Whether you are experiencing bloating, stomach aches, or soreness, having inflammation is a real pain.

Having high sugar, trans-fats, and oils in your diet can trick your body into thinking it’s under attack, causing the insides of your body to inflame. If inflammation happens too often, it can lead to some very severe health consequences. Luckily, inflammation can be remedied with diet, by both reducing your consumption of foods that cause inflammation, as well as eating foods rich in antioxidants.

But it’s not just enough to eat foods to fight inflammation. You have to have a tasty time doing it! Dark chocolate is wickedly good at fighting inflammation, as is apple cider vinegar, seeds, berries, leafy greens, and plenty of other lesser-known ingredients the following scrumptious recipes will keep inflammation-fighting foods on your plate and in your body. For even more recipes, check out The Food Monster app.

1. Green Tea Soba Noodles With Roasted Vegetables and Herbs 

Source: Green Tea Soba Noodles With Roasted Vegetables and Herbs

Emily von Euw’Green Tea Soba Noodles With Roasted Vegetables and Herbs contains inflammation-reducing green tea noodles. Also full of tasty, nutritious vegetables!

2. Quinoa Bread

Source: Quinoa Bread

Lera Krasovskaya‘s Quinoa Bread is rich in whole grains, another food to fight inflammation. This bread is gluten-free, nutrient-dense, and delicious. It’s a fabulous alternative to your typical supermarket bread and even better still. This bread is ideal to toast, so enjoy it with lemony smashed avocado.

3. Chia Pudding With Blueberries 

Source: Chia Pudding With Blueberries 

Blueberries and chia both fight inflammation in Judy Moosmueller‘s Chia Pudding With Blueberries. When left to soak, chia seeds release absorb liquid which softens them while thickening the liquid they were soaking in. This results in a pudding consistency, with all of the benefits of chia seeds! This recipe is sweet and nourishing while also being highly customizable.

4. Wild Rice Salad With Sweet Potato, Cherries and Pecans 

Source: Wild Rice Salad With Sweet Potato, Cherries and Pecans

Cherries and whole grain rice are both great for reducing inflammation. Annie Oliverio combines them in her Wild Rice Salad With Sweet Potato, Cherries and Pecans.

5. Red Lentil and Spinach Coconut Curry Soup

Source: Red Lentil and Spinach Coconut Curry Soup

Melanie Sorrentino‘s Red Lentil and Spinach Coconut Curry Soup combines three inflammation-fighting ingredients: Lentils, Spinach, and coconut.

6. Berry and Fennel Salad With Coconut Yogurt 

Source: Berry and Fennel Salad With Coconut Yogurt

Coconuts and berries to pack an antioxidant punch! Kimberly Espinel‘s Berry and Fennel Salad With Coconut Yogurt is sweet and healthy!

7. Teriyaki Cauliflower and Kale Stir Fry 

Source: Teriyaki Cauliflower and Kale Stir Fry

Jackie Newgent‘s Teriyaki Cauliflower and Kale Stir Fry pairs kayle and cauliflower, which are both excellent for fighting inflammation.

8. Roasted Red Pepper, Chickpea, and Spinach Curry 

Source: Roasted Red Pepper, Chickpea, and Spinach Curry

Spinach and coconut milk do the trick in Sonja Trurnit‘s Roasted Red Pepper, Chickpea, and Spinach Curry. Creamy, delicious, and great for your aches!

9. Green Tea Soup With Roasted Eggplant 

Source: Green Tea Soup With Roasted Eggplant

Sarah Gory‘s Green Tea Soup With Roasted Eggplant brings green tea back onto our list. Packed with a refreshing flavor, you’ll forget you’re being healthy!

10. Cauliflower Pâté

Source: Cauliflower Pâté

Maria Llamas puts cauliflower back on the menu with her Cauliflower Pâté. Great for dipping your favorite inflammation-fighting foods in! 

11. Cucumber Quinoa Salad With Blackberries 

Source: Cucumber Quinoa Salad With Blackberries

While quinoa is a great replacement for rice in savory dishes, it’s also a wonderful grain to incorporate into sweet dishes! in this Cucumber Quinoa Salad With BlackberriesIt’s especially great with antioxidant-loaded blackberries. By Taylor Kiser.

12. Black-Eyed Peas and Kale Chili 

Source: Black-Eyed Peas and Kale Chili

This Black-Eyed Peas and Kale Chili by Pavani Nandula has beans and kale, both known for anti-inflammatory properties.

13. Roasted Purple Cauliflower with Kale Pesto 

Source: Roasted Purple Cauliflower with Kale Pesto

Melissa Haithcock puts Kale and cauliflower together in this rich, delicious Roasted Purple Cauliflower with Kale Pesto. Beautiful to look at, even more beautiful to eat!

14. Baked Spinach and Bulgur Veggie Balls 

Source: These Baked Spinach and Bulgur Veggie Balls

These Baked Spinach and Bulgur Veggie Balls by Sophie Yotova combined spinach and chickpeas for an excellent health boost.

15. Rye Blueberry Muffins

Source: Rye Blueberry Muffins

Whole grains and blueberry. What could help fight inflammation better? Amarilis Moldes‘s Rye Blueberry Muffins make a great treat for dessert or breakfast!

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