On those lovely spring days, there’s nothing better than a big, refreshing drink to keep you hydrated! Whether you’re craving a sweet mocktail or a regular cocktail, maybe even with a twist, we got the recipes for you here – with these 10 drinks you just have to try this spring!

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1. Watermelon Rose Drink watermelon-rose-drink-1

Source: Watermelon Rose Drink

This drink has a combination of cold watermelon and some rosé wine, which makes it light and refreshing. You should definitely enjoy Nadia Petrova‘s Watermelon Rose Drink any day (or night) this spring!

2. Dharmarita: Healthy Strawberry Mocktail

Source: Dharmarita: Healthy Strawberry Mocktail

The perfectly fresh mocktail, made with strawberries and lime! If you’re looking for an alcohol-free cocktail to sip in your backyard, take a look at the recipe for Holly Bertone‘s Dharmarita: Healthy Strawberry Mocktail!

3. Ginger-Tini 

Source: Ginger-Tini

A martini with a twist! Nita Ragoonanan‘s Ginger-Tini has ginger in it, which makes it spicier and a little more interesting than a regular martini.

4. Rosy Rosé Spritzers 

Source: Rosy Rosé Spritzers

These fancy-looking drinks are actually quite simple to toss together! Rose-infused wine makes an absolutely delicious drink, so you’re totally gonna love Hannah Sunderani‘s Rosy Rosé Spritzers.

5. Watermelon Frosé

Source: Watermelon Frosé

A trendy, wine-based slushie that’ll keep you refreshed on a lovely spring day! Karen Sheer‘s Watermelon Frosé has chunks of frozen watermelon to make it even more frosty.

6. Watermelon Cherry Cooler Watermelon Cherry Cooler [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Source: Watermelon Cherry Cooler

Stay hydrated this spring with Gunjan Dudani‘s Watermelon Cherry Cooler! Watermelon, cherries, basil, mint, lime juice, and no added sugar make this drink healthy, exciting and yummy!

7. Peach and Lemongrass ShrubPeach and Lemongrass Shrub

Source: Peach and Lemongrass Shrub

The perfect mocktail base for a hot spring day, with peach, lemongrass, maple syrup, and apple cider vinegar. Courtney West‘s Peach and Lemongrass Shrub is healthy, great for your digestive system, and has the perfect sweet taste with a hint of citrus!

8. Sparkling Dragon Fruit Margarita 

Source: Sparkling Dragon Fruit Margarita

Some days you just want a sparkly pink drink, like this Sparkling Dragon Fruit Margarita by Adam Merrin and Ryan Alvarez! In this beverage you’ll find pink dragon fruit purée, freshly-squeezed lime juice, silver tequila, triple sec, simple syrup, and a splash of club soda at the end to make it sparkling!

9. Ginger Lime Kombucharita Ginger Lime Kombucharita

Source: Ginger Lime Kombucharita 

An updated version of the Mexican margarita, with tequila, lime, and ginger kombucha to spice everything up! Karlie Kashat‘s Ginger Lime Kombucharita is a flavorful drink with a zesty twist.

10. Jal Jeera: Refreshing Indian Spiced Lemonade Jal Jeera: Refreshing Indian Spiced Lemonade

Source: Jal Jeera: Refreshing Indian Spiced Lemonade

Try a new drink this spring, like Anupama Paliwal‘s Jal Jeera: Refreshing Indian Spiced Lemonade! Your taste buds are totally going to dig this refreshing drink with mint, coriander, ginger, lemon juice, and tasty spices!

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