Even though Americans didn’t invent peanut butter, they invented one of the greatest ways to eat it — the peanut butter cookie — and on June 12th, we celebrate Peanut Butter Cookie Day. The first recipes for peanut butter cookies emerged when George Washington Carver wrote a bulletin on his peanut research, which included three recipes for peanut butter cookies. Well, George, you’ve been dethroned as grand arbiter of peanut butter cookie recipes, because today, we have five times as many recipes for all the peanut butter cookie lovers out there! We’ve got sandwich cookies, no-bake cookies, raw, cookie dough, cookie brownies, and the old classic, all united by one seriously delicious theme: peanut butter.

You’ll need a tall glass of non-dairy milk just to get through these peanut butter cookie recipes from our Food Monster App!


1. Chinese New Year Peanut CookiesVegan Gluten-Free Chinese New Year Peanut Cookies

A popular and traditional cookie from China, these Chinese New Year Peanut Cookies are so delicious! Also, they’re very easy to make, so you’ll have a good snack in literally no time.

2. Teff Peanut Butter Cookies 

When you want a peanut butter cookie that is moist, chewy, and also healthy and full of nutrition, you got it! These Teff Peanut Butter Cookies is the recipe you need, and you’ll never eat a dry and boring cookie ever again!

3. 5-Ingredient No-Bake Peanut Butter Corn Flake Cookies 5-Ingredient No-Bake Peanut Butter Corn Flake Cookies

All you need to make this cookie is 5 simple ingredients, and you’ll end up with a winner dessert! These 5-Ingredient No-Bake Peanut Butter Corn Flake Cookies are quick to make and topped with some melted chocolate it will leave your taste-buds beyond satisfied.

4. Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies 

A cookie that will melt in your mouth! These Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies are chewy, salty, and just totally perfect to dip in a cup of plant-based milk!


5. Raw Peanut Butter Stuffed Cookie Dough BitesVegan Raw Peanut Butter Stuffed Cookie Dough Bites

You are totally gonna love these Raw Peanut Butter Stuffed Cookie Dough Bites. Stuffed with delicious and creamy peanut butter, and with chocolate chips – it makes the perfect combination of flavors.

6. Soft, Chewy, Chunky Peanut Butter Cookiespeanut butter cookies

A perfectly soft, chewy cookie with just enough crunch. Try dunking ’em in a glass of non-dairy milk. Or just gobble ’em up by themselves — but really, to truly enjoy these Soft, Chewy, Chunky Peanut Butter Cookies in all their glory, you’re gonna need that non-dairy milk.

7. Peanut Butter and Jelly Shortbreadpeanut butter and jelly shortbread

Chances are high that if you love peanut butter, you love it with jelly. This Peanut Butter and Jelly Shortbread brings that classic flavor combo together with cookies. The two flavors never fail and they sure make this shortbread irresistible.

8. Raw Peanut Butter Cookiesraw pb cookies

These Raw Peanut Butter Cookies are just delicious, soft and crunchy at the same time and they melt in your mouth. Ideal to eat as a snack before or after the workout, or with a glass of non-dairy milk. They are super easy to make; you can make them in a few minutes whenever you are craving a peanut butter treat, but you want to keep it on the healthier side.


9. Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Ice Creampeanut butter cookie dough ice cream

We love peanut butter cookies so much that we would eat the dough raw, but we’re in love with the idea of putting it in ice cream. Made from cashews and almond milk, the base of this Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Ice Cream is about as creamy as you can get when it comes to frozen desserts. The ice cream base has a rich vanilla flavor with bites of chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough throughout. It’s an indulgent balance of delicious flavors and addictive textures that you need to try to believe.

10. Grandma’s Peanut Butter Cookiesgrandma's peanut butter cookies

This take on Grandma’s Peanut Butter Cookies doesn’t use sugar, butter, or wheat flour; in fact, it only uses five simple ingredients: peanut butter, coconut flour, maple syrup, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. Just throw everything into the food processor until it forms a smooth batter, roll it into balls and add the little fork flourish. Voila! Decadent little bites of peanut buttery goodness that seems baked (and totally time intensive), but they’re not at all.

11. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Stuffed Cookies
chocolate chip peanut butter stuffed cookies

Imagine pulling some cookies out of the oven, you smell a little bit of vanilla and then a strong scent of peanut butter and chocolate! Yes, friends, that’s these Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Stuffed Cookies! Biting into a plain chocolate chip cookie is pretty great, but a center full of warm, gooey peanut butter makes it an extra decadent treat. You could also totally eat the dough raw if you like … That’s a pretty awesome dessert by itself!

12. Basil and Peanut Butter Cookies With Chili Coconut Ice Creambasil peanut butter cookies

We know the flavors of these Basil and Peanut Butter Cookies With Chili Coconut Ice Cream may sound a little funky, but trust us — the result is amazing. The ice cream is made from coconut milk and raw cane sugar, but if you want to use banana ice cream to make it raw, go right ahead. Just make sure to add some chili powder! In the cookies, the peanut butter flavor comes through right away and then you are hit with the flavor of basil — the whole thing works to give you the perfect summer peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwich.

13. Peanut Butter Cookie Browniespeanut butter cookie brownies

Chewy, chocolatey, sweet, and nutty, these Peanut Butter Cookie Brownies are delicious and decadent treats. Since they’re made primarily of chickpeas and hearty peanut butter they’re actually quite nutritious for you. It doesn’t get better than that, folks.

14. Peanut Butter Granola Cookiespeanut butter granola cookies

These delicious Peanut Butter Granola Cookies are fit for anyone who loves peanut butter cookies. They’re gooey yet crunchy, filling yet delicate, and refined, but nostalgic. They’re packed with peanut butter, oats, granola, and if you’re a chocolate-lover, you should definitely throw in those optional chocolate chips and top your cookie with a heaping spoonful of vegan chocolatey hazelnut spread.


15. No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Ballspeanut butter cookie dough balls

Sometimes, you want a delicious homemade treat, but you just don’t feel like turning on the oven. Lo and behold: No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls! These no-bake treats are made with just five ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry and they come together in an instant. Moist, chewy, and satisfying, these are the perfect pick-me-up when you need a quick snack.

16. Peanut Butter Cookies With Dark Chocolate Drizzlepeanut butter cookies

You’re going to love these Peanut Butter Cookies With Dark Chocolate Drizzle. Made with almond flour, they’re gluten-free, wheat-free, and grain-free, so on top of being delicious, they’re also pretty allergy-friendly. They’re topped with a drizzle of dark chocolate and it just doesn’t get much better than peanut butter and chocolate.

17. Coconut Milkshakes and Cookiescoconut milkshakes and cookies

If you love peanut butter, then you need to try the peanut butter cookie and milkshake recipe in this recipe for Coconut Milkshakes and Cookies. This is a fun and indulgent treat that also nourishes your body with healthy and wholesome ingredients, like oats, coconut, and nuts. The milkshakes are a more natural alternative to the sugary, artificially colored and flavored milkshakes, made with only chilled coconut milk, liquid sweetener, and leftover cookie filling to pair perfectly with each cookie. This is the perfect summer treat to get kids involved in the kitchen or just to treat yourself.

18. Peanut Buttery Sandwich Cookiespeanut buttery sandwich cookies

Do you want more peanut butter with your peanut butter cookies? How does taking two peanut butter cookies and sandwiching smooth, creamy peanut butter between them sound? Really buttery and not-too-sweet, these Peanut Buttery Sandwich Cookies are a must-try.

19. Crisped Rice Peanut Butter and Jam Thumbprint Cookiespeanut butter jelly thumbprint cookies

These Crisped Rice Peanut Butter and Jam Thumbprint Cookies are about as close to perfection as you can get. The softness of the melt-in-your mouth peanut butter cookies is perfectly complemented by the crisp rice cereal. If the sound of that doesn’t have you drooling, it’s topped with fruit jam. Soft, crispy peanut butter and jelly cookies… Yum!

20. Fluffernutter Sandwich Cookiesflutternutter sandwich cookie

If peanut butter cookies weren’t good enough, these Fluffernutter Sandwich Cookies just made them better. Light, fluffy vegan marshmallow fluff is sandwiched between two soft peanut butter cookies. They’re the perfect combination of salty and sweet!

Know this truth: you can never have too much peanut butter. We could eat an entire jar in one sitting, but then we wouldn’t have any for making cookies.

Lead image source: Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies