Happy Veganuary!! January is the perfect time to start eating more plant-based, or try going vegan! There are a lot of new ingredients to taste and cook with, and one of them is nutritional yeast! Also called nooch, it’s a perfect topping or addition to a recipe to add a cheesy flavor. You can make sauces out of it, sprinkle it on top of salads and other entrees, and even make mac and cheese with it! Check out these recipes that use nutritional yeast! Don’t forget to check out these recipes and many others on our  Food Monster App!

1. Cheesy Mac n Yeast

Vegan Cheesy Mac n Yeast

Source: Cheesy Mac n Yeast

This Cheesy Mac n Yeast by Lee Khatchadourian-Reese is not only super yummy, but super easy to make! And nutritional yeast in this recipe adds the perfect amount of cheesiness!

2. Italian Spinach and Tomato Quiche

Vegan Italian Spinach and Tomato Quiche

Source:  Italian Spinach and Tomato Quiche

Who says you can’t make quiches vegan?! This Italian Spinach and Tomato Quiche by Gabrielle St. Claire is packed with protein thanks to the tofu base and is also infused with classic Italian flavors. Spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and asparagus are incorporated throughout this quiche and are complimented beautifully by the indulgent vegan cheese. Bring this homemade dish to a brunch and shock your fellow guests with how incredible an egg-free and dairy-free can be!

3. Kale Caesar Salad With Oil-Free Croutons

Vegan Kale Caesar Salad With Oil-Free Croutons

Source: Kale Caesar Salad With Oil-Free Croutons

Not sure about what to take to work for lunch, so that you can actually feel satisfied, energetic, and happy and avoid that post-lunch energy slump? This 3 delicious vegan Kale Caesar Salad With Oil-Free Croutons by Marina Yanay-Triner will be your new favorite! It is easy to make pack in a container and take with you to work. Plus, it tastes so good that you won’t get sick of it!

4. Roasted Broccolini

Vegan Broccolini

Source: Roasted Broccolini

This Roasted Broccolini by HeeJee Lee seasoned with delicious cashew-nutritional yeast flavoring. For a nut-free version, substitute cashew nuts with hemp seed. Even kids would love it. Broccolini is superior to broccoli––it holds its texture and crunchiness so much better after being cooked and the bushy head holds so much spice without becoming mushy.

5. Easy Peasy Pine Nut and Basil Pesto

Vegan Pesto Pine nut and Basil

Source: Easy Peasy Pine Nut and Basil Pesto

This Easy Peasy Pine Nut and Basil Pesto by Tara Sunshine is an incredibly versatile sauce that can be enjoyed in countless ways. In addition to mixing it into pasta, noodles, rice and spiralized vegetables, you can also use it as a dip for crackers and crudités or a topping for toast, pizza, salad, and baked potatoes! This vegan pesto is super easy to make –– just blend everything together and you’re done!

6. Mac and Cheese With Mushrooms, Peppers, and Spinach

Vegan Mac and Cheese With Mushrooms, Peppers, and Spinach

Source: Mac and Cheese With Mushrooms, Peppers, and Spinach

This Mac and Cheese With Mushrooms, Peppers, and Spinach by Gin Butters is everything you love about homemade mac and cheese. The sauce is rich, creamy, not too thin, and not too thick. The addition of vegetables, especially mushrooms and bell peppers cooked in plenty of spices, amplifies the flavors even more. This dairy-free mac and cheese is everything you’ve ever wanted. Fair warning: make it once and you won’t be able to stop making it!

7. Gooey Mushroom Quesadillas

Vegan Gooey Mushroom Quesadillas

Source: Gooey Mushroom Quesadillas

The quesadilla is one of those Mexican staple dishes that is just impossible not to like. From the gooey filling to the perfectly crisp tortilla, all of the senses go into overdrive at first bite. Of course, the quesadilla itself is just part of the equation. If your budget permits, a healthy serving of pico de gallo and homemade guacamole sends this plant-based recipe off the charts. Try out this Gooey Mushroom Quesadillas by Frugal Vegan, which features nutritional yeast!

8. Fettuccine Alfredo

Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo

Source: Fettuccine Alfredo

Creamy sauces in vegan cooking tend to be made with nuts, so if you have a nut allergy, you might think that means you have to miss out on your favorite meals. Cauliflower takes the place of cashews in this Fettuccine Alfredo by Maggie Jones to make a rich and creamy alfredo sauce that you can make in big batches and freeze for later use. Serve it with asparagus, peas, or whatever green vegetables you have readily available.

9. Spring Onion Tart With Cheesy Tofu Cream

Vegan Spring Onion Tart

Source: Spring Onion Tart With Cheesy Tofu Cream

This Spring Onion Tart With Cheesy Tofu Cream by Simona Malerba is a thing of beauty. It starts with a buckwheat and amaranth crust, though if you’re pressed for time, you can substitute for a pre-made crust. Next, it’s topped with a deliciously creamy, cheesy tofu filling followed by a layer of sliced spring onions.

10. Breakfast ‘Egg’ Muffins

Vegan Breakfast ‘Egg’ Muffins

Source: Breakfast ‘Egg’ Muffins

These Breakfast ‘Egg’ Muffins by Philipp Ertl are eggs without the egg. Innovation at its finest. Nutritional yeast and black salt make these egg muffins ‘eggy!’ These are perfect for breakfast: short preparation time, pop em’ in the oven, and serve. And they’re just way too cute to pass up. They aren’t just full of protein, soy-free, and gluten-free but also super delicious.

11. Caulifower and Red Potato Mash

Vegan Caulifower and Red Potato Mash

Source: Caulifower and Red Potato Mash

Combining cauliflower with some red potatoes in this Caulifower and Red Potato Mash by Julia Winnicki creates a perfect mash, which is still silky and light, yet filling and satisfying. Roasting cauliflower instead of steaming produced a nutty flavor, and adding garlic and nutritional yeast deepened it resulting in a perfect side dish.

12. Cauliflower Carbonara

Vegan Cauliflower Carbonara

Source: Cauliflower Carbonara

When you put the words vegan and carbonara they don’t really go together….This Cauliflower Carbonara by Emma Hyslop is about to become your new favorite warming dish to have on a cold evening in, and you won’t spend very much time making it- that means more time to watch a movie and relax. The best part about this dish is how healthy it is you’re getting your veggies in through the cauliflower sauce without even realizing it, and the nutritional yeast helps get your B-12 in which is great if you’re vegan and looking for sources to get this vital vitamin!

13. Creamy Cheesy Broccoli Soup

Vegan Creamy Cheesy Broccoli Soup

Source: Creamy Cheesy Broccoli Soup

This Creamy Cheesy Broccoli Soup by Jesse Lane Lee is creamy, delicious, comforting, and everything you could want from a soup! The addition of cashew butter and nutritional yeast give this dish an amazing smoothness. What are you waiting for?

14. Five Cheese Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Vegan Five Cheese Baked Macaroni and Cheese with nutritional yeast

Source: Five Cheese Baked Macaroni and Cheese

This baked, vegan version of mac and cheese gets its cheesiness from a nutritional yeast-filled sauce, a tofu ricotta-like mixture, vegan cream cheese, shredded vegan cheese, and walnut parmesan sprinkles. Yep, that’s five! If you are looking for an unbeatable “cheesy” comfort dish, try out this Five Cheese Baked Macaroni and Cheese by Joni Marie Newman.

15. Raw Lemon Tahini Kale Chips

Vegan Raw Lemon Tahini Kale Chips

Source: Raw Lemon Tahini Kale Chips

These Raw Lemon Tahini Kale Chips by Charlie Rioux are a crunchy, flavorful snack, with a perfect ratio of earthiness from the tahini and sourness from the lemon. A bit of nutritional yeast adds some depth to the flavor and a bit of garlic brings it all together.

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