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While eating vegan is pretty easy nowadays, having other restrictions can make it a bit more daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be! There are so many soy-free gluten-free vegan meals that taste amazing and will fill you up! Soy and gluten are often staples in a vegan diet; however, there are so many great recipes without these allergens. Pizza, pasta, burgers––you name it! There is most definitely a soy-free gluten-free vegan version of what you’re craving. It’s all about creativity and versatility.

Check out these 15 soy-free gluten-free vegan meals from our Food Monster App to get started and then try experimenting with your own combinations!

1. Sweet Potato Soup

vegan Sweet Potato Soup

Source: Sweet Potato Soup

The texture of this Sweet Potato Soup by Kristina Humphreys is amazingly creamy. It is smooth, velvety, and creamier than many common cheese sauces or cream soups. It’s also the perfect base that many herbs and spices can be added to for endless different flavor combinations. Use it as a sauce or simply a creamy soup that is delicious paired with many foods.

2. Spicy Vegetables and Chickpea Pasta

Spicy Vegetables and Chickpea Pasta

Source: Spicy Vegetables and Chickpea Pasta

This Spicy Vegetables and Chickpea Pasta by Maria Koutsogiannis is great for the whole family. It is so delicious that kids won’t even think about how it has a bunch of healthy ingredients in it. Packed with protein from the chickpeas and full of delicious veggies, this pasta will keep everyone satisfied for the night. It is seasoned beautifully and the flavors all work so well together. Plus, coconut milk adds the perfect amount of creaminess. So simple and tasty, this veggie pasta with chickpeas is a great dinner staple for busy families.

3. Spicy Black Bean Onigiri

Vegan onigiri

Source: Spicy Black Bean Onigiri

These vegan Spicy Black Bean Onigiri by Anarki “AJ” Tjon Affo are fun to make and eat! Onigiri are a traditional Japanese food that consist of nori seaweed wrapped around sushi rice and a filling. They usually come with a salty or sour filling such as fish, seaweed or umeboshi, a pickled Japanese plum. Rather than those more traditional fillings, this recipe for vegan Onigiri uses a spicy black bean one that adds the perfect kick. They’re great for picnics or lunch on-the-go. While having a mold makes these easier to put together, you can do it by hand. While it’s not necessary, adding little faces on these vegan Onigiri makes them so much cuter!

4. Chilled Zucchini, Orange, and Basil Soup

Chilled Zucchini, Orange, and Basil Soup

Source: Chilled Zucchini, Orange, and Basil Soup

This Chilled Zucchini, Orange, and Basil Soup by Philipp Ertl is perfect for a light, healthy summer lunch! Not only is it super easy to make, it’s also low in carbs, but surprisingly filling. The mixture of fresh flavors like raw zucchini, the acidity and sweetness of the orange juice, the fragrance of the basil, and the subtle kick from the tabasco makes this such a refreshing and healthy soup. The pine nuts give add protein and help to fill you up. Easy and nutritious. It will give you a much-needed burst of energy on a hot summer day. The color is also so beautiful! The best thing about this cold zucchini soup is that it only takes about 5 minutes to make in a blender.

5. Crab Cakes With Sweet Balsamic Mayo

Vegan Crab Cakes With Balsamic Mayo

Source: Crab Cakes With Sweet Balsamic Mayo

These Crab Cakes With Sweet Balsamic Mayo by Molly Patrick have nice and crispy outsides, with soft, melt-in-your-mouth centers. Also, these vegan crab cakes are made from chickpeas, so they are a great way to get protein! They’re also easy to whip up and taste similar to traditional crab cakes. Your house will even smell a little like the seaside, thanks to the addition of dulse flakes. Serve with the sweet balsamic mayo on a toasted bun with a squeeze of lemon juice or try it on a salad. This vegan crab cake recipe is the recipe of the summer!

6. Vegan Chickpea Curry with Tomatoes

vegan chickpea curry with pasta

Source: Vegan Chickpea Curry with Tomatoes

This 8-ingredient Vegan Chickpea Curry with Tomatoes by Nele Liivlaid is the ultimate 30-minute comfort food that will keep you satisfied. Besides being quick and easy to prepare, it is also gluten-free and dairy-free, making it a great recipe for those with dietary restrictions. This chickpea curry is full of flavor, creamy and most importantly, so comforting. The perfect lunch or dinner on a dreary day! Moreover, it makes your life so much easier if you’re into batch cooking as it keeps well in fridge or stored in portions in freezer.

7. Stuffed Mushrooms With Almond Feta

Stuffed Mushrooms With Almond Feta

Source: Stuffed Mushrooms With Almond Feta

These Stuffed Mushrooms With Almond Feta by Nikki and Zuzana make a great starter or party snack, but they can also be paired with a big green salad for a filling plant-based meal. A mix of veggies, oats, and herbs make up the flavorful stuffing. Top it off with some almond feta and you got one delicious meal!

8. Savory Saffron Kombu Congee

Salty Saffron Kombu Congee

Source: Savory Saffron Kombu Congee

Congee is a is a rice pudding that’s commonly served throughout Asia. This delectable Savory Saffron Kombu Congee by Valentina Chiappa checks all of the boxes for a tasty meal. The creamy congee is mixed with fresh green beans, bitter arugula, tender carrots, strips of kombu, and a bit of saffron that gives this umami-bomb a subtle nuance that’s truly special.

9. Chickpea Flour Quiche

Chickpea Flour Quiche

Source: Chickpea Flour Quiche

Ok Miss Fancy Pants, whose making vegan quiche for breakfast?  These little gems are like a chickpea flour omelet in a snackable and portable form.  The chickpea flour quiche is ridiculously filling, yet surprisingly light. If you’re looking for the perfect brunch food or just something easy to take on-the-go, a Chickpea Flour Quiche by Chrysta Hiser is exactly what you’re looking for!

10. Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Pizza Base

Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Pizza Base

Source: Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Pizza Base

There are endless options to creating healthy vegan gluten-free Pizza bases packed with nutritious vegetables: cauliflower, cauliflower and zucchini (courgette) and now sweet potato and cauliflower. These bases are also packed with protein! Top with you’re favorite pizza toppings for an easy vegan gluten free pizza. They are super satisfying and delicious –– you have to try this Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Pizza Base by Vicky Coates!

11. Raw Veggie Burger 

Raw Veggie Burger

Source: Raw Veggie Burger 

Burgers are not usually the glamour-queens of the kitchen, but this Raw Veggie Burger by Nikki Stokes rocks! Not only are they incredibly delicious and filling, but they’re raw, vegan and super fast and easy to make. You just chuck everything into the food processor and blend.

12. Coconut-Crusted Fishless Sticks

Vegan Coconut-Crusted Fishless Sticks with lime

Source: Coconut-Crusted Fishless Sticks

Fish made from plants? Amazing, right? There are plenty of mock meats nowadays, however mock fish seems to be a rarity on the shop shelves. Since fish is such a unique texture and flavor, it’s a hard one to mimic, but this one has got it. This recipe uses hearts of palm, an ingredient that’s probably not in your everyday pantry. Yet this odd asparagus like vegetable that is harvested from palm trees is easily found in tins, probably next to the artichoke hearts that also create that seafood texture. These Coconut-Crusted Fishless Sticks by Rosie Newton and Dillon Sivyour have a flaky texture and the taste of the sea. For a more powerful taste of seafood, add kelp powder or finely chopped seaweed.

13. Roasted Cauliflower Piccata With Mashed Potatoes With Sour Cream and Chives

Roasted Cauliflower Piccata With Mashed Potatoes

Source: Roasted Cauliflower Piccata With Mashed Potatoes With Sour Cream and Chives

When you cut a head of cauliflower like you would a loaf of bread, the resulting slabs can be roasted and served as delicious steaks. These roasted cauliflower steaks seasoned with a luscious lemony piccata sauce and mushrooms atop a serving of creamy mashed potatoes will be your new favorite way to serve this versatile veggie. This Roasted Cauliflower Piccata With Mashed Potatoes With Sour Cream and Chives by VEGANIZE IT! is so good!

14. Sesame Encrusted Spinach and Almond Falafel

Sesame Encrusted Spinach and Almond Falafel

Source: Sesame Encrusted Spinach and Almond Falafel

Falafel are easy to make, delicious to eat and you really can put any type of special “spin” on the recipe. Here, traditional the falafel are made with chickpeas, almond meal, and spinach and encrusted with nutty, crunchy sesame seeds. Each falafel is bursting with color, protein, and flavor. Paired with the tahini yogurt sauce and simple cucumber and tomato salad, this Sesame Encrusted Spinach and Almond Falafel by Cassandra Star is a dish that will satisfy all tastes and cravings. And, bonus — the falafel dough freezes really well, so they are perfect for a quick mid-week meal or served as finger food at parties.

15. Chickpea Pancakes With Blackberry Sauce and Lemon Yogurt Cream

Chickpea Pancakes With Blackberry Sauce and Lemon Yogurt Cream

Source: Chickpea Pancakes With Blackberry Sauce and Lemon Yogurt Cream

This incredibly fluffy and protein-packed Vegan Chickpea Pancakes with Blackberry Sauce & Lemon Yogurt Cream by Kat Condon are a breakfast dream! Gluten-free, grain-free and packed with protein, these pancakes are sure to keep you full for hours.

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