy, tasty, and store well in the freezer. These simple burgers have a hearty, earthy flavor that’s given a spicy kick from the jalapeños that is counteracted by the creamy, tangy tahini sauce. Plus they’re quick and easy to make.

5. Lentil Pecan Loaf with Tomato Glaze 

Source: Lentil Loaf with Tomato Glaze

This Lentil Loaf with Tomato Glaze by Alison Edmund is a hearty, wholesome, and healthy meal that is far better than any old meatloaf. The tomato glaze recipe is made with just 3 simple ingredients; ketchup, yellow mustard, and brown sugar. Even picky eaters will love this sauce on top of your lentil loaf!

6. Roasted Cauliflower and Coconut Overnight Porridge Pots 

Source: Roasted Cauliflower and Coconut Overnight Porridge Pots

The brainchild of cauliflower-rice meets overnight oats, this hearty breakfast is a must-make. Lightly roasted with coconut oil, pure maple, and cinnamon, the cauliflower takes on a sweet and milky flavor. Its flavor is only elevated further with the addition of soaked oats, coconut milk, and coconut water. Though this porridge may smell a little cauliflower-y, don’t let that deter you. This make-ahead friendly and plant-based bowl is wonderfully creamy, sweet, and belly-filling in all the right ways. These Roasted Cauliflower and Coconut Overnight Porridge Pots by Alexandra Dawson are amazing.

7. Oat and Seed Bread 

Source: Oat and Seed Bread

This delightfully nutty Oat and Seed Bread by Ella Suihko is delicious and filled with nutrient-rich ingredients. Flax seeds and chia seeds pack a healthy kick in this bread! Serve it for breakfast with some almond butter, lunch with avocado or chickpea salad, or really, whenever you need bread. Which is anytime!

8. Pumpkin and Kale Steel-Cut Oatmeal With Sausage 

Source: Pumpkin and Kale Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Sausage

Looking for healthy, hearty meal, without sacrificing the classic flavors of fall and winter? This steel-cut, savory porridge might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. The kale is sautéed with garlic and seasoned with good old salt and pepper (and nutritional yeast, if you prefer, which I do.) The pumpkin puree adds creaminess and just a tiny bit of earthy sweetness, just enough to counter the saltier kale and sausage (but not enough to make the dish sweet). Then, the Italian-style sausage on top adds a peppery, chewy bite. This Pumpkin and Kale Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Sausage by Lauren Smith is incredible.

9. Crispy Chickpea Nuggets

Source: Crispy Chickpea “Nuggets”

Crispy Chickpea “Nuggets” by Angela de Varennes, these are really easy to make and hold together well. Perfect for lunch or dinner!

10. High-Protein Oat Groats and Lentil Salad 

Unique and tender oat groats combined with lentils and roasted Brussels sprouts? The result is an extra flavorful, filling salad – perfect for a complete meal. This Oat Groats and Lentil Salad by Charlie Rioux is definitely ideal for quick meals throughout the week, and to bring to work or school for lunch.

11. Turmeric Ginger Oatmeal

Source: Turmeric Ginger Oatmeal

This Turmeric Ginger Oatmeal by Claire Ragozzino is the perfect meal to wake up to on a cold day. Infused with warming aromatic spices, with all the added health benefits, this quick and easy recipe is a nourishing way to start your day.

12. Black Bean Burgers With Cilantro Lime Sauce 

Source:Black Bean Burger with Cilantro Lime Sauce

A good veggie burger is only as good as its ingredients. Black bean burgers would be terribly bland if you just smashed up some beans and made it into a patty. It needs to be treated like any entree. The varieties of flavors you can add are endless. I tend to go for a spicier burger with lots of onion, bell pepper, and a good amount of seasoning while this super simple cilantro lime sauce is a great topper for a spicy burger. It is cool and tangy. This Black Bean Burger with Cilantro Lime Sauce by Dora Daily is awesome.

13. Power Bread With Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, Sesame Seeds, and Pumpkin Seeds

Source: Power Bread With Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, Sesame Seeds, and Pumpkin Seeds

You do not need to be an experienced baker for this delicious nutrient-dense bread, and you will not have a kitchen covered from head to toe in flour. All you need is a food processor, a bowl, your baking tins, and just 15 minutes of your time. This Power Bread With Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, Sesame Seeds, and Pumpkin Seeds by Selva Wohlgemuth will surely wow you.

14. Savory Oatmeal Pancakes With Coconut Peanut Chutney

This recipe for Savory Oat Pancakes with Coconut Peanut Chutney by Dhrubaa Mukherjee is simple, easy, delicious, and super-filling — a great alternative to store-bought breakfast! Oat and semolina pancakes spiced with chili powder are topped with savory tomato, onion, fresh green chili, and a sprinkling of cilantro for a unique breakfast experience.

15. Black-Eyed Pea Burgers With Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce 

Source: Black-Eyed Pea Burgers with Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce

These yummy burgers have Southern flair! They are made from black-eyed peas, oats, and buckwheat flour, so they are hearty and filling and they’re served with a smoky, sugar-free barbecue sauce. You can make these any time of year, whether it’s summer and you’re eating dinner on the porch or if it’s winter and you’re wishing for warmer days. Serve these with some vegan cheese, onion, plenty of barbecue sauce, and your favorite greens. These Black-Eyed Pea Burgers with Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce by Holly Jade are amazing.

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Lead Image Source: Black Bean Burger with Cilantro Lime Sauce