Today is National Egg Day and we are celebrating! No, we are not celebrating eggs. We’re celebrating all the egg dishes we can make even better without eggs and the cruel egg industry. That’s right, there’s no better day to show our family, friends and the world that eggs are not necessary for making dishes where eggs are usually the main ingredient. Sure, by now most people know that it’s possible to cook and bake without eggs and that we can use ingredients like flaxseeds, chia seeds, and pureed fruit for binders and leavening agents. But what about dishes like omelets, frittatas, and quiches? No problem! What about Eggs Benedict and sunny side-up eggs? We got it covered! We also have lots of tips and tricks. See Who Needs Eggs? Here’s How to Make Vegan Omelets, Frittatas, Quiches and Crepes for all the details on making eggy dishes eggless. Then try these 20 egg-centric dishes made even better without eggs.

Let’s get cracking! (Sorry, it had to be said.)


1. Curried Tofu Scramble

tofu-scramble (1)

Tofu is the perfect base to make a scrambled “egg” dish without the eggs. This Curried Tofu Scramble has green peppers, mushrooms, fresh spinach and spicy curry powder for a healthy and delicious meal that’s perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

2. Vegan Green Eggs (and Ham)


A vegan version of the classic literary dish, this Vegan Green Eggs recipe shows how you can make a scramble without tofu by using chickpea flour or pea flour. It’s perfect when you want a soy-free, scrumptious scramble to eat while you read your favorite Dr. Seuss book.

3. Low Fat Vegan Silken Tofu Omelet

LowFatVeganOmelette (1)

You can make everyone’s favorite “eggy” breakfast and brunch dish, the omelet, without eggs. This Low Fat Silken Tofu Omelet is easy to make and you can fill it with anything you like such as the spinach, mushrooms, onions and vegan cheese seen in this delectable dish.

4. Chickpea Flour Omelette with Spinach, Onion and Bell Peppers



When you want a soy-free, vegan omelet, look no further than chickpea flour which has an “eggy” look and taste. In a twist from the usual filling, this amazing Chickpea Flour Omelette has spinach, onions and bell peppers right in the omelet batter for a beautiful breakfast dish.

5. Spinach, Artichoke and Vegan Mozzarella Tofu Frittata

frittata2 (1)

It usually takes half a dozen eggs to make a frittata but this Vegan Tofu Frittata is made with just one block of tofu instead. With hearty spinach, tangy artichoke hearts and ooey-gooey vegan mozzarella, this is the perfect dish to serve alongside a light, refreshing salad.

6. Toad in the Hole with Rosemary


Toad in the hole is a classic dish made with egg-based Yorkshire pudding and sausages. This Toad in the Hole with Rosemary is made with a vegan and gluten-free batter, vegan sausage and lots of fresh veggies for a compassionate twist on a traditional dish.

7. Roasted Tomato and Herb Quiche

quiche (1)

Quiche usually takes a lot of eggs but this summery Roasted Tomato and Herb Quiche uses tofu instead. The crust is made with oats and pine nuts for a crispy texture while the roasted tomatoes make a beautiful presentation.


8. Spinach, Tomato, and Cheddar Mini-Quiches with Lemon Cashew Cream

Vegan-Spinach-Tomato-and-Cheddar-Mini-Quiches-with-Lemon-Cashew-Cream--1200x791 (1)

For a soy-free quiche, make these adorable Mini-Quiches made with chickpea and fava bean flour. Filled with spinach, tomato and vegan cheddar cheese, these gluten-free individually-sized quiches taste like a sophisticated grilled cheese sandwich. The lemon cashew cream adds a light and bright touch.

9. Polenta Benedict (Vegan Eggs Benedict)


This may look like Eggs Benedict but it’s actually Polenta Benedict. In a super-creative twist, polenta, tomatoes and avocado form a tower of yumminess and get topped with rich coconut cream sauce.


10. Eggs Benny and Flo — Vegan Benedict meets Eggs Florentine!


Two egg dishes come together to make one incredible eggless sensation. This Eggs Benny and Flo is a combination of Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine made with tofu, tomatoes and kale, all topped with a luscious vegan hollandaise sauce.

11. Portuguese Custard Tarts


Custard is usually made by whipping eggs but not anymore. These Portuguese Custard Tarts are rich and creamy with a distinctive egg-like flavor but with no eggs at all. They have a crispy, flaky shell and hints of sweet vanilla and warm cinnamon for a guilt-free tasty treat.

12. (I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not) Egg Sandwich


You won’t believe you’re not eating eggs when you try this (I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not) Egg Sandwich. It’s made with bean curd stick, or tofu skin, and served on toast with vegan cheese for a taste that will make you forget all about eggs.


13. “Egg” Salad Sandwiches


How do you make egg salad without eggs? Easy! These “Egg” Salad Sandwiches are made with tofu, kale and fresh peas for the perfect new classic sandwich.

14. The Perfect Vegan Egg…Sunny Side Up

Scrambled-Eggs-1178x800 (1)

If you’re missing the sunny side eggs you used to have for breakfast, you’ll be thrilled to try these Vegan Sunny Side Up Eggs. They have the whites, they have the yolks but they have none of the cholesterol or cruelty so they are the perfect vegan eggs.

15. The Ultimate Genius Vegan Eggs

How to Make Vegan Egg Dishes

Be prepared for people to look twice and think you’ve gone mad when you tell them these eggs are vegan. Made with potato, these Ultimate Genius Vegan Eggs taste every bit as good as actual eggs but without the cruelty. They are true genius.

16. Vegan Meringue!


Meringue is a dessert made from whipped egg whites and sugar unless it’s Vegan Meringue. Then it’s made from canned chickpea brine (yes, the liquid we all rinse and drain away) and sugar. It gets whipped until it forms stiff peaks and then you can use it for whatever desserts you like.

17. Challah French Toast


By definition, challah is egg bread and everyone knows it’s the best bread to use for French toast which means covering it with an egg batter. This Vegan Challah French Toast is a double-play against eggs since neither the challah nor the batter contains any eggs. Made with chickpea flour, the batter is perfect and topped with maple syrup and fresh fruit, it’s an amazing breakfast or brunch dish.

18. Fresh Blueberry Blintzes


Most people think crepes require eggs but these Fresh Blueberry Blintzes prove that isn’t so. Here the crepes are made with non-dairy milk and apple sauce and then filled with a luscious, sweet filling of tofu and vegan cream cheese. Topped with fresh blueberries and powdered sugar, this traditional dish gets a lovely vegan makeover.

19. Creamy Low-Fat Vegan Mayonnaise With No Extracted Oil


It’s incredibly easy to make your own vegan mayonnaise and it doesn’t require any eggs. Or soy. Or oil. This Low-Fat Vegan Mayonnaise, made with non-dairy milk and cashews, is creamy, delicious and will save you a lot of money by making it at home.

20. Vegan Egg Nog


It doesn’t have to be Christmas to enjoy some thick, creamy egg nog. Instead of eggs and milk, this Vegan Egg Nog is made with pecans, dates and coconut milk with added warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Oh, and a few shots of rum because why not?

Look at that! Twenty egg-centric dishes and not one egg in the bunch. It just shows that there is no reason to eat or cook with eggs when there are so many healthier, kinder options available to us. We should call this “National Egg-Free Day.”

Lead Image Source: The Ultimate Genius Vegan Eggs