Maca is quickly becoming a well-known and popular superfood, and it’s obvious why. It’s an ancient food that is indigenous to the Peruvian Andes and has been grown for thousands of years. It only grows at altitudes of 11,000 feet or above, making it the highest-growing crop in the world.

The root of maca is what people use to increase energy, stamina, and even fertility! This amazing root contains essential vitamins like magnesium, copper, zinc, calcium, and many more, making it a nutritional powerhouse. One way to ingest maca is to simply mix it with water and take it on an empty stomach, but our bloggers got creative when it comes to adding this adaptogen to your diet.


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1. Consume Maca In A Beverage
Hot Chocolate ‘Macaccino’

Laine Rudolfa uses the flavor of maca to her advantage in this delicious Hot Chocolate. Maca has an earthy and sweet flavor and it’s great for hot drinks and smoothies. This hot chocolate has a wonderful combination of spices and sweeteners that are all health-boosting and delicious. This hot chocolate in particular calls for rice milk, but you can also use cashew, almond, or even oat milk! Date syrup sweetens the drink slightly without overpowering it and adding refined sugar.

Another Hot Chocolate recipe by Rachel Carr uses different tonics and herbs to create an energy-balancing experience. You can also enjoy maca in a SmoothieNatalie Yonan creates this smoothie with not only raw cacao and maca but– wait for it– zucchini! It also has reishi powder, which is another awesome adaptogen.

2. Put Maca In Chocolate!
5-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Matcha Cups

As you can probably tell by now, maca and chocolate go incredibly well together. The nutty, butteryness of maca balances with the dark and rich tones of chocolate, creating a delicious experience. Candy is no exception. These Raw Matcha Cups by Hayley Canning not only have maca,  but have anti-oxidant rich green tea matcha powder.


This Crunchy Chia Superfood Chocolate by Emily von Euw is also infused with the root, but many other things as well. Since this is a chocolate recipe, obviously cacao powder is a main ingredient and lucky for us, it’s a nutritional powerhouse! Full of fiber, zinc, magnesium, iron, and other goodies. She also added a bunch of superfoods in like maca, lucuma, and vanilla. Chia seeds are what make the “crunch” in this chocolate, and the cashews add another tasty texture.

Even fudgy brownies, like these Raw Hazelnut Pulp Chili Brownies by Marta Ansaldo and Mimma Sangiorgio , are a cinch to make and good for you.  Preparing this dessert is really simple and the ingredients are all complementary: the hazelnut pulp is used as a “floury” base, the dates sweeten and help to keep everything together, cocoa makes it richer, tahini balances the sweetness and the maca adds some healthy properties!

3. Make Healthy Snacks With Maca
Vegan Maca Blueberry Pops

When it comes to eating healthy when it’s warm out, it can be difficult. By nature, we can reach for sugary things that are not exactly the best for you. However, when you’re making your own food at home, you have control of what goes into your body. Sneak some maca into your next frozen treat and no one will know. These Maca Blueberry Pops are just what you need on a hot day; they are basically smoothies in popsicle form! These, in particular, are made from a mix of blueberries, strawberries, coconut milk, and superfoods like maca powder and chia seeds. Energizing dessert, for the win! Even cookie dough can be made healthy!

This Maca Chickpea Cookie Dough is amazing and truly something you have to try for yourself. Ever wanted to eat cookie dough without the guilt? This recipe combines the creaminess of chickpeas, the rich flavor of almond butter, the sweetness of coconut sugar, and the nutritional boost of maca and flax meal to create a treat that is not only delicious but high in fiber and protein! 


4. Add Maca To Savory Dishes
Vegan Maca Cheeze Bowls

Maca is incredibly versatile and can be easily added to all kinds of meals, including dinner! Yes, even savory dishes work well with this root. It’s a great way to get in a little nutritional boost, and it’s always a good choice to explore your options when it comes to pursuing a healthier lifestyle. This Maca Cheeze Bowl by Danielle Dewar keeps it fresh and seasonal with the use of summer squash and sunflower butter for the creamy, nutty cheese.

You can even add maca to appetizers for your next party (hey, great conversation starter) with these Superfood Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms by Florian Nouh. These might be the healthiest appetizer or party food you probably make. You can’t beat this combo: vegan, gluten-free, oil-free, full of protein from the quinoa, antioxidants from pomegranate seeds, creaminess from tahini paste, and many benefits from the umami mushrooms. But that’s not all. The quinoa is infused with maca, a mineral-packed superfood. Delicious food for the soul and many wonders for your body — could it be any better?

For more information on maca and different kinds to see what may be right for you, check out our past articles on Maca. You can also learn more about how it can boost your energy!

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