With the weather warming up, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about some fun drinks to enjoy this summer! There’s nothing like ending the day, sitting outside with a refreshing cocktail or mocktail. If you’re looking for your new favorite beverage for summer celebrations and enjoyment, you’ve come to the right place. These 12 cocktails and mocktails are fruity and delicious!

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1. Grapefruit Peach Sangria

Grapefruit Peach Sangria

Source: Grapefruit Peach Sangria

Can you think of anything better than citrus with wine on a hot summer day with friends and family? Don’t even try to answer that, just throw all of these ingredients in a pitcher, invite some people over, and taste it for yourself The star of your summer will be this super refreshing grapefruit sangria. White wine, fresh grapefruit juice, sliced grapefruit, peaches, mint, lemons, limes, and finally topped off with a cup of bubbly seltzer, this beverage will be a huge hit. Give it a big stir and this will be the best sangria you’ve ever had! Light and refreshing, Liz Martone‘s Grapefruit Peach Sangria is perfect on a hot summer day or any time of the year. Give it a try and see for yourself!

2. Sparkling Dragon Fruit Margarita

Sparkling Dragon Fruit Margarita

Source: Sparkling Dragon Fruit Margarita

Summer will be pretty in pink with this Sparkling Dragon Fruit Margarita by Adam Merrin and Ryan Alvarez. These margaritas aren’t just beautiful, they are delicious, too. Made with pink dragon fruit purée, freshly-squeezed lime juice, silver tequila, triple sec, and simple syrup, a splash of club soda is added to sparkle things up. Making this cocktail without the dragon fruit won’t change the flavor, it just won’t have the alluring neon pink glow.

3. Bubbly Raw Satsuma and Mint Mocktail

Bubbly Satsuma and Mint Mocktail

Source: Bubbly Raw Satsuma and Mint Mocktail

This Bubbly Raw Satsuma and Mint Mocktail by Courtney West is a perfect balance of sweet, from the satsuma juice, and sour from the grapefruit juice. The fresh mint crushed into it will remind you of a mojito but the citrus flavors will be a bit more nuanced and subtle.

4. Blackberry Vanilla Tequila Mojito

Blackberry Vanilla Tequila Mojito

Source: Blackberry Vanilla Tequila Mojito

This Blackberry Vanilla Tequila Mojito by Adam Merrin and Ryan Alvarez is perfect for summer parties. All the components can be made in advance. The lime mint sugar can be prepped a week ahead, and making the vanilla simple syrup is as easy as combining water, sugar, and a vanilla bean in a small pan. Once the party has begun and you’re ready to mix up some mojitos, you just muddle some fresh berries and mint, stir it all together, take your first sip, and set sail for paradise. Maybe just… make sure you’re sitting down first.

5. Watermelon Cherry Cooler

Watermelon Cherry Cooler [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Source: Watermelon Cherry Cooler

Summer is upon us and staying hydrated is at the top of the list. Apart from just plain cold water we sometimes desire to drink some special drinks too, but at the same time, we look for healthy beverages with no added sugar and lots of health benefits while still being beautiful and tempting. It’s not that difficult to find drinks to meet our expectations but sometimes those gorgeous drinks carry too many calories and so I came up with this Watermelon Cherry Cooler by Gunjan Dudani.

6. Berry Cocktail

Berry Cocktail

Source: Berry Cocktail

Most fruity cocktail drinks are made with artificial fruit flavors and excess sugar making them high in calories. You won’t find any artificial ingredients in this recipe. This Berry Cocktail by Desiree Rodriguez is made with real ingredients such as fresh blueberries and strawberries as well as freshly squeezed lime and orange juice. This recipe used a sauvignon blanc wine to make it a cocktail but if you are not a drinker you can omit the wine and drink it as a mocktail.

7. Easy Tequila Sunrise

Tequila sunrise

Source: Easy Tequila Sunrise

This is the easiest tequila sunrise cocktail recipe and a great way to celebrate summer, a birthday, or any occasion.  It is a super tasty cocktail that looks like a real sunrise in your glass. Beautifully red and yellow, bright, and sweet –– how could this cocktail not make you happy? Just like the raspberry mojito or caipirinha, a tequila sunrise is one of the most popular cocktail drinks around the World You only need a couple of ingredients for this tequila sunrise recipe: tequila, orange juice or fruit juice, grenadine syrup, ice cubes, and a slice of orange or lemon. That’s it! Try different fruit juices to play around with the flavors! You have to try this Easy Tequila Sunrise by Mireille Aikman!

8. Blood Orange Berry Cocktail

Blood Orange Berry Cocktail

Source: Blood Orange Berry Cocktail

Blood orange Berry – blood orange-colored, berry-flavored, fresh-tasting, and simply bloody good! You will love Viktoria Radichkova‘s Blood Orange Berry Cocktail!

9. Strawberry Lime Kombucha Smash

Strawberry Lime Kombucha Smash

Source: Strawberry Lime Kombucha Smash

A simple mocktail made with kombucha, strawberries, and lime. This Strawberry Lime Kombucha Smash by Caroline Doucet can easily be customized to your liking and makes for a low-sugar, refreshing spring or summer drink.

10. The Best Mimosa

The Best Mimosa

Source: The Best Mimosa

Mimosas are a great celebratory drink. They are light, fizzy, and easy to sip as you chat with your besties. And, it’s pretty much the only drink that’s acceptable to have before 11 a.m.! So, let’s start popping some bottles. No doubt, this is an easy mimosa recipe that everyone will love. But there are a few tips/tricks to ensuring that you have the perfect sip every time. It all comes down to ratio and preparation. Get the details for making The Best Mimosa by Hannah Sunderani!

11. Papaya Coladas

Papaya Coladas [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Source: Papaya Coladas

Extra thick, ice-cold, and creamy, this papaya twist on pina colada is a refreshing, vitamin-packed drink. Enjoy it as a morning smoothie or pour in some rum for a tropical party cocktail. You will love Lucie Javorska‘s Papaya Coladas!

12. Mango Daquiri

Mango Daquiri

Source: Mango Daquiri

Mireille Aikman‘s Mango Daquiri recipe with not only mango but fresh pineapple as well. You can drink this on any occasion whether summer or winter, spring or fall. This cocktail is timeless.

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