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So, you’re trying to cut down on eggs. But, you’re afraid that you’re going to miss out on all of your favorite dishes that use eggs. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. It’s easy to make our favorite cakes and cupcakes without eggs. Instead, we can use flaxseeds, chia seeds, or puréed fruit. And have you heard of aquafaba? Aquafaba is what we call the liquid from a can of chickpeas. We used to pour it down the drain, but it’s been discovered that aquafaba can be used to replace egg whites in desserts that rely on them. You can whip it up in a stand mixer until it forms stiff peaks like you would with egg whites and use it to make meringue. That’s how you can make this Lemon Meringue Pie or these Chocolate-Dipped Maple Meringues.

You can even recreate your favorite savory breakfast foods, like quiches, crepes, omelets, and even French toast, all without eggs! There’s no limit to what you can create with plants.

Learning how to cook all of the different egg-centric recipes that you love without the eggs can be a little overwhelming and we understand. That’s why One Green Planet is here to help! These 10 egg-centric but egg-free recipes are just what you need to get started.

1. Banana Cream Pie
Banana Cream Pie

Who doesn’t love a nice big slice of pie? This Banana Cream Pie really is the best, too, with a nutty crust, creamy, egg-free coconut filling, and slices of sweet bananas. It’s just like the one you remember from your childhood, but you know, just better in every way.

2. Cheesy Leek Quiche
Cheesy Leek Quiche

This Cheesy Leek Quiche makes for a great dish for breakfast or dinner. While this recipe is delicious as is, if you’re fresh out of leeks, then broccoli and peppers would also work well. Make a couple of these ahead of time, pop them in the freezer, and enjoy gooey, melty deliciousness all week (or month) long!

3. Hazelnut Mousse With Warm Raspberries
Hazelnut Mousse With Warm Raspberries

Chocolate mousse with raspberries: who doesn’t love it? Hazelnut Mousse With Warm Raspberries? Yes, please. Silken tofu is the perfect replacement for heavy cream and eggs for the best chocolate mousse you’ll ever have! It’s dense, yet fluffy, and absolutely decadent. This would be amazing with a generous dollop of coconut whipped cream, too!

4. Omelet Muffins
Omelet Muffins

So these Omelet Muffins may look fancy, especially if you call it a soufflé and serve it as a part of a beautiful dinner, but it’s super simple actually. All you need is a food processor, a few simple ingredients, and some baking ramekins. You can also prepare the batter and the sautéed veggies the night before eating, then all you have to do is turn on the oven when you wake up. The muffins will rise high (as a good soufflé) and then will slowly start to sink, so get them to the table as quickly as possible. They are still delicious the next day even cold, but they won’t look that pretty anymore. The leftovers can be used as a yummy sandwich spread.

5. Meringue Mushrooms
Meringue Mushrooms

These aquafaba Meringue Mushrooms are crispy, sweet, and irresistible! Store them in an airtight container until you’re ready to unleash meringue mushroom awesomeness at your next party. But be warned, they might be too cute to eat.

6. Polenta Benedict

Polenta Benedict

There is zero, zilch, nada, no egg in this Polenta Benedict. Totally vegan! But it sure looks like a fancy eggs benedict, don’t you think!? The perfect amalgam of traditional meets unusual. There’s so much good flavor going on that you might feel inspired to throw a brunch party. If you do, invite us.

7. Protein-Packed Hemp Crepes
Protein Packed Hemp Breakfast Crepes

Hemp seeds are naturally rich in omega-3 and -6,  are a COMPLETE source of protein, which is music to anybody’s ears, and are more easily digestible than other protein sources. This makes it an ideal way to start the day! Serve these Protein-Packed Hemp Crepes with your favorite toppings, like sliced banana and other sweet fixings like coconut cream and a drizzle of maple syrup. Breakfast? Dessert? You decide!

8. Spicy Tofu Scramble and Avocado Breakfast Burrito
Spicy Tofu Scramble and Avocado Breakfast Burrito

Tofu scramble is a delicious egg-free substitute for scrambled eggs, and when you put it in a burrito? Best. Breakfast. Ever. This Spicy Tofu Scramble and Avocado Breakfast Burrito is the right way to kick off your morning. It’s stuffed with scrambled tofu, made spicy from fresh jalapeño peppers, fresh greens, avocado, and a zingy hot sauce, makes this a satisfying and manageable breakfast or brunch. You could even add black beans, or a drizzle of Sriracha, if jalapeño isn’t spicy enough for you.

9. Spiced Chai French Toast
Spiced Chai French Toast

This Spiced Chai French Toast is the most delightful breakfast you’ll ever have. Thick slices of French bread are dipped in a mixture of ground flaxseed, maple syrup, chai spices, and nutritional yeast to give it that “eggy” flavor. Remember to use crusty, slightly dry bread to get the best results and definitely don’t forget to serve it with fruit, extra maple syrup, and maybe even a dollop of coconut whipped cream, if you’re feelin’ it.

10. Lemon Curd Raspberry Cake
Lemon Curd Raspberry Cake

Tangy and sweet, this Lemon Curd Raspberry Cake is the perfect tea accompaniment. Polenta makes up the majority of this cake’s base, and the tofu-based top is creamy and lemony. An egg-free lemon curd is also drizzled on top for that extra touch of bright and citrusy spring flavor. Best of all, this cake is done in less than an hour from start to finish!

No eggs? These recipes show that no eggs is no problem!

Lead image source: Omelet Muffin