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It’s exciting that a plethora of meatless products are hitting the shelves as more and more people choose to decrease their consumption of animal products in favor of healthier and more Earth-friendly eating. We’ve rallied up a list of some awesome plant-based meat replacements in the market today. You can find these at specialty health grocery stores and Whole Foods, though your typical supermarket is likely to have some of these, too! As a bonus, many of these brands use organic ingredients and are free of GMOs.

Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Strips

You might find it difficult to tell the difference between the chicken-free strips from Beyond Meat and the chicken strips from a chicken. When put to the test on the TODAY show, the anchors couldn’t tell the difference! This product could be revolutionary; imagine if every family had this on their plates instead of real chicken. Think of all the time, energy, land, water and other resources we could save if more people ate Beyond Meat strips!

Awesome Plant-based Meat Replacements In the Market TodayHuffington Post

Wildwood Meatballs and Taco Crumbles

No one should have to give up spaghetti and meatballs or Taco Tuesday just because they make a better eating choice. And guess what? We don’t have to! If you’re craving some plant-based meatballs and taco crumbles without the guilt of chomping on flesh, check out Wildwood Foods.

10 Awesome Plant-based Meat Replacements In the Market TodayWildwood Foods

Field Roast Sausages

Field Roast makes a variety of grain meat sausages. Are you already a loyal fan of this food product? Well, then you should know that Canada recently said Field Roast cannot sell its products there unless the company tests its meat on animals. Doesn’t make much sense from a plant-based eater’s standpoint, does it? Read more about the controversy here.

10 Awesome Plant-based Meat Replacements In the Market Today
Field Roast

Amy’s Kitchen Veggie Loaf and Burgers

Amy’s carries a veggie loaf that is similar to a meatloaf, as well as several veggie burgers. Their Bistro Burger is made with tasty ingredients like organic rice, organic mushrooms, organic tofu and organic celery.

10 Awesome Plant-based Meat Replacements In the Market Today

Made by Lukas Veggie Burger Mixes

We have written about our problems with packaged, frozen veggie burgers before. Some of them can contain some disgusting, fake ingredients! But Made by Lukas bypasses all that icky stuff and sells healthy mix that you keep in your refrigerator. The ingredient list is just what we like to see – short and simple, like carrots, cabbage, sesame seeds, unmodified potato starch, quinoa and millet.  They carry beet, kale and carrot parsnip flavors.

10 Awesome Plant-based Meat Replacements In the Market Today
Made by Lukas

Soyboy Okra Courage Burger

This brand is proud of that fact that these burgers taste like chicken, but with half the fat and no cholesterol! Is it too good to be true? Nope, Soyboy tells you right on the front of the packaging.

10 Awesome Plant-based Meat Replacements In the Market Today
Sherly Yvette

Sweet Earth Veggie Burger

These burgers are made from non-GMO soybeans and come in a Santa Fe flavor, which is made with roasted corn, green chilies, jalapeno, celery and black beans. If you think plant-based meats are boring and tasteless, definitely try this flavor from Sweet Earth.

10 Awesome Plant-based Meat Replacements In the Market Today

Yves Salami and Pepperoni Slices

We don’t expect people to embrace a more plant-centric diet without having meat cravings. One very strong and specific craving is for salami and pepperoni. No vegetable or grain can quite compare to that taste, so Yves has our back with their products. Want to make a vegan, cheesy pizza complete with pepperoni? You totally can!

10 Awesome Plant-based Meat Replacements In the Market Today
Who Is That Silly Girl

West Soy Chicken-Style Seitan

If you’re tired or scared of tofu, try seitan, which takes on a chewy and meaty texture that is very similar to chicken or beef. This product definitely looks like chicken to us! Try it in recipes like chicken salad and chicken curry.

10 Awesome Plant-based Meat Replacements In the Market Today
Veggie Belly


Lightlife Bacon

Every breakafst is better with a little bit of veggie bacon. Try it on toast, layer it over vegan eggs, serve it with oatmeal, or just munch on it plain.

10 Awesome Plant-based Meat Replacements In the Market Today


Tofurky Sausages and Deli Slices

Are you a regular at the bodega? Do you salivate over cold cuts on bread? Look to Tofurky, who has products that come in so many flavors and varieties. In specific, the company sells sausages and deli slices so you can be in plant-based sandwich heaven! Don’t forget the mustard and cheese!

10 Awesome Plant-based Meat Replacements In the Market Today


Lead image source: Veggie Roast

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