Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro has released a plan to help animals, the first and seemingly only such plan from a candidate. The plan would end animal euthanasia and improve endangered species protections.

The plan also ends oil drilling. The Protecting Animals and Wildlife (PAW) plan, detailed on Castro’s website, would make animal cruelty a federal crime, ban the sale of horse meat for human consumption and prohibit cosmetic testing on animals.


PAW creates minimum space standards for poultry and livestock, bans private ownership of lions and tigers, and expands spay/neuter programs in underserved communities. The webpage also links to pet adoption sites. It also creates a $2 billion National Wildlife Recovery fund.

Of the Endangered Species Act protections, Castro’s plan says, “The climate crisis is putting over 1 million animal species at risk of extinction. I will ensure Endangered Species Act designations and classifications are created based on scientific facts, incorporating both the current and projected effects of climate change, reversing this administration’s actions.”

“The president does not care about animals and his cruel actions prove it. He has put corporate profits over living creatures and individual fortunes over our future. This groundbreaking plan will improve the treatment of animals around the country and the world, and undo Donald Trump’s damage,” said Castro in a statement on the plan.

Animal welfare groups applauded the decision. Now it’s up to the other candidates to follow suit and release plans of their own.


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