Soups are usually seen as the best comfort food for cold winters but they can also provide us comfort during the hot summer months. How? By making raw soups or gazpacho. Not only are they a great opportunity to use up all the wonderful produce summer has to offer but they are highly nutritious since most gazpacho feature vegetables in their raw form.

If you’re new to the idea of eating soups cold, check out this guide on How to Make Fresh, Healthy Gazpacho to Cool Down This Summer. Try your hand at making raw soups and gazpacho for your next lunch or to serve to guests at your next dinner party with these 15 Fresh and Cool Raw Soups for the Summer and 11 Fresh and Light Raw Soups for Spring.


Take a break from the heat and try any of these amazing chilled soups. We promise you won’t regret it!

1. Zucchini GazpachoZucchiniG2

When you think about summer food, you think burgers; you think salads, skewers and char-grilled corn. No matter how you list your ideal summer nosh, it’s highly unlikely that soup makes the cut. This is an absolute winner, though. This Zucchini Gazpacho is a super nourishing crisp and cool soup that invigorates you and gives your body all of the nutrition it craves on a scorching summer day.

2. Chilled Zucchini, Orange, and Basil Soupsoup

This Chilled Zucchini, Orange, and Basil Soup is perfect for a light, healthy summer lunch! Not only is it super easy to make, it’s also low in carbs, but surprisingly filling. Also great for when you want to be good after a long weekend or get into shape before your holidays. And the best thing is it only takes about 5 minutes to make in a blender.

3. Chilled Sweet Corn Soupchilled-sweet-corn-soup-recipe-2

This light, refreshing Sweet Corn Soup is the perfect palate cleanser, just in time for summer. Its versatile flavor allows it to be served as an intermezzo or as a small dessert. The soup will taste good if you overindulged on BBQ or potato salad-what-have-you at your next cook out.


4. Raw Spicy Thai Carrot Soup With Zucchini NoodlesThai Curried Carrot Soup With Noodles

Even though this soup is raw, it’s packed with heat. Carrot is grated then blended with spices until smooth and finished with a generous amount of cayenne pepper and zucchini noodles. This Raw Spicy Thai Carrot Soup With Zucchini Noodles is versatile, so if you prefer warm soups, you can heat it just before serving.

5. Chilled Cucumber Soupchilled-cucumber-soup-14

On a hot summer day, who wants to cook? Well, we’ve got wonderful news! You don’t have to with this light and refreshing Chilled Cucumber Soup! It makes for a delicious, quick starter to any al fresco meal! With this simple combination of English cucumbers, fresh cilantro, silken tofu, and a little vegetable broth, you’ll have a delicious, refreshing homemade soup in minutes!


6. Lithuanian Beet GazpachoLithuanian Beet Gazpacho

This Lithuanian Beet Gazpacho is perfect for summer! In Lithuanian and Polish summers, when young beets are in abundance, this beet gazpacho is a traditional favorite. It has the earthy, yet sweet taste of beets, and the fresh, herby flavors of dill, parsley, and chives. This soup dates back many ages, so it’s a tried and true way to help keep cool in summer. It’s best served garnished with plenty of herbs and roasted New potatoes on the side.

7. Chipotle GazpachoChipotle Gazpacho [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

This Chipotle Gazpacho combines all the tastiest vegetables summer has to offer. Serve it to your guests at your next dinner party or enjoy it for a light lunch. Either way you will be blown away by the depth of flavors this simple gazpacho provides.


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8. Chunky Garden GazpachoChunky Garden Gazpacho

Cold soups are made for this weather – and this refreshing Chunky Garden Gazpacho is the perfect way to beat the heat this summer. It’s full of juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, fresh zucchinis, bell peppers, and tender kernels of corn with a subtle blend of spices and a bit of fresh cilantro to give the soup an added freshness.

9. Raw Mexican Avocado SoupRaw Avocado Soup

Think guacamole, only creamier. Think gazpacho, only kinda greener. That’s this Raw Mexican Avocado Soup. Top it with the best cashew sour cream ever and you have the perfect warm weather soup.

10. Cream of Cashew Broccoli SoupCream of Cashew Broccoli Soup

The beauty of this recipe lies in its simplicity – and the fact that it’s healthy, cheap and delicious. It is full of broccoli, spinach, and cashews so you get tons of vegetables and stay full for a long time. Plus, this Cream of Cashew Broccoli Soup is ideal for leftovers.

11. Chilled Roasted Asparagus SoupChilled Roasted Asparagus Soup

Spring and summer are a time for transitioning from hearty stews to light soups like this Chilled Roasted Asparagus Soup. It’s lightly seasoned, allowing the flavors of the roasted asparagus to take center stage. This cool soup would be a perfect little appetizer or soup course for a summer dinner party and it’s one of those things that would impress your friends. It tastes great when warm, but the flavors truly shine through when it’s served chilled.


12. Carrot Avocado Ginger SoupCarrot Avocado Ginger Soup [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

This Carrot Avocado Ginger Soup is good for you and it tastes wonderful. It’s both super nourishing AND super satisfying … it hits all of those nice chill-out spots in the brain (nutrients! creaminess! flavor!) and it’s so simple to make, you’ll be extra impressed with how good of a cook you are and issue some immediate high fives to your bad self.

13. Chilled Avocado and Pea SoupChilled Avocado and Pea Soup

This Chilled Avocado and Pea Soup will leave you feeling refreshed and nourished. It’s raw, creamy from avocado, and refreshing because it has basil and it’s served chilled. When the days are hot and you want an easy meal that won’t leave you feeling heavy, this soup is pure perfection.

14. Watermelon GazpachoWatermelon-Gazpacho1-1200x800

This Watermelon Gazpacho can be whipped up in a flash, so it’s perfect for lunch on those lazy summer days or for a quick appetizer at your next dinner party. It also presents beautifully, whether you decide to serve it in bowls or in shot glasses, your guests will be impressed. The sweetness of the watermelon balances perfectly with the little kick from the serrano pepper and the flavorful boost of fresh herbs. You won’t regret trying it!

15. Raw Corn ChowderRaw Corn Chowder

If you have not experienced raw corn off the cob before, get ready for a good time. Soaked macadamia nuts and fresh corn come together to create this creamy and light raw soup. Add red bell peppers for a nice crunch and top with black sesame seeds. Believe us, this Raw Corn Chowder is a pure delight for your taste buds!

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Make sure to check out Here’s Our Ultimate Guide to Vegan Soup Recipes! for all of our favorite soup recipes!

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Lead image source: Lithuanian Beet Gazpacho