Minestrone  is almost always a safe bet for vegans. Broth, veggies –– what could go wrong? However, minestrone doesn’t have to just be okay or good. There are so many fantastic minestrone recipes to try. It’s all about the broth and the ratio of vegetables. If your broth isn’t seasoned well, the soup won’t be that great. But if you put a little love into your minestrone broth, you are bound to have a great soup. Then, just choose your favorite veggies, cut them up, and throw them in. Delicious! Serve with some bread for extra tastiness. If you need a little help or inspiration, check out these minestrone recipes. With so many different kinds, you will definitely find one that works for you. These are especially great if you have to stay inside and aren’t able to get fancy ingredients. You don’t need much and can still have a pretty solid soup. Good luck!

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1. 15-Minute Zucchini, Pea, and Watercress Minestrone

15-Minute Zucchini, Pea, and Watercress Minestrone

Source: 15-Minute Zucchini, Pea, and Watercress Minestrone

This 15-Minute Zucchini, Pea, and Watercress Minestrone by 15 Minute Vegan: Fast, Modern Vegan Cooking is a traditional minestrone soup with a seasonal twist. Spring pea and zucchini offer a fresher flavor to this soup. Although it’s a light meal, it will satisfy all the family. This recipe calls for small strands of broken spaghetti in this dish because you likely have a box on hand, but feel free to experiment with other small pasta varieties! Keep this soup chunky and serve it with wedges of crusty bread.

2. Italian Minestrone

vegan bean recipes

Source: Italian Minestrone

Minestrone soup can easily be veganized. This Italian Minestrone by Melissa Tedesco hearty, wholesome, and can feed a crowd on a budget.


3. Nourishing Barley Minestrone Soup

Nourishing Barley Minestrone Soup

Source: Nourishing Barley Minestrone Soup

This Nourishing Barley Minestrone Soup by Laine Rudolfa is heartwarming! It’s filled with straightening veggies like potatoes, carrots and kale. Barley adds its dose of minerals and will keep you satisfied for longer.

4. Slow-Cooker Minestrone

Slow-Cooker Minestrone Soup

Source: Slow-Cooker Minestrone

Comfort food wouldn’t be complete without this Slow-Cooker Minestrone Soup by Sabrina Estafo! Each bite is filled with good for you ingredients, leaving you nourished and with a full, satisfied stomach. The vegetable broth mixes with the cans of diced tomato and paste to make a slightly thick, tasty broth. Bits of carrots, green beans, celery, zucchini, spinach, onion, beans, and pasta swim together to make each bite more appetizing. This delicious soup is sure to become one of your favorites, especially because it’s gluten-free, refined sugar-free, clean-eating, and easy!


5. Minestrone Soup with Pumpkin and Buckwheat

Minestrone Soup with Pumpkin and Buckwheat

Source: Minestrone Soup with Pumpkin and Buckwheat

This Minestrone Soup with Pumpkin and Buckwheat by Simona Malerba is full of so many different nutrients – it is so filling and delicious. A great start to a family dinner or maybe dinner itself! Give it a go!

6. White Bean and Orzo Minestrone

White Bean and Orzo Minestrone

Source: White Bean and Orzo Minestrone

Try this White Bean and Orzo Minestrone by Kinda Vegan, Adams Media! A delicious Italian staple that even your Nonna will be impressed by. Perfetto!

7. Green Spring Minestrone With Orzo and Asparagus

Green Spring Minestrone With Orzo and Asparagus

Source: Green Spring Minestrone With Orzo and Asparagus

This Green Spring Minestrone With Orzo and Asparagus by Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer is the perfect dish to enjoy on a cool spring evening. The light, the lemony broth is poured over orzo and tender shoots of asparagus. This dish will quickly make its way onto your list of favorite recipes.


8. Autumn Vegetable Minestrone

Autumn Vegetable Minestrone

Source: Autumn Vegetable Minestrone

Minestrone is always a crowd-pleaser. It’s also a great way to empty out your fridge of any excess vegetables you may have lurking about. This hearty Autumn Vegetable Minestrone by Awesome Vegan Soups: 80 Easy, Affordable Whole Food Stews, Chilis and Chowders for Good Health makes the best of fall’s bounty with pumpkin, sweet potato, and carrots.

9. Easy and Quick Summer Minestrone

Easy and Quick Summer Minestrone [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Source: Easy and Quick Summer Minestrone

Vegetable minestrones fun and easy to make, beautiful to look at, and filling in the best way. This particular recipe for Easy and Quick Summer Minestrone by Simple Green Suppers is a lighter for summer and has a fast cook time, so no waiting around while it simmers. Packed with fresh summer veggies, this is sure to become a favorite.

10. Minestrone Pot Pie With Biscuit Topping

Vegan Minestrone Pot Pie With Biscuit Topping

Source: Minestrone Pot Pie With Biscuit Topping

This recipe may not look like the traditional pot pie, but it has all of the makings of one. A golden brown encasing of bread and a deliciously savory and chunky filling. Specifically, this pot pie has a minestrone soup filling – broth, diced tomatoes, beans, onions, veggies – and a wheat biscuit-like crust that is flavored with coconut oil and a touch of rosemary. Talk about comfort food! This Minestrone Pot Pie With Biscuit Topping by Liz Martone is amazing!

11. Classic Vegetable Soup

Classic Vegetable Soup [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Source: Classic Vegetable Soup

This Classic Vegetable Soup by Jennifer Harmon is just like the classic you grew up with – hot, soothing, and familiar. It is savory from the broth, crunchy from the corn, and just delicious from the rest of the brew. This one is as classic as it gets!

12. Minestrone Soup

Vegan Minestrone Soup

Source: Minestrone Soup

A big bowl of luscious, steaming, fragrant soup, melting your snowy outer layers simply with its glow of health and wholesomeness. You have to try this Minestrone Soup by Clémence Moulaert!

13. Hearty Minestrone

Hearty Minestrone

Source: Hearty Minestrone

This Hearty Minestrone by Jennifer Strohmeyer is jam-packed with delicious and filling ingredients. It’s light on seasoning, yet full of savory flavor thanks to the tomato-y broth that gets absorbed into the beans and pasta as they cook. This hearty soup is exactly what you need to warm up in chilly weather. Serve with a side of crusty bread so you don’t miss a single drop.

14. Ayurvedic Minestrone

Ayurvedic Minestrone [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Source: Ayurvedic Minestrone

Spices play an important role in any Ayurvedic cooking. In the modern world spices are said to make or mar the dish, which is totally true. But wisdom of Ayurveda takes it to a deeper level. Spices are not just meant to make the dish taste good, more importantly the right blend of spices eaten to your body constitution aids in proper digestion, assimilation, and elimination which in turn leads to a healthy robust life! I must tell you two key things that make this soup YUMMYLICIOUS! – First is the Cumin-Coriander-Anise spice blend and the second is the homemade vegetable stock. Making your own stock is super easy, all you have to do is take all the veggie peels, add water and keep it to boil for 20 minutes! Homemade stock is deeply flavorful and believe me takes the dish to a whole new level! Try this Ayurvedic Minestrone by Akshata Sheelvan!

15. Pumpkin Minestrone

Pumpkin Minestrone

Source: Pumpkin Minestrone

This lovely Pumpkin Minestrone by Florian Nouh is a tasty combination of pumpkin, hearty white beans, kale, and tomatoes! Try it as an appetizer, or as a meal served with crusty bread for dipping.

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