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Buffalo sauce is spicy and can be added to wings, used in burgers, and coated over steaks. Usually, buffalo sauce includes butter, but just use plant-based butter to get that salty taste. These recipes bring on the heat and are definitely for people who love spicy foods. They’re perfect for your Memorial Day party! Don’t forget to check out these recipes and many others on our Food Monster App.

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1. Roasted Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Source: Roasted Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Whether for an appetizer, main dish or party food, these Roasted Buffalo Cauliflower Bites by Rhea Parsons are so tasty, hot and tangy, you better make a few heads worth because once you pop one of these bites into your mouth, you won’t be able to stop. Enjoy!

2. Buffalo Tofu Bites With Ranch

Source: Buffalo Tofu Bites With Ranch

Ready for happy hour in your home?! These Buffalo Tofu Bites With Ranch by The Surznick Common Room are packed with flavor — not too hot, not too spicy. They’re fried, but not deep-fried like their counterparts are and perfect when paired with the cooling vegan ranch sauce. These Buffalo bites are a great snack for weekends, movie-watching, or just hanging with friends and family.

3. Grilled Buffalo Tofu Po’ Boy with Apple Slaw

Source: Grilled Buffalo Tofu Po’ Boy with Apple Slaw

This Grilled Buffalo Tofu Po’ Boy with Apple Slaw by Zsu Deve isn’t your typical buffalo sandwich. It features a grilled, marinated tofu and makes the sandwich into a po’ boy by adding a creamy slaw. The cabbage and apples in the slaw add crunch, the vegan mayo adds creaminess, and the vinegar gives it some needed acidity. This is a simple and easy-to-make, no-fuss sandwich with all the authentic buffalo flavors.

4. Buffalo Roasted Chickpeas

Source: Buffalo Roasted Chickpeas

This Buffalo Roasted Chickpeas by Wendy Irene is quick, easy, and contains only 3 ingredients! Beans are a superfood. They are rich in protein, fiber, and antioxidants. According to some, they may aid in disease prevention too! These buffalo roasted chickpeas are one of many creative ways to add beans to your diet. The savory chickpeas are a great addition to salads, sandwiches, or eaten as a snack all on their own.

5. Bangin’ Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza

Source: Bangin’ Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza

Trust me, you and your dinner guests will be positively drooling over this pizza. There are a few steps to this Bangin’ Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza by Emma D’Alessandro, but they are all fairly easy and you can make the blue cheese dressing and pizza dough ahead of time. Making everything from start to finish takes about 2 hours, but when I have had the pizza dough and blue cheese on hand it cut down my time to 1 hour & 20 minutes ( 20 minutes prep & 1 hour baking).

6. Buffalo Sweet Potato, Black Rice, and Avocado Wrap

Source: Buffalo Sweet Potato, Black Rice, and Avocado Wrap

Meet the tastiest wrap that will definitely become your new dinner obsession. Let’s talk about the flavors: roasted sweet potato, creamy avocado, nutty black rice, and a generous helping of spicy vegan Buffalo sauce — yum. You just can’t beat this simple and delicious Buffalo Sweet Potato, Black Rice, and Avocado Wrap by Melanie Sorrentino.

7. Buffalo Tempeh Chili

Source: Buffalo Tempeh Chili

Love buffalo sauce? If so, you will adore this Buffalo Tempeh Chili by The Surznick Common Room! Chunks of tempeh, green bell pepper, onion, and carrot are submerged in a hearty tomato-buffalo stew. Serve this zesty dish with some tortilla chips for scooping!

8. Buffalo Cauliflower Steaks

Source: Buffalo Cauliflower Steaks

This Buffalo Cauliflower Steaks by Robin Runner takes time, not that much, but we will say the end result is crispy crunchy goodness! Totally gluten-free and of course, vegan! Feel free to slather on extra buffalo sauce!

9. Freezable Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos

Source: Freezable Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos

Spicy, cheesy, and creamy, these taquitos are everything and more. These Freezable Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos by Jenn Sebestyen are super easy to make, especially because they use staple ingredients like canned chickpeas and frozen artichoke hearts. Plus, they’re freezable! So make a big batch and save them for anything from late-night snacks to easy dinners and everything in-between, like parties.

10. Buffalo Chickpea Tacos With Celery Ranch Sauce

Source: Buffalo Chickpea Tacos With Celery Ranch Sauce

Fiery chickpeas are paired with a cooling, creamy dairy-free celery ranch sauce in a taco shell in this easy weeknight dinner recipe. Toss the chickpeas in Buffalo sauce, add some roasted vegetables and greens, top the tacos generously with ranch dressing, and supper is ready. This Buffalo Chickpea Tacos With Celery Ranch Sauce by Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen: Epic Anytime Recipes with a World of Flavor also makes a great appetizer for game day.

11. Buffalo-Style Tofu

Source: Buffalo-Style Tofu

This recipe is not for the weak-of-heart. It’s a true spicy Buffalo sauce, but you can choose to calm it down a little if you want to! Feel free to add this dish to a fresh salad to balance out the spice, or if you’re feeling brave, dig in with just your fingers!

12. White Mac and Cheese With Buffalo Seitan

Source: White Mac and Cheese With Buffalo Seitan

This White Mac and Cheese With Buffalo Seitan by Melanie Sorrentino is easy to whip up on days you come home from work and school drained of energy. Let yourself be comforted by the creamy cheese sauce and the lovingly familiar flavors of buffalo sauce. All of the sauce-making and seitan preparation can be done in just the amount of time for the pasta to cook!

13. Buffalo Jackfruit Wontons

Source: Buffalo Jackfruit Wontons

If you love all things buffalo or jackfruit or replicas of classic eats, you have to try this recipe for vegan Buffalo Jackfruit Wontons!! These Buffalo Jackfruit Wontons by Gabrielle St. Claire are just delicious and are a perfect finger food for parties and get-togethers.

14. Buffalo Jackfruit Tacos

Source: Buffalo Jackfruit Tacos

Weeknight dinners just don’t get easier than these jackfruit tacos! Just cook the jackfruit in a skillet with spicy Buffalo sauce, add your toppings, and go! You can serve the jackfruit in a taco shell or a soft taco, top with whatever veggies you desire. These Buffalo Jackfruit Tacos by Gabrielle St. Claire has great aesthetic appeal, can be thrown together in minutes with minimal effort, has the classic heat of the Buffalo sauce and the coolness of the vegan blue cheese, and is perfect for entertaining.

15. Buffalo Black Bean Burger With Crunchy Slaw

Source: Buffalo Black Bean Burger With Crunchy Slaw

The perfect pair: a spicy, moist black bean burger and a cool and crisp cabbage and Brussels sprouts slaw. This stacked Buffalo Black Bean Burger With Crunchy Slaw by Kayli Dice will satisfy all of your cravings. It’s great as a make-ahead weeknight dinner, but it’ll also be a hit as a game day lunch.

Buffalo sauce is delicious and easy to incorporate into a plant-based diet. You can slather it on plant-based wing-style foods for the authentic buffalo wings, and perfect for dipping your favorite foods in it. To satisfy more of your spicy needs, check out 15 Hot and Spicy Recipes That Bring on the Heat. If you’re not a fan of heat, don’t worry! You can always adjust how much sauce is used.

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