High-protein smoothies, shakes, and even smoothie bowls (which can be turned into to-go smoothies) are an excellent way to boost your protein intake using plant-based ingredients.

Protein is a macronutrient — carbohydrates, fat, and protein — which provides the human body with energy. Of course, macronutrients do a lot more, but when it comes to their similar role, it’s all about that energy. When it comes to protein in particular, you’ll find that it’s a great supplier of energy, as well as “building muscle mass.” Proteins are “composed of amino acids, which are organic compounds made of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen or sulfur.” As you consume protein — found in ample amounts in the foods we eat — it’s broken down to help “fuel muscle mass, which helps metabolism.” Per Jessica Crandall, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, protein “also helps the immune system stay strong,” and it “helps you stay full.”

Alright, if you want to get that energy-boosting and muscle-building nutrient in your life, here are a few high-protein smoothies, shake, and bowl recipes to help you achieve that goal!

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1. Vegan Protein Chocolate ShakeVegan Protein Chocolate Shake

Source: Vegan Protein Chocolate Shake

If you think a protein shake is relegated to pre or post-workout, think again! Why not integrate some protein into your nightly treat? This Vegan Protein Chocolate Shake recipe by Peffe Stahl sources protein from luxurious plant-based sources, including peanuts and oatmeal.

2. Body Mind and Soul SmoothieBody Mind and Soul Smoothie

Source: Body Mind and Soul Smoothie

Protein is all about your soul, mind, and body and this smoothie truly hit all the marks. This Body Mind and Soul Smoothie recipe by Tara Sunshine sources protein from multiple nutrient-rich sources, including coconut kefir, chia seeds, and good old-fashioned protein powder. 

3. Carrot Cake SmoothieHigh-protein Carrot Cake Smoothie

Source: Carrot Cake Smoothie

This Carrot Cake Smoothie recipe by Tara Sunshine is yet another great example that getting protein doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a good delicious smoothie. You’ll get an ample dose of protein from hemp hearts (or optional protein powder) and nuts and nut butter!

4. Pina Colada Protein SmoothiePina Colada High-Protein Smoothie

Source: Pina Colada Protein Smoothie

This Pina Colada Protein Smoothie recipe by Kennedy Kitchings will give you a little taste of vacation while also boosting your protein intake! This smoothie sources plant-based proteins from coconut chia pudding and soy protein powder.

5. Protein Berry Smoothiedairy-free high-Protein Berry Smoothie

Source: Protein Berry Smoothie

Looking for the ultimate post-workout protein smoothie? This Protein Berry Smoothie recipe by Taryn Fitz-Gerald offers a kick of sweetness along with a bit of tinge of savory and sourness with a mixture of frozen berries, ginger, lemon, and, of course, vegan protein powder!

6. Energizing Daily TonicEnergizing Daily Tonic

Source: Energizing Daily Tonic

If you’re not necessarily looking to incorporate protein to get the most out of pumping that iron, this Energizing Daily Tonic recipe by Emily von Euw may be the mix for you! Focusing instead on compounds that energize — astragalus, mushrooms, and ashwagandha — mixed with protein powder, this tonic will not only energize but also give that protein boost!

7. High-Protein Apple Pie SmoothieHigh-Protein Apple Pie Smoothie

Source: High-Protein Apple Pie Smoothie

Everybody loves themselves some apple pie… well, almost everyone! This High-Protein Apple Pie Smoothie recipe by Kat Condon sources ample amounts of protein from rolled oats and your choice of vegan protein powder.

8. Protein Açaí and Red Currant Breakfast BowlProtein Açaí and Red Currant Breakfast Bowl

Source: Protein Açaí and Red Currant Breakfast Bowl

This Protein Açaí and Red Currant Breakfast Bowl recipe by Robin Runner is a great recipe to have on hand if you’re looking for an at-home protein meal, or pour it into your favorite to-go jug and make it a plain old smoothie! This breakfast bowl sources protein from silken tofu and protein power while infusing even more energy from cacao and maca powders.

9. Plant-Powered Muscle ‘Milk’Plant-Powered Muscle 'Milk'

Source: Plant-Powered Muscle’ Milk’

This Plant-Powered Muscle ‘Milk’ recipe by Nikki and Zuzana accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do — provides that vegan protein boost! This muscle milk sources its protein from young coconut meat — one of the few recipes that go this route making it super unique — along with a dose of nutrients from kale.

10. High-Protein Vanilla and Cashew SmoothieHigh-Protein Vanilla and Cashew Smoothie

Source: High-Protein Vanilla and Cashew Smoothie

This High-Protein Vanilla and Cashew Smoothie recipe by Marie Reginato is perfect for pre or post-workout. Super simple and easy to whip together, this smoothie contains protein powder mixed with healthy fat cashews, energizing maca powder, and potassium-rich bananas.

11. Cauliflower Blueberry Smoothie BowlCauliflower Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

Source: Cauliflower Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

Alright, we may have had you turning away at cauliflower, but hold tight because this is an amazingly healthy and delicious recipe! This Cauliflower Blueberry Smoothie Bowl recipe by Tiana Hanes sources protein from vegan protein powder, hemp seeds, and peanut butter. Plus, make it in a bowl or pour it into a jug for an on-the-go smoothie option!

12. Coconut Spirulina Superfood Smoothiegreen smoothies

Source: Coconut Spirulina Superfood Smoothie

This Coconut Spirulina Superfood Smoothie recipe by Lindsay Cotter is a wonderful use of spirulina! Along with this nutrient-rich powder, you’ll get a healthy dose of protein from protein powder and healthy fat from avocado.

13. Silken Tofu Chocolate Smoothie BowlSilken Tofu Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Source: Silken Tofu Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Wanna go super luxurious? Try out this Silken Tofu Chocolate Smoothie Bowl recipe by Katja Meier, which sources protein from tofu and pine nuts. Add in frozen bananas, cacao powder, vanilla bean, and pomegranate, and you’ve created a delightfully rich and nutrient-filled smoothie!

14. Protein Rich Green SmoothieHigh-Protein Green Smoothie

Source: Protein Rich Green Smoothie

It’s time to go basic and traditional with this Protein Rich Green Smoothie recipe by Olivia Budgen! If sweet and savory aren’t your thing, try going for a mild green smoothie like this one which sources protein from hemp seeds. Really up the protein anty on this one with a bit of protein powder!

15. Cinnamon Quinoa Protein Cereal BowlCinnamon Quinoa Protein Cereal Bowl

Source: Cinnamon Quinoa Protein Cereal Bowl

Maybe shakes and smoothies aren’t your things, but you’re still looking for a good on-the-go protein-rich recipe! This Cinnamon Quinoa Protein Cereal Bowl recipe by Michele Elizabeth sources plant-based protein from quinoa and hemp seeds, as well as a dose of healthy fat from almond butter.

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