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Tofu is an incredible and versatile plant-based protein. It’s even high in potassium to lower your blood pressure, high in iron, and low in fat, making it hard to go wrong with this soy marvel. Tofu is also adaptable in recipes, with many surprisingly delicious ways to cook with it. Ranging from stir fries to decadent desserts, the bland taste of tofu can be modified to fit any meal depending on the flavors you marry it with. The greatest way to spruce up tofu is to season it properly. Using flavorful spices and herbs is the best way to get any tofu-hater to change their mind about this powerhouse plant-based protein.

Here are five spices and herbs that can perk up your tofu and transform it from dull to delicious!



Turmeric is an Indian spice with powerful nutritional and health benefits. Turmeric has amazing anti-inflammatory qualities, making it a particularly great spice for plant-based athletes. Turmeric has strong, earthy flavors and can really enhance the taste of tofu unlike no other spice. There are simple tricks for using turmeric in your cooking, making it easy to pair with tofu in different ways. For a quick fix on perking up tofu, make these Egg Salad Sandwiches. Using tofu instead of eggs, quality bread, and just a dash of this super spice, your tofu will have smokey bites that are sure to improve any sandwich. Turmeric is also a great spice to add into tofu scrambles. For an anytime meal, this Sweet Potato Tofu Pizza uses turmeric tofu to balance out the naturally sweeter flavors of sweet potatoes.

2. Dill


Nothing tastes quite like spring like fresh herbs do. Dill is one of my favorite herbs to use when cooking plant-based meals. Dill has a tangy zest and it is perfect for adding to stews, sauces and pickling. Dill pairs well with many different plant-based foods and is a great herb to enhance any meal with tofu. Like turmeric, dill adds an excellent flavor to picnic salads. This Vegan ‘Egg Mayonnaise’ Sandwich would taste refreshing with an extra pinch of dill added. For another refreshing take on tofu, try making this Lemony Baked Tofu and sprinkle dill on before baking. Dill is a great companion for light sauces like lemon juice, soy cause, or a remoulade.



Tofu doesn’t always have to be savory. Mousse, pies, raw cakes — the sky’s the limit with what dessert tofu can be used in! Cinnamon is a powerful spice that can be added to nearly any sweet treat. There are many health benefits to cinnamon such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and blood sugar regulation. You don’t need a lot of this spice to really perk up your recipes — just a small pinch and you’ll be all set! This Maple Whiskey Vanilla Frosting uses tofu as it’s base and would extra delectable with a touch of cinnamon added. For something a little lighter, try making this Silken Tofu Mousse with cinnamon.



Tune into your southern self and use paprika to enhance tofu. Paprika is used in many southern, creole dishes and is an essential international spice for any plant-based kitchen. Paprika has intense smokey flavors that make it great for using in tofu marinades or as a tofu rub. For a go-to paprika flavored tofu meal, try this Perfect Baked Tofu. Since many cajun-style dishes use meat as a protein source, substituting tofu in place of animal products is a great option for plant-based eaters. Try this Cauliflower Etouffee With Andouille and simply replace the seitan andouille sausages with tofu. If you’re not in the mood for cajun bites, try out the Un’Chicken Marinade in these 6 Fantastic Marinades for Tofu. Using paprika, this marinade is perfect for a comforting, satisfying meal.

5.Salt and Pepper


Salt and pepper are classic spices for nearly any dish. These two spices are crucial as they bring out the more subtle, natural flavors found in food. Try sprinkling salt and pepper on these Crispy Tofu Nuggets for a more enjoyable bite. Salt and pepper are also wonderful to add to plant-based Italian meals. Many vegan Italian dishes use fresh vegetables and a tofu-based cheese. Using salt and pepper will bring out the bursting flavors of vegetables, while accommodating to the richness of the tofu. Make this Yummy Vegan Lasagna with a sprinkle of each spice to truly enhance your meal.


Spice up your life and meals by us these five herbs and spices to your next tofu-based recipe. Since tofu tastes like what it is cooked in, your options for herbs and spices are truly endless. Feeling daring? Try making your own seasoning mix. We would love to hear your ideas! Do you have a favorite spice or herb that pairs perfectly with tofu?

Lead Image Source: Stir-Fried Thai Basil With Tofu Eggplant