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Love plant-based sushi but feel like you can only eat it in the summertime when ingredients like avocados and cucumbers are fresh and in season? You don’t have to give up sushi when those ingredients go out of season! With a few adaptations, you can enjoy new and unique flavors in your sushi year-round. All you have to do is switch up your recipes to include seasonal ingredients. For the fall, incorporate ingredients like kabocha, eggplant, and sweet potato to create sushi dishes that match the season.

Use these recipes from the Food Monster App to make vegan sushi using seasonal ingredients!

1. Kabocha Temaki 

Liven up your appetizer table with something unique with this Kabocha Temaki recipe by Kathryn Geyer. You don’t need to be a chef to make picturesque hand rolls. Stuffed with roasted kabocha, rice seasoned with homemade sushi vinegar, and crispy kale chips, these delicious fusion rolls will disappear in an instant.

2. Buckwheat Sushi With Beet Juice, Tempeh, and Avocado 

This Buckwheat Sushi With Beet Juice recipe by Judy Moosmueller is a healthier, more colorful take on a traditional sushi roll. Substituting sushi rice with cooked buckwheat (alkalizing fruit seed) makes it more nutritious and adds that complex carb that keeps you full longer. Adding freshly pressed beet juice helps the grains stick together (like traditional sushi rice) and transforms the grains into a beautiful deep purple color plus adds some extra nutrients to your nori rolls.

3. Roasted Sweet Potato Sushi 

Opt for a light and elegant sushi by making this Roasted Sweet Potato recipe by Bianca The Green Creator. The tangy rice is filled with soft, creamy roasted sweet potatoes and crunchy, fresh cucumbers and then wrapped tightly in nori. This is the perfect snack to serve at a fancy dinner and can also double as a great lunch.

4. Miso Eggplant Sushi

Need some sushi in your life? Try this simple Miso Eggplant Sushi recipe by Jasmine Briones, where eggplant is cooked in an umami sauce with shallots and aromatics to infuse it with savory flavor, then rolled up with sushi rice and toasted nori. Feel free to play around with the other additional ingredients that you love (like avocado!) to ensure the most enjoyment from this dish.

5. Buffalo Peanut Inside-Out Sushi 

This Buffalo Peanut Inside-Out Sushi recipe by Joni Marie Newman is a fusion of Japanese and American flavors; fresh vegetables and spicy, crunchy Buffalo peanuts are wrapped in seasoned rice and then drizzled with a creamy Buffalo sunflower seed sauce. If you don’t have a bamboo rolling mat, or if you’re just not into rolls, you can also serve this amazing meal as a rice bowl.

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Lead image source: Roasted Sweet Potato Sushi