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October 14th is World Egg Day, but we would prefer to celebrate by showing the world that eggs are just not necessary. This is the perfect day to show how we can substitute eggs for plant-based ingredients in any kind of recipe, from cakes and desserts to dishes where eggs take the center stage.

If you love to bake, then you’ll be happy to know that it is entirely possible to cook and bake without eggs by using ingredients like flax seedschia seeds, and puréed fruit for binders and leavening agents. But what about dishes like omelets, frittatas, crêpes, and quiches? Not a problem. We even have recipes like this Sunny Side Up Fried ‘Egg’ and this Polenta Benedict With Coconut Cream so you can recreate your favorite breakfast dishes.

Plus, we’ve got tons of recipes that prove eggs are just not necessary. Look at these 20 Egg-Centric Dishes Without Eggs, 21 Dishes Made Without Eggs, 10 Recipes That Will Satisfy Your Egg Cravings, 15 Delicious Egg Recipes That Are Better Without Eggs, and 50 Egg-cellent Vegan Recipes Made Without Eggs. Then here are 15 of our eggiest, egg-free recipes for you to enjoy!

1. Polenta Benedict With Coconut Cream

Polenta Benedict

This may look like Eggs Benedict but it’s actually Polenta Benedict With Coconut Cream. In a super-creative twist, polenta, tomatoes, and avocado form a tower of yumminess and get topped with rich coconut cream sauce. This is the perfect dish for breakfast, brunch, or dinner.

2. Omelet Muffins

Vegan Omelette Muffin [Gluten-Free]

These Omelet Muffins may look fancy, especially if you call them soufflés and serve them as a part of a beautiful dinner, but it’s actually super simple. Made with silken tofu, chickpea flour, and veggies, these muffins will rise high just like a soufflé does. No eggs necessary for these eggy little muffins.

3. Mixed Veggie Quiche

Mixed Veggie Quiche [Vegan]

Quiches are a dish that you can pretty much add any flavors and ingredients to and still have something that tastes delicious. This Mixed Veggie Quiche has a spelt/almond meal crust and a chickpea flour filling. It’s filled with mushrooms, red onions, mushrooms, and tomato. Try adding your favorite seasonal vegetables … You really can’t go wrong with any combination!

4. Spinach and Artichoke Soufflé

Spinach and Artichoke Soufflé [Vegan]

This Spinach and Artichoke Soufflé isn’t exactly like a traditional egg-based soufflé, but that’s what makes it so great! Piping hot clouds of “cheesy” tofu and veggies are enclosed in a tender, flaky crust … This soufflé definitely needs to make an appearance on your breakfast table!

5. Not-Smoked Salmon Scramble

NOT Smoked Salmon Scramble [Vegan]

You’ll be amazed by just how much these smoked carrot slivers look and taste like smoked salmon and how amazingly it pairs with egg-free scramble. This Not-Smoked Salmon Scramble will be your new favorite breakfast dish for taste and versatility. You can eat it on toast, wrap it in a burrito, or as part of a huge vegan breakfast platter with bacon, sausage, and home fries!

6. Baked Spinach and Herb Frittata

Baked Spinach and Herb Frittata [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

This egg-less Baked Spinach and Herb Frittata gets mixed in a bowl, poured in a pan, and baked until crispy and golden. Filled with veggies and completely versatile, it’s the ultimate vegan breakfast. It’s good hot, warm, room temperature and cold. It’s flavored with simple, but key spices and brightened by fresh herbs.

7. Deviled Veggs

Deviled Veggs

If you’re missing deviled eggs, you’ll want to try making these Deviled Veggs. The secret to holding the soy cream, tofu, and sour cream all together is agar agar, which gives the white portion a gelatin-like texture. When you make these, stick as close as you can to this recipe, use the whitest ingredients you can find. Serve these at a party and they’re guaranteed to blow the minds of all your guests.

8. ‘Egg’ Salad Sandwich


If you like tofu scrambles, you’re going to love this ‘Egg’ Salad Sandwich recipe. Unlike the warm and savory scramble, this sandwich is served cold and contains two different types of mustard and relish for added flavor. Whip one up for breakfast, or take some on your next picnic!

9. Chickpea Flour Omelet With Spinach and Kale

Chickpea Flour Omelette With Spinach and Kale

Omelets are a great go-to option for breakfast or even dinner because they’re easy to make, they cook fast, and there are endless opportunities for toppings. This Chickpea Flour Omelet With Spinach and Kale loads up on leafy greens, fresh tomatoes, and avocado, but try mixing up the filling with ingredients like mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and peppers.

10. Sunny Side Up ‘Egg’ on Toast

Sunny Side Up Egg

If you like to start your morning with a traditional breakfast, give this Sunny Side Up “Egg” on Toast a try. Tofu makes the “egg white,” polenta and chickpeas come together to make the “egg yolk” and all of it is piled on a piece of toast with avocado and tomato. And best of all, this recipe only takes 15 minutes!

11. Polenta ‘Egg’ and Soldiers

Polenta Egg Yolk 1

Eating plant-based doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up eggs. Tofu can be used to recreate scrambled eggs and as this recipe for Polenta ‘Egg’ and Soldiers shows, polenta does a mighty fine job at recreating egg yolk. It’s even high in protein like eggs too! Serve with some bread strips for dipping fun.

12. Chilaquiles


These Chilaquiles are perfect for when you have overnight guests and need something that is already half done for the morning or for a quick dinner. The trick is to put the tofu over the chips before the sauce. It absorbs the flavor of the salsa and the chips withstand longer without becoming soggy.

13. Chickpea Flour Scramble With Mushroom Bacon

Chickpea Flour Scramble 1

This may look like a Sunday breakfast but you can have this any day (or night) of the week. Revamp your classic American breakfast with this Chickpea Flour Scramble platter. In addition to the scramble, it has savory home fries, zucchini, and mushroom bacon! Diner food made wholesome.

14. The Ultimate Vegan Eggs

The Ultimate Genius Vegan Eggs [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Be prepared for people to look twice and think you’ve gone mad when you tell them these eggs are vegan. Made with potato, these Ultimate Vegan Eggs taste every bit as good as actual eggs but without the cruelty. They are truly genius.

15. Eggy Bread With Kala Namak

Vegan Eggy Bread With Kala Namak

If you miss the taste of eggs, all you need is some black salt. It’s perfect to use when you want that eggy flavor, like in this recipe for Eggy Bread! Serve this veggy bread with baked beans, grilled mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and a vegan sausage to make a perfect vegan English breakfast.

These recipes are proof: there’s just no need for eggs when we can make our favorite dishes without! Join us in celebrating World No Egg Day with these delicious recipes.

Lead image source: Chickpea Flour Omelet with Spinach and Kale