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Hey! Just because football is a testosterone-fueled, hard-hitting action with players flying around the field looking to put a hat on somebody doesn’t mean a veggie lover can’t watch. Manliness has nothing to do with what you eat! I love football, and when it comes time for pre-game snackage, I want to be right there with rest.

Tailgating is, for many, more fun than watching the game itself. An evening game can easily turn into an all-day event. When the grills get rolling, the concoctions bubbling and the beers flowing, it’s no time to be pouty lipped with a bag of baby carrots. No, no. Get in the game and show your loved ones how tailgating is done, veggie-style.

Before the season starts, let’s take a moment to get some fantastic plant-based tailgating dishes on the menu. From snack foods to stomach stretchers, here’s your blueprint for the pre-game festivities.

Crunch-Time Snacks

The eating must begin early and must include snacks, so make sure to impress with some jazzed-up vegan versions of classic football food.

Full Swing Eating

It’s got to be a rib-sticking, soul-warming plate that leaves no doubt you will not be the one on the field today. Think big and bulky.

2-Minutes Left for Dessert

The quickest way to become popular is to bring out dessert. No matter how full everyone is, they will have just a little more.

  • Ice Cream: Start the season with a dizzying array of cool treats to ease the afternoon swelter. Ice cream is perfect, and with good planning and placement, it should hold well in the ice chest. Check out this super simple mango banana soft serve or get fancier with some drunken cherry coconut ice cream. (This, of course, works best if you know someone with an RV and a freezer.)
  • Fruit: Now, a good wedge of watermelon will work just fine, but it is easy to wow the crowd with a little something funky. Check these grilled fruit kebabs, and while the grill is still rolling, try stuffing some bananas with dark chocolate. Two more words: Strawberry shortcake.
  • Cupcakes: Nothing says bliss like a cupcake. It belongs to you and you alone. Why not make enough to share? Bring some surefire crowd-pleasers like hazelnut chocolate cupcakes or vegan vanilla cupcakes. Then again, the same baking pan can also make some rocking pumpkin spice doughnuts.

Lost in all the good eats, however, it is important not to forget: The whole reason for being there is the game.

Image source: slgckgc/ Flickr

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