Did you know that cherries can help treat sleep disorders, arthritis, muscle soreness, and even potentially improve cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients? It turns out that this nature’s candy is not only delicious but also full of beneficial antioxidants thanks to its dark red hues. If you needed an excuse to stuff your face until your fingertips get permanently red, there you have it!

Thankfully for us, it’s cherry season and we can actually do just that. However, mindlessly snacking on cherries all day can get messy and let’s be honest –there’s only so much a stomach can take (sadly!). What’s left to do with the abundance of this glorious fruit? The answer lies in these 15 Sweet and Cheerful Cherry Desserts and these 17 Very Cherry Recipes (All Vegan!). You can also enjoy cherry season and Celebrate Chocolate and Cherry With These 5 Vegan Black Forest Cakes.


There’s no reason to let any cherry go to waste this season with these 15 amazing cherry recipes, all found on the Food Monster App!

1. Black Bottom Cherry PieBlack Bottom Cherry Pie

This Black Bottom Cherry Pie is the perfect decadent dessert for following a hearty meal. The base is coated in a rich dark chocolate ganache that adds a creamy richness that pairs perfectly with the tangy, but sweet dark cherry filling. This pie has two crust options, classic, which is buttery and flaky, or gluten-free, which is nutty and slightly sweet. You are also left with extra chocolate ganache, which is perfect for adding to other sweets!

2. Sweet Polenta Cake With Cherry SauceSweet Polenta Cake With Cherry Sauce

Who would guess that you can make dessert with polenta? It’s so versatile! In this Sweet Polenta Cake With Cherry Sauce recipe, cornmeal is sweetened with vanilla pudding and cooked with vanilla, then poured into ramekins. It’s then topped with a “crust” of polenta batter flavored with cocoa powder and cinnamon. In terms of flavor, it is like a cake version of German semolina pudding, with a little bit of Black Forest cake thrown in thanks to the cherry and whipped cream topping.

3. No-Bake Cherry Bakewell Cheesecake

This flavorful cheesecake is refreshing, juicy, and decadent thanks to the incorporation of fresh cherries and almonds which also gives the dessert a classic bakewell flavor. The cheesecake has a deliciously crumbly oat and almond base with a layer of juicy cherry jam, a cashew nut cheesecake almond filling, and homemade white chocolate, cherries, and more almonds to top it off. This No-Bake Cherry Bakewell Cheesecake is utterly mouth-watering and a must make!


4. Cherry Zucchini Bundt Cake With Date Glaze

This recipe is a sweeter spin on zucchini bread where the vegetable takes the form of a bundt cake instead. The cake is naturally sweetened by fresh cherries, applesauce, and dates and is finished with a simple date glaze. This Cherry Zucchini Bundt Cake With Date Glaze is a healthy treat you can enjoy anytime of day without feeling guilty.

5. Raw Cherry Coconut TartRaw Cherry Coconut Tart 4

With a simple food processor, six ingredients, and a few moulds, you can whip up these beautiful raw healthy tarts in just five minutes. The crust is a chocolaty and nutty combination of dates, almonds, cacao, and mulberries, which are then topped with some sweet coconut yogurt and cherries! These little Raw Cherry Coconut Tarts are perfect for bringing to a get together and much healthier than just picking up a cake at the store.

6. Cherry Ripe BrowniesCherry Ripe Brownie

This thick, rich brownie recipe uses cherries, coconut, and – of course – lots of chocolate to make a mouthwateringly good sweet treat. The dates base for these brownies give them a fudgy consistency that compliments the rich flavor of the cherries and the tropical hints from the coconut. These Cherry Ripe Brownies are absolutely scrumptious and the perfect pick-me-up snack for when you get the munchies.

7. Raw Cherry DumplingsCherry Dumplings

These cherry dumplings are impressive to look at, fun to make, and they taste fantastic! The cherry filling is a simple blend of cherries and dates that is wrapped in a silky-smoothy purple yam and date outside. These Raw Cherry Dumplings treats are perfect as a gift, after coffee, or to finish a decadent meal.


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8. Raw Chocolate and Cherry Mousse TartRaw Chocolate and Cherry Mousse Tart

This decadent tart is comprised of a silky-smooth chocolate mouse that is flecked with ripe cherries and sandwiched between a chocolate walnut crust that is mind-blowingly good. This Raw Chocolate and Cherry Mousse Tart is the perfect dessert to break out for a special occasion and store wonderfully in the refrigerator.

9. Mini Cherry Cheesecake CupsMini Cherry Cheesecake Cups

Creamy cheesecake delight in flakey phyllo dough cups — yum! These mini cups are filled with an easy vegan cream cheese-based cheesecake filling and topped with homemade maraschino cherries. Once you try them, you’ll never want to go back to the stuff that comes from a jar. These Mini Cherry Cheesecake Cups make great party desserts, or desserts for yourself, if you like to grab a bite of something sweet daily.

10. Speculoos Cherry Almond TrifleSpeculoos Cherry Almond Trifle

This Speculoos Cherry Almond Trifle may be a dessert, but it could easily classify as a breakfast. Crumbled speculoos cookies, almond yogurt, and cherries cooked with sugar until thick and syrupy, it has layers of delicious flavors. The cookies are crunchy with hints of cinnamon, the almond yogurt is creamy, and the cherries are sweet, sugary, and juicy. If you’d like the yogurt to be a little thicker, try setting it in a coffee filter and let it refrigerator overnight.

11. Nusskuchen: German Hazelnut and Almond Cake With CherriesNusskuchen: German Coffee Cake With Cherries

Nusskuchen, or nut cake, is a type of cake from Germany where most of the batter consists of ground nuts. In this version, it’s a blend of hazelnuts, almonds, semolina, and regular all-purpose flour. Morello cherries are mixed into the batter, giving each bite of this cake a burst of fruitiness that complements the nutty flavors. This Nusskuchen: German Hazelnut and Almond Cake With Cherries is an excellent dessert for any holiday occasion.


12. Raw Cherry Cupcakes With Avocado Frostingraw cherry cupcakes

These Raw Cherry Cupcakes With Avocado Frosting celebrate the classic and delicious combination of chocolate and cherries. They start off with a crunchy coconut-almond crust, are filled with a delectable cacao-cherry filling made creamy thanks to avocados, and are topped with a fresh cherry that is just asking to be plucked off and eaten first! Absolutely irresistible.

13. Cherry Cashew CheesecakeCherry Cashew Cheesecake

This Cherry Cashew Cheesecake is the perfect excuse to treat yourself! It is so simple to make, easy to follow, and make without added sugars — just natural sweetness from fruit. It has a layer of creamy cherry cheesecake, a luxurious strawberry cream, and a hidden chocolate banana layer in the middle.

14. Berry Cherry Crumble BarsBerry Cherry Crumble Bars 1

Sweet, slightly sticky, and very crumbly, these Berry Cherry Crumble Bars taste amazing straight from the oven. These particular bars contain tart blueberries and dark cherries, but they’re very versatile, so feel free to deviate from the recipe and use your favorite seasonal berries! These bars are actually so wholesome that you could potentially enjoy them for breakfast with a glass of almond milk or crumbled in your oatmeal.

15. No-Bake Black Cherry Pie

What’s not to love about this pie? It’s effortless, affordable, involves a handful of ingredients, requires no baking, and is perfect for summer entertaining! If you love a classic effortless vegan dessert that will make you look like a true iron chef, you have to try this No-Bake Black Cherry Pie.

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Lead image source: No-Bake Black Cherry Pie