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Healthy fats are important for nervous system function, metabolism, digestion, heart health, and brain health. All of these reasons prove we needn’t fear fat, but we do need to know which sources are best. Plant-based sources of fats aren’t just a source of calories; they’re a raw source of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that do everything from protect your brain, to improve you thyroid, and as you’ll see, they prevent you from disease. Choosing whole food sources of fats can ensure that you’re choosing the right source of fats and avoiding the wrong ones.

Animal-based fats promote high cholesterol, can lead to inflammation and clogged arteries, and aren’t necessary. Did you know that the human body can produce enough cholesterol on its own without needing dietary cholesterol from other sources? Plant-based fats have no cholesterol, while all animal foods contain some (mostly large), numbers of dietary (added) cholesterol. Fish, in fact, though promoted as healthy, is one of the foods highest in cholesterol, not to mention eggs and butter that contain animal-based saturated fats. Though you’ll hear conflicting advice about these foods for your health, keep in mind that the bottom line is, they’re not necessary. The plant-based kingdom is full of healthy fats, leaving little room (or need) for much else.

Since cholesterol does not dissolve in our bloodstream, it’s important that we choose good sources of fats, which are also known as HDL (high density lipoprotein) sources of cholesterol. These are found in whole plant-based foods and they remove harmful fats and sources of cholesterol from our body by helping transport them to the liver where they’re dissolved for elimination. Animal-based foods cause your LDL (lower density hydrolipid) to rise, which is your bad cholesterol. Increased  LDL levels contribute to arterial plaque and can prevent proper blood flow to the heart, leading to health concerns like heart disease, artherosclerosis and even diabetes.

Below are some sources to include in your diet, helpful articles and products, and some of our favorite recipes with healthy fats we’d like to share with you.

Keep your heart and brain healthy with plant-based fats!

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