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Kelp is a type of brown seaweed that has a lot of people excited for its incredible nutrient profile and health benefits.  It grows in shallow coastal waters all over the world and could potentially be a sustainable answer to the problems with arable agriculture.

As a sea plant growing in nutrient-rich waters, kelp absorbs the minerals and vitamins around it that we in turn benefit from when we eat it. Kelp is high in vitamin A, K1, magnesium, iron, and calcium.  Kelp is also an excellent natural source of iodine, an essential nutrient *.

You may have noticed lots of seaweed recipes calling for kelp or kombu.  Well, kombu is actually a type of kelp that has been dehydrated and is often found in Japanese dishes.

Browse through some of these ocean-inspired OGP dishes that include kelp in its various forms.

1.  Kelp Noodle Chili Salad

Raw Kelp Noodle Chili Salad

Source: Kelp Noodle Chili Salad/One Green Planet

Raw, vegan and delicious, this Kelp Noodle Chili Salad by Nikki Stokes is ideal when you are short on time.  In just ten minutes, you can have a vibrant salad packed with fresh veggies and chili spice. If you aren’t too much into the sea flavor, soak your kelp noodles while you are chopping up the other ingredients to get rid of some of that fishiness.

2.  Chinese Seaweed Salad

Chinese Seaweed Salad

Source:  Chinese Seaweed Salad/One Green Planet

This is a beautiful salad that can accompany other favorite East Asian dishes, or, piled high on your plate, it can make a perfect light meal on its own. Joyce Gan‘s Chinese Seaweed Salad is full of incredible favors, such as tahini, star anise, cilantro, ginger, fennel, and, of course, kombu kelp.

3.  Kelp Noodles in Peanut-Miso Sauce

Kelp Noodles in Peanut-Miso Sauce

Source: Kelp Noodles in Peanut-Miso Sauce/One Green Planet

In Koko Brill‘s Kelp Noodles in Peanut-Miso Sauce the noodles are cooked along with all the stir-fry classics, such as broccoli, carrot, celery, and any others you desire. The colorful mixture is then tossed in a rich and creamy peanut and miso sauce.

4.  Sweet Potato, Red Cabbage and Kelp Noodles with Miso Dressing

Sweet Potato, Red Cabbage and Kelp Noodles with Miso Dressing

Source: Sweet Potato, Red Cabbage and Kelp Noodles with Miso Dressing/One Green Planet

This is a bright a colorful dish that is packed with nutrients, probiotics, and antioxidants.  It is quick and easy to make and is the perfect dish if you looking for something grain-free.  Annaliisa Kapp‘s Sweet Potato, Red Cabbage and Kelp Noodles with Miso Dressing is super versatile and can be served warm or chilled.  It works beautifully as a side or main dish.

5.  Kitsune Udon: Noodles with Seasoned Tofu Pouches

Kitsune Udon

Source: Kitsune Udon:  Noodles with Seasoned Tofu Pouches/One Green Planet

This is an easy dish with an impressive title.  Kitsune Udon:  Noodles with Seasoned Tofu Pouches include frying up some tofu pouches, that can be bought at most Asian supermarkets, and whipping up your own dashi, or broth, by simmering together kombu and water.  Elizabeth Yeung encourages you to celebrate the versatility of this dish by substituting the udon noodles for kelp noodles and by adding your favorite leafy greens.

6.  Zesty Raw Pad Thai

Raw Pad Thai [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Source: Zesty Raw Pad Thai/One Green Planet

Judy Moosmeuller‘s Zesty Raw Pad Thai is a healthy and raw version of the famous Thai street food.  While honoring the five key flavors of Thai cuisine—salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and hot, this recipe combines crunchy veggies, raw kelp noodles and that distinctly spicy sauce.

7.  Kelp Noodle Sea Salad

Kelp Noodle Sea Salad

Source: Kelp Noodle Sea Salad/One Green Planet

If you are bored with the usual leafy garden greens salads, have a go at making this simple Kelp Noodle Sea Salad by Hallie and Reya Tobias.  It’s loaded with fresh veggies and crunchy kelp noodles that really bulk up the meal.  Avocado and tahini are added to the mix for some creaminess and the wasabi really packs a punch!

8.  Chili Thai Kelp Noodles

Seaweed Decoded: Why It's Essential On A Vegan Diet

Source: Chili Thai Kelp Noodles/One Green Planet

Another Thai-inspired kelp noodle dish.  Again, this is very easy to make and involves only soaking the kelp noodles.  This Chili Thai Kelp Noodles recipe by Rachael Campbell is a great raw dish that is full of fresh vegetables and warm spices.  It is a great dish for those looking for an alternative to grain-based noodles, a low-carb option or who just want to benefit from all goodness that kelp gives.

9.  Savory Saffron Kombu Congee

Salty Saffron Kombu Congee

Source: Savory Saffron Kombu Congee/One Green Planet

Valentina Chiappa‘s recipe for Savory Saffron Kombu Congee is an umami sensation.  Congee is a type of savory rice pudding that is common throughout Asia.  This recipe takes colorful fresh veggies and delectable flavors, such as lemongrass, ginger and saffron and mixes them with the powers of kombu to make a vegan version of an Asian classic.

10.  Miso Soba Soup with Mushrooms

Miso Soba Soup With Mushrooms

Source:  Miso Soba Soup with Mushrooms/One Green Planet

Simmer together kombu, ginger, and garlic, throw in some mushrooms, sweet potato, and other veggies then add them all to a miso and tahini-based broth for an umami extravaganza.  Marie Reginato‘s Miso Soba Soup with Mushrooms looks gorgeous in the bowl and is a tasty, clean, gluten-free, and grain-free meal.

*Excess iodine can be harmful, so be sure to read any packaging for recommended daily allowance.

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Edamame Seaweed Salad

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