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Zinc is a powerful mineral that’s needed for a healthy immune system, along with helping your hormones, thyroid and blood sugar function properly. It assists in the breakdown of carbohydrates for energy and also assists with testosterone and insulin function in the body. Since zinc is a protective mineral, it also combats poor skin and nail health.

But what zinc is most known for is its popular benefit of warding off colds and other illnesses people tend to develop during the colder months. Zinc fights off free radicals that can lead to sickness and offers overall immune system benefits throughout the body. What’s even better is that zinc is found abundantly in many plant-based foods that provide even more anti-inflammatory benefits on their own, making it easy to get what your body needs to stay healthy.

Zinc is especially important for a healthy metabolism too, so unless you’re looking to want to slow down anytime soon, don’t skip these important sources of zinc below. Also, be sure to try some of our recipes rich in zinc and learn more about this amazing mineral.

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