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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Join in on the festivities with these delicious, amazing Irish recipes from our Food Monster App that will incorporate all of the flavors of Ireland into your celebration. Stew, shepherd’s pie, potatoes, and more… St. Patrick’s Day will be your favorite food holiday after these meals!

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1. No Shepherd, No Sheep Pie

No Shepherd, No Sheep Pie

Source: No Shepherd, No Sheep Pie

There is absolutely nothing more comforting on this earth than a nice, hot, steaming slice of shepherd’s pie—until now. This secretly vegan version will warm your guests to their toes and heat hearts for lively discussions around the table. Try this No Shepherd, No Sheep Pie from Kinda Vegan by Adams Media!

2. Oven-Baked Irish Potato Colcannon Cakes

Colcannon Cakes [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Source: Oven-Baked Irish Potato Colcannon Cakes

The Irish dish Colcannon is traditionally a mix of potatoes, kale or cabbage, onions, parsley, & butter. These Oven-Baked Irish Potato Colcannon Cakes from Renee Press are easy to make, only using the simplest of ingredients, and are both vegan and gluten-free. They make a comforting snack these early days of spring, and are full of fiber and potassium.

3. Irish Vegetable Lager Stew

Irish Vegetable Lager Stew

Source: Irish Vegetable Lager Stew

This hearty Irish Vegetable Lager Stew from Crissy Cavanaugh is packed with tons of umami flavor thanks to the rich flavors of mushrooms, miso, and tomato paste. But what makes this meal special is a generous glug of lager!

4. Lemon and Ginger Spiced Soda Bread

Lemon and Ginger Spiced Soda Bread [Vegan]

Source: Lemon and Ginger Spiced Soda Bread

These Irish soda bread-inspired rolls make the perfect little side accompaniment to soups and stews. They are hearty and filling and best of all so quick to make as they don’t need to be kneaded or left to rise … that’s the beauty of soda bread! You’ll love this Lemon and Ginger Spiced Soda Bread from Josephine Watmore!

5. Black Lentil Charred Broccoli Shepherd’s Pie

Black Lentil Charred Broccoli Shepherd’s Pie

Source: Black Lentil Charred Broccoli Shepherd’s Pie

This is a plant-based take on the classic shepherd’s pie that is warming, hearty, and comforting. This Black Lentil Charred Broccoli Shepherd’s Pie from Stephanie McKinnie is packed with charred broccoli, caramelized onions, and black lentils that are all tucked in with a generous layer of mashed potatoes.

6. Pan-Roasted Herbed Potatoes

Pan-Roasted Herbed Potatoes

Source: Pan-Roasted Herbed Potatoes

Sometimes there is no need for frills. One great example of that is this simple recipe for Pan-Roasted Herbed Potatoes from Francesca Bettoni. The thinly sliced golden potatoes are tossed with a bit of salt, thyme, and rosemary. They are then fried to perfection, making them the perfect addition to any plate!

7. Irish ‘Lamb’ Stew

Vegan Irish Lamb Stew

Source: Irish ‘Lamb’ Stew

The TVP in this Irish ‘Lamb’ Stew from Vaishali Honawar gives the stew a big protein boost, making it pretty much a meal in itself with all the veggies in there like potatoes and carrots and mushrooms. You can serve it with some crusty bread or some rice or, in true Irish style, with a side of potatoes and cabbage.

8. Irish Soda Bread Baked Oatmeal

Irish Soda Bread Baked Oats

Source: Irish Soda Bread Baked Oatmeal

Soda bread is a wonderful treat for any time of the day. It’s best as a side with some soup, but it’s also lovely at breakfast! With jam or butter, it’s a hearty start to the day, worlds better than a slice of toasted WonderBread. This Irish Soda Bread Baked Oatmeal from Lauren Smith is different than others because it’s significantly less sweet. If you take a look at the recipe, you’ll notice there’s no sweetener involved. After all, it’s meant to replicate the taste of bread, and a very simple bread! You could also top it with your favorite jam.

9. Mushroom Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

mushroom lentil shepherd's pie

Source: Mushroom Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

Potatoes, mushrooms, lentils, vegan cheese shreds, spinach, and bread crumbs all layered up in one delicious dish – that is the beauty of Mushroom Lentil Shepherd’s Pie from Hailee Repko. This warm and cozy bake is everything you want in a comfort meal. It’s hearty, filling, and healthy. Since this pie is basically a casserole, simply double or triple the recipe if you want to feed a large group!

10. Seitan Portobello Stew

Seitan Portobello Stew [Vegan]

Source: Seitan Portobello Stew

This Seitan Portobello Stew from Katie Koteen is hearty and flavorful, perfect for vegans, omnivores, and everyone in between! It’ll make a perfect Irish-inspired dinner that will be filling and comforting.

11. Almond, Raisin, and Basil Soda Bread

Almond, Raisin, and Basil Soda Bread

Source: Almond, Raisin, and Basil Soda Bread

Unlike yeast breads, soda breads rely on baking soda for leavening and there’s no kneading involved, making it a fast and easy-to-make bread. The exterior of this Almond, Raisin, and Basil Soda Bread from Elsa Brobbey is crusty but the inside is slightly moist. This recipe is flavored with almonds, raisins, and basil, giving it an herby and nutty flavor but feel free to get creative with rosemary, thyme, or any other spices you like in bread!

12. Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd's Pie

Source: Shepherd’s Pie

This Shepherd’s Pie from Molly Patrick is a nice hearty dish. Meat eaters will appreciate the substance of this vegan take on shepherd’s pie. The portobello mushrooms give it a meaty texture that satisfies both meat-eaters and vegans alike!

13. Irish Potato Pie

Irish potato pie

Source: Irish Potato Pie

The échalotes and leeks in this Irish Potato Pie from Julie Zimmer are sautéed on low heat for a good eight minutes and then caramelized in balsamic vinegar. The potato mixture is placed on the bottom of the pan and the puff pastry is arranged on top with the edges tucked into the sides of the pan. The result is a savory, caramelized and tender-sweet potato pie with a golden crust!

14. No-Bake Caramel Bailey’s Cake

No-Bake Caramel Bailey's Cake

Source: No-Bake Caramel Bailey’s Cake

This No-Bake Caramel Bailey’s Cake from Aryane Héroux-Blais, with its caramel layer and speculoos garnish, will without a doubt be the star of your next party!

15. Chocolate Stout Cupcakes With Irish Cream Frosting

Chocolate Stout Cupcakes With Irish Cream Frosting

Source: Chocolate Stout Cupcakes With Irish Cream Frosting

If you are a novice baker, these Chocolate Stout Cupcakes With Irish Cream Frosting from Aileen Metcalf are easy to make and full of flavor. They’re moist and have some rich coffee undertones. Just be sure the stout you pick is vegan; there are some wonderful choices out there!

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