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Mulberries are a fruit not dissimilar in appearance to a blackberry and grow in ridiculous abundance on trees found in nature and often in backyards.

They often get a bad rap for their messiness, leaving stains on pathways and attracting unwanted insects that feast on their rotting fruits. However, it only takes a moment of research to learn just how delicious and healthful this mighty little berry is.

Mulberries are great substitutes for blackberries, so pretty much any recipe that calls for blackberries can be switched out for mulberries. They do have a flavor of their own, so don’t expect the exact same results that blackberries would give, but other properties are similar.

If you are lucky enough to have a mulberry tree growing in your yard, know someone who has, or have the knowledge to forage some, gather up a batch of berries and check out this list for fun things to do with them.

Source: Morag Gamble : Our Permaculture Life/YouTube

1. Mulberry Pies

As easily as you can imagine adding blackberries and raspberries to pies and crumble, mulberries are a great option, too. You can either make a pie using your favorite vegan pie crust with fresh berries or make up batches of mulberry pie filling and freeze or can it for future use. Here is a great OGP recipe for a Mulberry Crumble Pie.

2. Mulberry Jam

It’s almost impossible to be faced with a motherload of berries and not think about making some delicious jam. There are always the classic berry jam recipes, but there are also the easier and quicker chia jam options, too.

This OGP recipe for Ten-Minute Chia Jam allows for so much personal twist and preference. Add mulberries to this recipe instead of blackberries or raspberries (or as well as) for the perfect toast accompaniment.

There are also some great traditional berry jam recipes for you to have a go at, or check out this simple guide to making your own berry jam or compotes at home from scratch using this ‘How To Make Homemade Jam’ article as a guide.

3. Make Ice Pops and Sorbets

Source: aloha town net CREATIVE/YouTube

Lots of fruits and berries, when frozen, make great sorbets and ice pops, and mulberries are no exception. Trade out the blueberries in this Patriotic Popsicles recipe for similar and equally delicious results. Or, try this recipe for Mixed Berry Pomegranate Popsicles and throw in some mulberries for good measure.

Don’t forget to use mulberries in your Blackberry Strawberry Sorbet for some extra stand and zing.

4. Muddle Them into Mocktails and Cocktails

Fruit can add at least a little health to an alcoholic adult beverage and color and flavor to mocktails. Any recipe that calls for berries can handle a portion of mulberries.

Check out these refreshing cocktails and mocktails that will welcome some of your mulberry hoard. Blackberry Vanilla Tequila Mojito, Berry Cocktail, Blood Orange Berry Cocktail are delicious cocktails that could easily be made ‘mock’ by adding fruit juice or sparkling water instead of booze.

5. Bake Them into Cakes and Muffins

Fruit in cakes and muffins adds flavor, color, and moisture to otherwise plain desserts.  Any of your favorite cake and muffin recipes that call for blueberries or other berries would work equally well if substituted for mulberries.

Have a go at making one of these awesome OGP cake or muffin recipes with your mulberry bounty-  Mixed Berry Muffins, Mixed Berry Streusel Muffins or Blackberry Coconut Coffee Cake.

6. Eat Them Raw

Source: In The Kitchen With Matt/YouTube

For all of these recipes, we can’t forget the simple pleasure of devouring them raw.  Eat handfuls as they are or sprinkle them on bowls of vegan ice cream, vegan yogurt, oatmeal, or homemade granola.

Raw mulberries are incredibly nutrient rich.  Half a cup of raw mulberries provides you with 28% of your recommended daily value of vitamin C. They are also a good source of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and iron.

7. Whizz Them into Smoothies

Probably the easiest way to use up all of your mulberry harvests, aside from eating them raw, would be to whizz them up into a delicious and nutritious smoothie.

The choices are endless with a recipe hardly being needed.  Seriously, just start tossing stuff into a blender until it tastes good. If you do need a little inspiration, thankfully, there are some great tried and tested OGP smoothie recipes for you to follow.

Have a look at these to get you started- Strawberry Beet Cinnamon Smoothie, Berry and Chia Pudding Smoothie, Cilantro Blueberry Detox Smoothie, and Berry Smoothie Bowl.

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