Dip any of these crackers in hummus, guacamole, salsa, or snack on them on your own! There is something for everyone in this list of 15 crispy crackers. You surely won’t be disappointed!

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1. Veggie Flax Crackers 

Veggie Flax CrackersSource: Veggie Flax Crackers

Ever wanted to make your own whole food crackers? Add some flax and veggies and create these Veggie Flax Crackers by Melanie Sorrentino! This vegan cracker is easy to make and so much cheaper than store bought crackers. This is dairy free, egg free & gluten free.

2. Seed Crackers

Seed CrackersSource: Seed Crackers

These homemade Seed Crackers by Sara Oliveira come loaded with protein, essential fatty acids, calcium and fiber. Seeds may vary with taste, but feel free to use whatever you’d like. Make sure to keep flax and chia seeds though! These stay good for a while, but they will probably go pretty fast. They’re so delicious! Dip these homemade seed crackers in hummus, guac, or any dip of choice. You can also snack on them on their own. They’re so easy and tasty––you have to try them!

3. Salted Rosemary Chickpea Crackers

Salted Rosemary Chickpea CrackersSource: Salted Rosemary Chickpea Crackers

Chickpea flour is such a handy ingredient to have in the kitchen cupboard. It’s flavor is evident, yet not dominant and really pairs well with a bunch of other ingredients. These Salted Rosemary Chickpea Crackers by Taryn Fitz-Gerald are proof of just how delicious this little ground dried legume can be. They are a great alternative to highly refined flour crackers and are full of plant protein and amazing nutrition.

4. Everything Bagel Crackers

Everything Bagel CrackersSource: Everything Bagel Crackers

These Everything Bagel Crackers by Gluten-Free Grains, Quelcy Kogel more casual times. They’re hearty, salty and extremely snackable, but you can still dress them up and take them to nice places too. Bringing a vegan cheese plate with homemade crackers to a dinner party is a surefire way to impress.

 5. Garlic and Herb Flax Crackers

Garlic and Herb Flax CrackersSource: Garlic and Herb Flax Crackers

Forget boxed crackers! These Garlic and Herb Flax Crackers by Sara Oliveira are made from only flax meal, making them completely grain-free and gluten-free by default. All you need to make them is flax meal, water, and seasoning (which can be sweet or savory), so the entire process is both simple and affordable. Serve the savory crackers with your favorite spread and for the sweet crackers, try them with a heaping dollop of chickpea cookie dough.

6. Oat Crackers

Oat CrackersSource: Oat Crackers

These Oat Crackers by Yana Chistyakova are super crispy, crunchy, and delicious!

7. Herbed Chickpea and Sesame Crackers

Herbed Chickpea and Sesame CrackersSource: Herbed Chickpea and Sesame Crackers

I usually make a big batch at the beginning of the week that will last us several days. The rest of the family enjoys them as mid-afternoon snacks on the go. These Herbed Chickpea and Sesame Crackers by Anja Schwerin: Blogger, Anja’s Food 4 Thought are sure to be a hit among your family and friends!

8. Spinach and Sesame Crackers

Spinach and Sesame CrackersSource: Spinach and Sesame Crackers

I wouldn’t say that these Spinach and Sesame Crackers by Bianca Haun taste too much like spinach, but boy are they greeeen! They are absolutely delicious with a simple homemade hummus, but I imagine they go really well with a lot of different dips (guacamole, white bean dip, …).

9. Garlic and Onion Sunflower Seed Crackers

Garlic and Onion Sunflower Seed CrackersSource: Garlic and Onion Sunflower Seed Crackers

This recipe for Garlic and Onion Sunflower Seed Crackers by Taryn Fitz-Gerald allows you to be quite adventurous, by adding herbs, chilli flakes for a bit of heat, and really creating flavors that you personally tickle your fancy. It’s so versatile, meaning you can leave out the garlic and onion flavor and add your own. Freshly ground herbs would be a wonderful addition to this recipe. Think rosemary and sea salt. Yum!

10. Cheesy Turmeric Oat Crackers

Cheesy Turmeric Oat CrackersSource: Cheesy Turmeric Oat Crackers

Cheese with crackers is delicious. But have you ever tried cheese baked intro crackers? In these Cheesy Turmeric Oat Crackers by Gunjan Dudani, herby nut-based cheese is folded into turmeric-spiced oat-based dough and then baked. The result are some seriously cheesy and zesty crackers. Snack on!

11. Swedish Sesame Crispbread

Swedish Sesame CrispbreadSource: Swedish Sesame Crispbread

Crispbread is a flat, cracker-like flatbread originating from Sweden, where it is has been a staple for centuries. Typically, it is made from rye but in this gluten-free recipe, it’s made from cornflour and sesame seeds. These Swedish Sesame Crispbread by Jenny Mustard are great with hummus but you can also try it with salsa or spread some peanut butter and jelly on top!

12. Flax and Chia Seed Crackers

Flax and Chia Seed CrackersSource: Flax and Chia Seed Crackers

Once you pop, you can’t stop! I’m talking about these Flax and Chia Seed Crackers by Andrea Biethman of course. Who can actually open a bag of chips and eat just one? No one! I love finding healthy alternatives for chips because lets face it, who doesn’t love hummus and chips? These crackers are a tasty and nutritious option for when you’re craving something crunchy, without all the added salt, fat and chemicals.These crackers didn’t last more than a couple of days in my house!

13. Raw Carrot and Flax Crackers

Raw Carrot and Flax CrackersSource: Raw Carrot and Flax Crackers

If you like to juice, you know the dilemma about what to do with the pulp…especially beautiful, bright orange carrot pulp. Why, how about making these Raw Carrot and Flax Crackers by Karielyn Tillman that are grain-free, gluten-free and flourless! I’ve been guilty on more than one occasion of either being in a hurry or just too lazy to do anything with my juice pulp other than throw it away. And, I found this yummy recipe for raw crackers that uses all that valuable carrot pulp. This was the first time I added my EA Live Sprouted Seven Blend to a recipe. It’s a live blend of chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, black sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds with lacto-fermented ginger in a base of symbiotic cultures. I was saving it specifically to add to some raw crackers and I love it because it adds a powerful nutritious boost and a perfect addition to a raw, live recipe. So I just basically put everything in my Vitamix, added the seeds, stirred everything and then spread it out over a dehydrator tray and the next day…I’m good to go! No more wasted pulp and a super nutritious snack as a bonus!

14. Oil-Free Olive Crackers

Oil-Free Olive CrackersSource: Oil-Free Olive Crackers

In the mood for a hearty, crunchy snack? Then these Oil-Free Olive Crackers by Melanie Jacobs made from chickpea flour will definitely hit the spot. Turn on the oven and get out that rolling pan ’cause we’ll be making crackers!

15. Middle Eastern Lavosh Crackers

Middle Eastern Lavosh CrackersSource: Middle Eastern Lavosh Crackers

Crackly thin and sprinkled with a generous helping of almonds, these gluten-free Middle Eastern Lavosh Crackers by Ksenia Prints are a wonderful lunchtime treat. They’re light and go beautifully with vegan yogurt dips, hummus, and all sorts of Middle Eastern spreads. For an authentically delicious spread, these are a must!

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