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Ah, tahini. We all know that tahini is the key to a hummus that’s creamy and delicious or an easy salad dressing, but did you know that it can be used for so much more than that? Oh, yeah. If you’re not familiar with it, tahini is made from sesame seeds that have been ground into a paste. It’s creamy like a nut butter, but its thin consistency doesn’t make it ideal for use as a spread which is why it gets blended with chickpeas, edamame, sweet potato, and more to make hummus. It also shows up in a lot of dressing and sauce recipes because its can be used as a “neutral” base for different flavors.

But what can we do with tahini besides make hummus and dressing? If you’re looking to cut back on oil, you can use tahini when roasting vegetables. Tahini is also great in desserts like fudge and candies because it adds creaminess. If you prefer soft-baked cookies over crunchy or chewy, try adding tahini. These Soft-Batch Tahini Snickerdoodles do just that — plus, they’re made from chickpeas.

Check out these 15 different ways you can use tahini in your kitchen. You’ll walk away convinced that tahini deserves a permanent spot in your pantry.

1. Orange and Almond Tahini Fudge Cups

tahini fudge cups

Need a unique dessert? Then try these Orange and Almond Tahini Fudge Cups. This recipe uses tahini, coconut cream, and dates to make creamy, indulgent fudge cups that melt in your mouth. It’s paired with candied almonds glazed with orange juice for a burst of crunchy, citrusy goodness.

2. Fig Tahini Truffles

fig tahini truffles

We love everything about these Fig Tahini Truffles! Not only do they have great health benefits from the figs and the tahini, the combination tastes amazing, too! Sweet, healthy snacks that are also way easy to make? Count us in!

3. Curry-Roasted Cauliflower and Red Onions

curry roasted cauliflower

Amazing and flavorful, crispy and soft, this Curry-Roasted Cauliflower and Red Onions is a necessary addition to your weekly dinner rotations. Fresh cauliflower is roasted with turmeric, cumin, garam masala, and tangy red onion until everything is tender and cooked through. Instead of oil, this recipe uses tahini. Serve these warm, spiced florets with greens, grains, and anything else you’re craving.

4. Tahini-Roasted Cauliflower With Lemony Herb Oil

tahini roasted cauliflwoer with lemony herb oil

Dinners, in the traditional sense, are usually centered around one main dish. For a stunning centerpiece that looks as amazing as it tastes, you have to try this Tahini-Roasted Cauliflower With Lemony Herb Oil. Along with being absolutely gorgeous, it is craftily spiced, rubbed down with a nutty tahini coating, drizzled with lemony herbs, and eventually garnished with roasted almonds.

5. Tahini Chocolate Cookies

tahini chocolate cookies

Crunchy and chocolatey, these satisfying Tahini Chocolate Cookies are full of flavor and incredibly healthy, thanks to substituting tahini for vegan butter! With results like this, you’ll want to use tahini in all your future cookie creations. Serve with a warm cup of favorite tea as you bask in the deliciousness of these wonderful cookies.

6. Mango Zucchini Bread Ice Cream Sandwiches

mango zucchuni bread ice cream sandwiches

Making ice cream sandwiches is the perfect way to transform and save any quick bread loaf — seriously, it is. These Mango Zucchini Bread Ice Cream Sandwiches are made up of banana ice cream between two pieces of two soft, delicious slices of mango-infused zucchini bread. The secret to making the ice cream super-creamy? Tahini. It would work wonderfully with any kind of quick bread – banana bread, carrot cake loaf, lemon loaf, etc… The options are endless! But we highly recommend doing it with this mango zucchini bread because it’s kind of amazing.

7. White Wine Garlic Butter

white wine garlic butter

This White Wine Garlic Butter actually contains zero butter, vegan or otherwise. Instead, tahini is blended with roasted garlic, white wine, black pepper, and any herbs of your choosing until creamy and smooth. Besides using this “butter” as a cracker spread, use it on sandwiches instead of mayo, stirred into mashed potatoes or soup, or smeared onto grilled vegetable kabobs.

8. Tahini Dark Chocolate Chunk Blondies With Caramelized Ginger and Figs

tahini blondies

Oh, these Tahini Dark Chocolate Chunk Blondies are out of this world! Nutty tahini, dark chocolate chunks, caramelized ginger, and figs?! Does it really get any better than that? This could possibly be the ultimate blondie.

9. 5-Ingredient Tahini Fudge

5-ingredient tahini fudge

When it comes to fudge, it’s likely that you’re either all about crumbly fudge, or soft, creamy fudge. This rich, chocolatey 5-Ingredient Tahini Fudge is made creamy, thanks to tahini, while Medjool dates add natural sweetness and a slightly gooey texture. It’s the perfect evening snack when enjoyed with a cup of your favorite tea!

10. Lemon Berry Rice Crispy Treats

lemon bery rice crispies

Sticky and sweet, these Lemon Berry Rice Crispy Treats are gonna go fast! They’re similar to the name-brand favorite, except these have a burst of lemon and some raspberries that add a nice pop of color and flavor. And guess what? All the parts come together right in your freezer! Easy! These use a combo of brown rice syrup and tahini to help hold everything together.

11. Cheesy Leek Quiche

cheesy leek quiche

This Cheesy Leek Quiche makes for a great dinner dish. The flaky pastry is made using tahini instead of oil and it’s filled with a creamy, cheesy cashew and leek filling. While this recipe is delicious as is, broccoli and peppers would also work well. Make a couple of these to pop in the freezer and enjoy gooey, melty deliciousness all week (or month) long!

12. Overnight Oats With Raspberries and Tahini

overnight oats with raspberries and tahini

This simple and quick recipe for Overnight Oats With Raspberries and Tahini is simply mouth-watering. Tahini also has a higher protein content than most nuts, keeping you satisfied for longer, making this the perfect breakfast. The bitter tahini and tangy raspberries provide an amazing contrast of flavors which goes splendidly well with the sweet banana.

13. Salted Caramel and Sesame Chocolate Cream Tarts

salted caramel and sesame chocolate cream tarts

It’s recipes like these Salted Caramel and Sesame Chocolate Cream Tarts that we find easy to call indulgent. A sweet, simple oat-and-date crust, a layer of salted date caramel, and rich chocolate cream made from cacao and tahini — who knew tahini could make something so chocolatey? We promise that these tarts are an intense experience in a good way.

14. 5-Ingredient Ginger Brownie Bars

ginger brownie bars

These 5-Ingredient Ginger Brownie Bars take raw snacks to another level; this is perfectly acceptable dessert territory. You could serve them with whipped coconut cream, a scoop of vegan ice-cream or, failing that, still feel free to munch on them as an extra special indulgent mid-afternoon treat. Tahini, along with sticky Medjool dates, helps hold everything together.

15. Tahini-Glazed Tempeh Nuggets

tahini glazed tempeh nuggets

These toothsome and slightly crispy Tahini-Glazed Tempeh Nuggets are super easy to make! They’re perfect for tossing into your favorite salads or grain-based power bowls. When left plain, these have a slightly garlicky taste, coating, however, with coating they will take on whatever flavor you toss it in.

Looking for more ways to use tahini? Check out our vegan tahini recipes!

Lead image source: Salted Caramel and Sesame Chocolate Cream Tarts

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