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Protein is a vital macro-nutrient as most everyone knows. Amino acids from different foods pair together to form protein in your cells. These essentially fuel your muscles, keep your bones strong, and even influence neurotransmitter function in the brain. Without enough protein, a loss of energy, hair, muscle loss, and even mental focus can all be seen rather quickly. However, the good news is, getting enough protein is possible without meat, dairy, eggs, poultry, fish, or anything else derived from an animal. Since animals get their protein from the earth, so can we. A variety of foods from the earth are full of amino acids that combine together in the body to form proteins to keep you strong and healthy.

Many of these foods you’re probably already familiar with, and the great news is, these foods are so much better for your body than animal sources. Plant-based sources of protein are abundant in whole foods. These foods contain incredible amounts of nutrient-dense properties that your body and brain can use to help you feel your best. They also don’t lead to inflammation like animal sources and they’re much better for the entire planet.

Below you’ll see some foods that are rich in protein and get access to some high-protein recipes. You’ll also be able to see how much protein you need for your activity levels, and even get some more resources about protein, and our best high protein product recommendations.

Get powered up with protein the plant-based way!

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